Impact of Western Culture in Bangladesh

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The undermentioned research study trades with the Impact of western civilization in our society includes people’s thought harmonizing their age degree. how the Bengali civilization is going a westernized and which factors are related with that. We took merely Dhaka metropolis for our research study.


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First of all we would wish to thank our Almighty God. because of His approvals were ever with us so that we were able to finish this study. We are thankful to many people for supplying us encouragement and support during our acquisition and working while doing this study and we want to demo our thankfulness to these people. We are really much grateful to Prof. Toufiqul Islam. our instructor of Research & A ; Methodology class. who provided us chance to make this study. It was non possible for us to execute this study without his sincere permission. changeless support and inspiration. We express our thankfulness to him. Our pleasant thanks to all of our respondents who gave us all sorts of support and of import information related to our study. We would besides wish to thank our friends and equals for their encouragement. support. and suggestions which helped us to do this study an effectual 1.

1. Introduction

Bangladesh is a runing pot of races. She. hence. has a assorted civilization. However. her deep frozen heritage is richly reflected in her architecture. literature. dance. play. music and picture and besides in people’s life style. She has ain Language Bengali which boasts a rich literary heritage.

Now if we speak about Western civilization. it is a broad scope of civilization that performed by the whole universe. Now-a-days this civilization is extremely distributing in our state and people are paying their involvement into western civilization by the aid of globalisation. Largely the immature coevalss and extremely blue households are really much influenced by western civilization which holds negative impact on our ain civilization. So. we have to do clear consciousness to thecommunity for doing strong cultural bond and better society.

From that sense. it is necessary to take a research about the impact of Western civilization in our society. And. we believe that the undermentioned research study will assist to happen out the decision with valuable recommendation.

1. 1 Basic of the survey

Bangladeshi civilization is influenced by three great religions- Hinduism. Buddhism set Islam in consecutive order. with Islam holding the most pervading and permanent impact. Like a colourful collage. the cultural tradition of the state is a happy blending of many discrepancies. unique in diverseness but in kernel greatly symmetrical.

On the other manus. Western civilization began in Ancient Greece. Today. Western civilization has at least some presence in about all states of the universe. It does non presently exist. nevertheless. anyplace in a perfect and complete signifier. Western civilization presently dominates in many Western and Cardinal European states and several states settled by Europeans and their posterities. Western civilization besides significantly exists in many Asiatic states. such as Japan. South Korea. Taiwan and Singapore. and it is progressively influential in India and China. Western civilization presently has small meaningful presence besides in Bangladesh. [ 4 ]

In this research study we choose Dhaka metropolis as for many ground like deficit of clip. besides we live in this metropolis so it is rather easy for our survey. besides as Dhaka metropolis is the capital of Bangladesh and most blue household live in this metropolis. So it is besides easy to cognize about people’s idea on our subject.

1. 2 Background of the survey

From the historical position. Bangladeshi civilization has rich literary heritage. The riverbank landscape and the monsoon clime are closely related to the cultural patterns of this state. It focuses the life styles and civilization value of the autochthonal people. From the earlier age. people give value and keep societal imposts which are in our civilization.

However. people are now following some of the western civilizations beside their ain 1. Largely. the immature coevals is really much interested on English films. western music. frocks. nutrients and other things instead than Bengali civilization. Now. immature coevals and even besides in-between age people are non that much witting about Bengali civilization because of the globalisation. In this manner. Bengali civilization is now no more originated by ain civilization. even it is losing her ain value. In this research. we collect sentiments about the impact of western civilization from people by field study.

