I Believe in Miracles

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I believe In miracles. Ata very young age I began to get an Idea of what a miracle was. Dialing H. Oaks defines a miracle as “a beneficial event brought about through divine power that mortals do not understand and themselves cannot duplicate. ” When I was SIX years old I had my first experience when a miracle took place In my life. I was in our small front yard taking golf lessons from my father in a small CUL-De- sac. My father laid down the golf ball on the freshly cut grass.

As he swung and hit he ball across the street, my two older brothers Jeremy and Michael ran as fast as they could to retrieve the ball, but shortly found out it had landed in the dog kennel. As the dog viciously barked they backed away and didn’t dare go in to get it. Being the brave little kid I was; not thinking twice, I decided I would retrieve the ball. I ran quickly but never made it across the street. My neighbor at the end of the CUL-De-sac was driving an old rusty gold station wagon, and the timing couldn’t have been worse.

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I don’t remember much, but my dad said when I collided with the car I was eke a wet noodle being flung through the air. I flew ten feet and rolled five more. My body was limp. My father for sure thought I was dead. My two brothers and dad ran to me but there was no sense of life. They picked me up off the gravel covered road and laid me in the grass. After a few minutes I came back to and took my first breath. My skin was covered in cuts and scrapes and they were worried something might be wrong. They quickly rushed me to the hospital where the doctor cleaned the gravel from my skin, but found no broken bones or any other damage.

Was this a miracle or incidence? Many people have stopped believing in miracles. It is much easier for me to believe In them. Than to pretend they never happened because they cannot be explained. Miracles happen in many ways, they can be a mighty change in heart, a new born baby, or even overcoming a trial. You have to believe in miracles for them to exist. Miracles happen because of faith. Dialing H. Oaks quotes In his talk (Miracles) ” It shall come to pass that he that have faith in me to be healed, and is not appointed unto death, shall be healed. Though many miracles have happened wrought my life, I would like to discuss one where the power of the priesthood was key to my healing. At age twenty three I was in Paris, Illinois. I had a very bad headache so took a pain killer. Shortly after I had taken one, I got into the medicine cabinet and unconsciously took the whole bottle. Several hours later, after the medicine was in full affect, my grandparents realized something was wrong. They immediately called the ambulance. By the time I got to the hospital I had gone into a coma; the doctors were scared my kidneys were going to shut down, and that I would to make it through the night.

It was too late to pump my stomach; all they could do was put me on an IV and wait to see if I would pull out of it. They called my father and told him that I was going to die, and to make arrangements to get my body back to Idaho. My dad changed his schedule and flew down to Illinois. I made it through two nights. The third day my grandfather gave me a blessing and I came out of my coma. The doctors believed there would be lots of Internal damage and possibly brain damage but the test came out clear, and I was able to leave the hospital that ay.

When the doctors tried to explain to my father what happened, all they could say miracles has been strengthened. I know miracles happen every day. The Lord is constantly reaching down to bless our lives. You have to believe in Him, and have faith so that His mighty hand can perform the miracles we seek. You will never fully understand what happened, but there is peace in knowing the Lord was there with you. We are all his children, he watches over each of us, and will continue to perform this miraculous work we call miracles.

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