An Interest in Psychology and My Translation Works of Different Psychology Blogs and Documents

I have been interested in psychology for many years and in the past have done individual modules such as Foundations of Modern Psychology at Birkbeck University. I also took an online course in social psychology offered by Wesleyan University through Coursera. However, I have learned that the best way to learn as much as possible is to complete a full course at the right university.

Since completing my degree in Business Management in the UK, I have been involved with several translation projects. I mostly translated psychology blogs and subtitles in documentaries from English to Chinese. I have learned a lot in this experience including knowledge in Psychology and translation skills. I then applied a Masters course in Theory and Practice of Translation at SOAS (2014/15).

My dissertation is a translation project of an excerpt from the Psychological Astrology textbook, The Development of Personality by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas. I also translated chapters from Popular psychology books during the course, such as Time Warped: Unlocking the Mysteries of Time Perception by Claudia Hammond. This experience affirmed myself my huge interest in Psychology and ambition to be properly trained, especially the scientific façade, such as Psychobiology and how to practically do psychological experiments.

Birkbeck University is a world-leading class research and teaching institution and the nature of evening classes fits the best of my plan in life for the next few years. The course of BSc Psychology designed is exactly what I want and will allow me to gain the skills and knowledge to fulfil my interest.

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