If You Want To Help Someone Then Make Sure They Really Needed It For A Good Reason And A Right Purpose

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Sometimes even the person who is closest or families members, they can trick or deceive you without you noticing. I am a kind-hearted and caring person and like to help people that need help. I will try my best to help anyone if I able to. My family always needed my help and I’m always ready and prepared to help them anytime and anywhere. I loved my family very much and I concern everything about them. My Uncle is my closest family member too. He often helped me and taught me how to do good things and bring benefits to other people. He is my idol when I grow up and perceived him as a person with a kind personality and caring to another.


However, unfortunately, all this while I was wrong about my uncle attitude and personality. Two weeks ago when I’m at college, just finished class and about to go home. On my way home, I received a phone call from my uncle. He sounds very upset and asking me for help on the phone. He asked for money, the amount of $100. This is not the first time he asking me for money besides, he is my uncle, I trusted him and I never ask him what he does with all the money that I gave him in the past. This time, he needed the money to buy a few books for his school because he is a student and still studying like me. Without hesitation, I straight away meet my uncle at my home as he temporarily lives with me and my family, and hand him the $100. He thanked me and smile, I feel glad that I able to do something to help my uncle.

The next following day, after finished class at college, it’s a coincidence I meet my uncle’s old friend when I’m on my way home. We greet each other, and My uncle’s old friend face looked worried and uncomfortable. I asked him “what’s the matter”? He replied, “ Yesterday I saw your uncle meet with a stranger, and your uncle hands the money to the guy. It’s like your uncle is buying something from him, but I have no idea what is your uncle buying” I silence at the moment, suddenly I remembered that I gave $100 to my uncle to buy a book for his school. I replied to my uncle’s friend. “maybe you have seen the wrong guy, that guy could not be my uncle. He will never do such a thing as that”. My uncle’s friend replied to me, “I, am sure that person is your uncle”. I replied to my uncle’s friend, “No, it cannot be, that is the wrong person you have seen”. And then, I continue to walk and thinking, I still could not believe it, and I don’t feel like asking my uncle about it. However, I have a bad feeling about this, so, I decided to ask my uncle about books, to make sure that he really used the $100 cash to buy the book and not something else.

My Reaction

When I arrived home, my uncle was not there, no one at home except me. Parent is still at work, while I’m waiting for my uncle, I do the assignment for my college, time passed by and my uncle still is not at home. It’s getting really late and keep on waiting trying not to fall asleep because of tired. I could not hold my self any longer and fall asleep. The next morning I woke up, my uncle didn’t come home last night, I have no idea where he has been. Today I don’t have classes, so I spend my whole day searching and keep calling my uncle on the phone. He did not answer my call. My uncle’s friend calls me instead, saying that my uncle is staying overnight at his house and drunk.

I rush to my uncle’s friend house to pick my uncle, when I meet uncle, at his friend house, both of us did not discuss anything to each other until I bringing my uncle back to our home and we begin to talk about the issue. Straight away I asked him what did he bought with the $100. Uncle refuses to tell the truth to me about what is exactly going on. If I didn’t force and pushed him that I will tell my mother, my uncle will probably keep this secret forever. He told me everything and I found out what was going on. My uncle is addicted to drugs, once you are consuming drugs it will become serious health issues. Yet, he didn’t tell me about this. Which means, all the money that I gave in the past was used for drugs, it’s obvious and I didn’t realize about it.


Even though I feel sad and disappointed with my uncle. This problem might affect my view of my uncle and loosen our relationships. No matter what, he is still my uncle. However, as much as I like to help people and my immediate family members, despite having a big heart to help other people, I must from now, make sure whomever I intend to help if they would ask me, I will make sure they really needed it for a good reason and for a right purpose, not making them into more trouble. Moving forward, our relationship is still good but I constantly advise him to stay away from any drug substance.

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