How I Met My Husband

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Alice Munro published “How I Met My Husband” in her book Something I’ve Been Meaning to Tell You (1974). The story is narrated by the fifteen-year-old Edie, who works as a “hired girl” for the Peebles family. It also includes the voice of the adult Edie, who is now happily married and wiser than her teenage self. Edie’s narration is informal and warm, catering to her audience.

The text emphasizes the value of storytelling for self-discovery and suggests that by utilizing memories to narrate stories, people can develop a more profound comprehension of their own identity. Furthermore, storytelling empowers disadvantaged women, such as Edie, who lack education, wealth, or social status, enabling them to express themselves in situations where they would otherwise be suppressed. Despite yearning for fulfillment, Edie already possesses the abilities of a proficient storyteller from her teenage years with both cleverness and a strong sense of self.

Edie believes that happiness may manifest itself in unexpected ways, like a pilot touching down his plane in the fairgrounds opposite her employers’ residence, where she eagerly anticipates a letter. However, she ultimately comprehends that mere waiting will not bring her joy. She discovers that numerous women are also enduring the anticipation of letters near their mailboxes, and she resolves that she is not meant to continue in such a manner. By narrating her own tale and seizing opportunities to improve her life, Edie refuses to deceive herself into thinking that life is anything other than what it truly is – a source of happiness when lived with vitality and honesty.

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