1. 3 Importance of the subject

For our research. we choose ‘The Impact of Western civilization In Our Society’ as our subject for its importance on the consequence of cultural globalisation ( which means the commercialisation of civilization ) . Now a day’s the production and ingestion of cultural goods and services has become trade goods. along with the necessities of societal life ( matrimony and household life. faith work and leisure ) . What one time was an component of the manner of life becomes a merchandise. instead than something alone work forces had made to accommodate their ain demands and fortunes. In urban Bangladesh. engineering of multi- channels Television began in 1991 and therefore satellite broadcast medium has been presenting ‘lots of channels to viewers’ . Cultural domination by electronic media within the society therefore has finally become a major concern of sociological enquiry. The present survey is one of such attempt to look at how the urban people. largely youth has accepted and responded to their entree to Western civilization. [ 3 ]

1. 4 Literature Review

In this portion we found some of the information which is discussed in different articles and studies relevant to our subject. Even though many book focused about the impact of western civilization and how people are taking it besides their ain one without any vacillation. After reexamining different beginnings. we merely concentrate on ‘The Impact of Western Culture in Our Society’ from three different angles. These are:

• Impact of cultural Globalization.• Positive impact of Westernization.• Negative impact of Westernization.

Impact of socio – cultural Globalization

Now a day’s every state in this universe is treated as small town. you can conceive of whatever you can. That’s the manner people are communicate easy to each other make things differences. Globalization has merely one overarching feature–integration. It is all about collectiveness and of all time increasing interconnection. It in consequence influences everything. whether it is a company or a state. But here is a fact. is globalisation all the manner keeps aid to link to each other or construct a strong communicating in “borderless world” ? If it is a inquiry. so how it impacts in our society every bit good as in our civilization? The Cable telecasting has made different attractive force in around the universe every bit good as in Bangladeshi family. Foreign films have come and have reflected their civilization in it. This has made a immense impact on the heads of the Bangladeshi people. Not to advert the easy handiness of Internet whose range even extends till rural countries?

The cyberspace has opened up chances for people to larn more about foreign civilizations and topographic points. It has made Bangladeshi more acceptable and open-minded towards alteration. Globalization has broken all boundary lines. As a consequence. the new coevals of Bangladeshi is more knowing. more cognizant and more interested in the universe around them. In our society. adult females who were one time the exploited and ignored portion of the population. now assert their rights of being a adult female. Womans now have more entree to instruction and cognize more about their rights and their individuality as a adult female. Nowadays. you find adult females in the society who work aboard work forces. Men-dominated Fieldss see the coming up of the adult female. Men and adult females are easy being treated every bit. However. this does non intend that all Bangladeshi adult females are to the full free. In many topographic points. development still continues. [ 5 ]

Positive impact of Westernization

Due to globalisation. Westernization is distributing out all over the universe. Westernisation has been placed in different states because of globalisation and acerate leaf to state. it has had an impact on the Bangladesh manner of life. It has out-rooted the traditional Bengali civilization and the rate at which Westernization is go oning to Bangladesh is surprising. Regional linguistic communications are on the procedure of redefined. In many ways instating of regional linguistic communication people have been used to English particularly in urban countries childs. It had started get repairing with western vesture. western linguistic communications. western idiosyncrasies and everything else westernized. Beside. the festival of Pohela Baishak. people is now observing like other western cultural festivals particularly in immature groupsuch as-

• Valentine’s Day.• Friendship Day.• Mother’s twenty-four hours.• Father’s twenty-four hours.• And other international jubilations.

Now a twenty-four hours people are concern about how we think about globally. what the other state are making in their cultural issue. merely we observe and absorbing them. There is batch of issues that we automatically know about it ; even he/she has a small cognition about Westernization. But. people are traveling with it in all the manner.

Negative impact of Westernization

At the side of the positive. Bangladeshi people are affecting twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours with negative activities which our ain civilization because of following western civilization. However no affair have occurred by this manner. what people are making in our society. With Globalization and Westernization of our civilization. Bangladesh now has entree to things like grownup films. adult stuff. sex playthings and other sexual content from all around the universe particularly in immature group of people. Bangladeshi’s population has been corrupted thanks by easy entree which has been brought about by Westernization. In fact. this has gone to such bounds that now pornographic stuff is even made in Bangladesh besides.

