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The phrase stealing someone’s thunder means to take credit for an idea or invention that is not your own. The phrase originated in the 17th century when playwright John Dennis invented a new sound effect by rattling a sheet of metal to imitate thunder. Other playwrights began to use the technique, and Dennis felt that his invention was being stolen. This phrase can be used in everyday situations, such as when someone takes credit for an idea that was not theirs. For example, a student may suggest a gift idea for a teacher, but another student buys the gift and takes credit for the idea.

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Definition: To take recognition for an thought that is non yours.

Reason: I selected this allusion because it is something I can associate to and utilize day-to-day. I have ne’er heard person say “You’re stealing persons boom. ” This allusion attracted me because I can truly associate to it and I can besides utilize it in and outside of my faculty members every bit good as my school environment. Another ground why I truly liked this allusion was because of the history of it. The ground why this allusion was created was because in the seventeenth century. play author John Dennis invented the sound of boom by rattling a sheet of Sn. This technique has ne’er earlier been used and after it this new sound consequence became more known. other drama authors began to utilize Dennis’ technique and because of this. the allusion “Stealing someone’s thunder” got its name. The history of this allusion truly helps me retrieve the definition of this allusion and it helps me understand it better so it may let me to utilize it in specific state of affairss.

Examples: My junior twelvemonth of high school. I was be aftering a surprise birthday gift for a instructor with a group of my friends. We all discussed and wrote out a list of some thoughts of what our instructor would wish and what we would wholly be willing to flip in to acquire him. One of my friends said. “Let’s get him a immense Star Wars bar since thats his all clip favourite film! ” We all agreed that it was a good thought ; nevertheless one of my friends went in front and bought the bar on her ain and gave it to our instructor as a surprise for his birthday and she said. ” I know you love Star Wars so I decided to acquire you this! I hope you love it! ” This state of affairs relates a batch to the allusion ” Stealing persons thunder” because one of my friends took recognition for my other friends thought and claimed it as her ain.

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