I Want A Husband Essay

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After being in a relationship for around six months, my girlfriend revealed that there was a surprise waiting for me at her house. Intrigued, I eagerly went to her place and found out that she had a child.

I was taken by surprise when she told me that the child came from her previous relationship and their plans didn’t go as expected. I found it difficult to understand why she wanted me to take on the responsibility for a non-biological child. It left me speechless.

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For six months, she concealed this information from me, possibly believing it would be insignificant if I grew fond of her. This made me contemplate my genuine desires and requirements, leading to the realization that I yearn for a life partner. Nevertheless, what is the motive behind my desire for a spouse? The answer resides in my longing for someone who can satisfy all my needs and provide financial support for my educational endeavors.

My perfect spouse should provide financial support for me by taking care of all my housing expenses, providing auto and health insurance, and purchasing luxurious clothing. It is also important for him to obtain a comprehensive life insurance policy to guarantee my ongoing financial security in case of his passing. Moreover, he must have a well-paying job that allows me to lead a comfortable life.

I expect my future husband to provide me with a nice car for transportation. Additionally, I desire a partner who will maintain the exterior of our home by regularly mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges. When I feel it’s needed, he should also be willing to paint the house or cover the costs of having it painted.

I am looking for a spouse who will handle various seasonal maintenance tasks like spring gutter cleaning and winter snow shoveling. It is crucial that they remember to rake the leaves during autumn when trees go through changes. Furthermore, if my fancy car has mechanical problems, my partner should have decent mechanic skills to fix it or find suitable help. Most importantly, I desire a husband who will be willing to protect me with their life in case of a home break-in.

He helps with meal prep, whether it’s for the family or when I’m tired. He also takes care of emptying and storing the full kitchen trash in the garage until trash pickup day. Additionally, he is responsible for tending to the children as required, including helping with diaper changes.

My expectation is that when I buy a new painting of flowers for our bedroom wall, my husband will hang it. Additionally, after a tiring day at work, I hope my husband remembers to put his dirty clothes in the laundry basket instead of leaving them on the floor. It would be ideal if my husband takes the lead in planning our vacations and organizing any parties we may have. Finally, it is important to me that my husband understands my need to spend at least two nights a week with my friends outside of the house.

In addition, it is important that my husband is willing to participate in social activities with me after work, even if he is tired. He should also assist me in locating a suitable babysitter and arranging summer camp for our children. Moreover, meeting my sexual needs is essential, and he should be available for intimacy whenever I desire it, rather than only when he feels like it.

He must take full responsibility for birth control and ensure my satisfaction if he wants to engage in sexual activity with me. Additionally, he should show attentiveness towards me both before and after making love. It is expected that he plans and prepares a romantic dinner for us if he wants to engage in intimacy. Above all, his loyalty to me is crucial; infidelity is unacceptable.

I hold my husband to a high standard and anticipate him to fulfill his household responsibilities. If he cannot meet these obligations, he is not suitable as my spouse. It is crucial to acknowledge that my upbringing has influenced these expectations, and I will not accept anything inferior.

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