These perverted wonts have raised a population who sometimes are so full of hungriness for that they pick to colza. It is a fact that colza instances have risen since the spread of globalisation. So that. western frock is another factor that creates an instability in our society particularly for adult female group ( whenever misss wear a shirt. jersey. and pant in our society. due to experience or esthesis of comfortable ) which does non allow within our civilization as bulk of Muslim nationality. For have oning that sort of frocks work forces are largely believing in negative sense. In a position of civilization. how and from which instances we are believing that Bengali civilization becomes westernized. for that we assume several other inquiries which are listed below.

• Why we think about Westernization? • Is Westernization needed to carry through our Bengali civilization? • To place what sort of distinctions within peoples thought about Westernization from different age degree? • What are the options available for Bangladesh?

The old findings have reported consequences on the western civilization consequence on urban young person coevals in our society. However. harmonizing to above mentioned fortunes. the present survey takes the enterprise to carry on an empirical probe based on the impact of western civilization in our society includes people’s thought harmonizing their age degree. how the Bengali civilization is going a westernized and which factors are related with that. The findings from this survey will work as a valuable guideline to give esteem our ain civilization and to be a wholesome Bangladeshi.

1. 5 Aims of the survey

The chief aim of this survey is to concentrate on the impact of western civilization based on different age degree and construct up the consciousness about the negative sides among Bangladeshi people.

Harmonizing to our aims we have decided that we will give our full attending and besides we will be really active and forbearance to study our research. In this manner. we can carry through our research successfully with a clump of information.

2. Research Method

For carry oning our research. we implement research methods that straight related to our subject which indicates the nucleus information about a research and explains how that information is correlated. In our research method we include study stuff. informations aggregation method and informations analysis method which aid to travel our research consequence and treatment subdivision. For this portion we will carry through some specific demands.

¬ Describe process every bit wholly as possible so that person can’t extra it wholly ¬ Define sample and features. which is consistent throughout the trial. ¬ List the variables used these are what alteration. or manipulate. throughout the trial. ¬ Try to precise unfavorable judgment which might originate from readers mind.

2. 1. Survey Materials

In this portion. we consider study stuffs from people thought. That’s why. we define sample into three categorised manner and taking out specific informations from different age category people. Three age category: Age 18-30 ( category 1 ) ; Age 31-45 ( category 2 ) and Age 45+ ( category 3 ) For making this portion efficaciously we collect informations from different age degree and clear up about the fluctuation of their ideas about western civilization beside Bangladeshi civilization. Class 1: Most of the Class 1 people are pupil and some of them are service holder. It is really much easy to clear up their ideas into short period of clip. Class 2: In our category 2. most of the people are service holder and they are in in-between age. Class 3: Finally last group is category 3 and people are no more in their occupation or involved in other societal activities. fundamentally people are remaining with their household. but still we found that some them are even besides involved with their occupation.

2. 2. Methods of Collection Data

Data aggregation procedure is important procedure in research study. if the procedure is biased or uncomplete so it’s really hard to analyse the information and it decreases quality of study. For our research intent we get information from both two type of informations aggregation beginning one is primary informations and another one is secondary informations. Primary informations: Primary informations indicates the nucleus information about the subject and informations collected from field study work. There are different types of study like.

We make a structured questionnaire. which has been attached in the Appendix- 1 of this paper. This questionnaire is for three age degree people and we give it to them like who is largely able to read and understand what we are truly wants. In this study types. responder give their sentiment about our subject in written and multiple pick signifier. For this portion we take entire 60 samples ( each category 20 samples ) as our nucleus demand.

2. 3. Methods of Analyzing Data

In this portion we analyze the collected information from our survey- questionnaire. Here. we represent those informations by graph. chart and tabular array which is called frequence numbering informations. However. in instance of qualitative information we take observation method. We collect our samples and set it them into a quantitative signifier so that we represents it as a per centum signifier.

3. Result. Discussion & A ; Findingss

To finish this portion we consider several point to mensurate our determine information. All we know that cultural issue is really diverse construct which contains many thoughts that indicates different type of single features. So that here we show some of those issue that indicate cultural facet straight and by carry oning a questionnaire study we found some reply of specific informations that might bespeak and carry through our chief aims.

Due to showing our consequence and treatment. we work with three different age graduated table of people which was define in earlier portion and want to bespeak the fluctuation of penchant between each category. Here. we identify our concluding consequence in per centum signifier and foremost we collect visual aspect from respondents. add responder’s figure ( entire sample 60 ) and do it as per centum signifier indicates what per centum people are positively responses our inquiries. After that add up all the caputs per centum make it as mean per centum point out how many people are positive about western civilization.

First we want to cognize from responders’ western civilization in general manner. By inquiring those respondents give their single sentiment about general demands. In the first portion of questionnaire following caputs are included. Table1: Western Culture in respondents mind in general

Depending on above information we assume that by a simple computation ( mean ) of those informations and show as it a per centum signifier. So that Bengali people now think about western civilization from basic position about 39 % . It means that they are positively given their sentiment sing western civilization in our civilization. And other manner 61 % respondents gave non- positive responses which indicate might they prefer positive as Bengali civilization.

In different part different sort of cultural positions and life manner are followed. It seems to if one country’s positive idea is appreciate it might the negative for another state. So that we collect sample in a manner that truly Bengali people are absorbing WC twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. Table2: Positions and lifestyle penchant in respondents mind

Beginnings: A study conducted for this research in July. 2010

This tabular array indicates four different position of western civilization in our people. We select this caputs to happen out how many people deliberately or accidentally belief WC positions and life style. First in class1 60 % . class2 30 % and class3 25 % . and besides in entire sample 38 % people prefer atomic household instead extended household. where most of WS has atomic household. Another most of import in our matrimony system which one we prefer. from our cultural position largely prefer arrange matrimony. But in our study class1 60 % . class2 70 % and class3 20 % . and besides in entire sample 50 % people are appearance with love or matter matrimony. Similarly class1 80 % . class2 90 % and class3 90 % . and besides in entire sample 87 % people support with hubby and married woman have to populate together. And besides class1 55 % . class2 35 % and class3 10 % . and besides in entire sample 34 % people normally celebrate western festival beside their ain 1. Graph. Bacillus: Positions and lifestyle penchant in respondents mind

Now here we represent a chart indicate 52 % people are support western civilization values and repairing up in their head. Peoples are no more in our traditional civilization by beginning ; twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours it changes and will alterations in following coevals. And other manner 48 % respondents gave non- positive responses which indicate might their belief in Bengali traditional value.

Bangladeshi people are now a day’s altering their behaviour and wont in nutrient. frock and other activities besides. Easily converted to western thoughts some instances it makes a inquiry grade in our ethical position besides. We referred those western stuffs by like fast nutrient is needed to minimise clip ingestion and besides it’s comfy for changeable repast. Another thing. people like to have on western frock for manner and for comfy. Similarly now people are witting about their wellness so that largely younger are goes to gym even middle elderly people besides.

Beginnings: A study conducted for this research in July. 2010

Here in this tabular array represents to how many people are preferred with western trials and wont. We indentify people’s single trial. penchant and wont in their regular life. Representing four caput specify how many people positively response our concerns. First in class1 30 % . class2 0 % and class3 0 % . and besides in entire sample 10 % people prefer fast nutrient in their regular repast. Another thing is in class1 55 % . class2 45 % and class3 10 % . and besides in entire sample 37 % people prefer western frock in their frock codification. In class1 50 % . class2 60 % and class3 85 % . and besides in entire sample 65 % people on a regular basis maintain their spiritual activities. And last one is in class1 75 % . class2 25 % and class3 15 % . and besides in entire sample 38 % people now people now think about traveling to gymnasium for physical fittingness exercising. Individual categories graph and chart are enclosed in appendix portion.

Graph. Degree centigrade: Personal gustatory sensations. penchants and wonts of the respondents This chart indicates people’s twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life that how many of them back up western trial and wont. Here we found there are 36 % people are positively responds our specific inquiries and give their existent involvement on western civilization by study. And other manner 64 % respondents gave non- positive responses which indicate might they prefer Bengali trial and wont.

From really get downing Bengali people might in some instance restricted. Like people were non that much free or friendly with their parents. Another thing is mentally depends on parents and besides relations. But at present we see some positive thought which is truly effectual for us like easy relationship with parents. ego dependence etc.

Beginnings: A study conducted for this research in July. 2010

This tabular array shows that. in class1 70 % . class2 65 % and class3 50 % . and besides in entire sample 62 % people think really easy relationship with parents. Another thing is in class1 10 % . class2 30 % and class3 65 % . and besides in entire sample 35 % people prefer self dependence due to mentally back up. And in class1 55 % . class2 30 % and class3 10 % . and besides in entire sample 32 % people like to bask any juncture with friends.

Graph. D: Relationships with parents. siblings and peer groups of the respondents Above graph shows respondents relationship position between household. friends or siblings. Here we found 43 % respondents support of really easy relationship. ego dependence and celebrate juncture with friends. And other manus 57 % respondents non- positively responds. intending to state they prefer other position for their relationship. like non so easy relationship with parents. mentally depends on parents and besides household belongingness.

Finally we found that. people as respondents now consider western civilization. Approximately half of our entire respondents support with it. From the positive point of position twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours people absorbing western cultural values. sometimes its brings a good for our society. But on the other manus it decreasing our ain cultural valley which cipher wants. so that we have to concern our cultural issues every bit much as possible and which 1 is good we have to must take it and besides avoid bad thing that brings instability in our civilization.

• Observation

For this research we need to take observation method for acquiring more information. By our observation. we found that. in instance of Muslim household. an older adult female embarrassed over and is urgently seeking to avoid oculus contact in Television screen. blazing loud music on the popular music picture channel. MTV. The inadequately appareled presenter introduces her ‘top song’ for the hebdomad. A star famous person dressed in so really small and exposed herself every bit much as possible. The old woman’s boy is confined by what he sees. He pays no attending to his female parent. immature married woman or even his ain small boy besides. In this manner. Children are affecting some bad plants which derived from western civilization peculiarly from overseas telegram connexion at their place. In some instances. immature coevals forget to esteem their senior one.

In our field study. we observe that. male childs and misss are really much interested on traveling to DJ party at different dark nine. And. sometimes they want to populate together before matrimony which is highly prohibited by our civilization. Male childs are utilizing Tattoos on their organic structure besides.

The present scenario of Bangladeshi civilization like every bit in this diagram we show that. western materials like shirt. pant. music and festivals are now blending with Bengali’s traditional materials.

4. Restriction of survey

To carry on this research we had some restrictions. foremost of all it should be mentioned that we are get downing degree of research worker and the subject was controversial as it holds both positive and negative impact in our society harmonizing to people’s perceptual experience.

As there was clip restriction. we can non roll up sufficient informations and samples associating to our subject which is really hard material to carry through the analyzing of samples. While working for this study we found there was non available informations related with our subject to acquire aid from the cyberspace. books. articles. research documents to do a good equipped literature reappraisal and secondary beginnings. As a consequence. it took a batch of clip to garner information from other beginnings.

5. Decision and Recommendation

Finally. it can be concluded that. this research has found a batch of important issues that is Western civilization is non a expletive to our society but it can convey a batch of negative effects. We must understand that the immature coevalss are the future image of our state. So. it is necessary to edify them about our ain cultural values which will do our state proud. In Bangladesh position. since it is the 1 of really few and one manner concentration on the impact of western civilization. I hope that this thesis contains the basis of farther research. which may happen utile tools sing the likely findings in the long tally. No survey has been done at earlier. However. for making this research we used our best analysis and tried to do the research as full cogent evidence but due to short sample. we can non urge it as full cogent evidence. That’s why. we want to urge for farther alteration as we believe that research is a ne’er stoping procedure.

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