Why Bangladesh studies should be taught to students of BBA in Bangladesh

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As a student of BBA in Bangladesh, learning about Bangladesh Studies is crucial for success in business. This course covers important aspects such as geography, history, culture, religion, politics, infrastructure, banking, transportation, natural disasters, insurance, management, and labor costs. By having a thorough understanding of these factors, a student can make informed decisions when starting a business in Bangladesh, including finding suitable locations, understanding consumer preferences, navigating government policies, and securing resources. Overall, studying Bangladesh Studies prepares BBA students to become successful entrepreneurs in the country.

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Why Bangladesh Studies should be taught for the students of BBA It is important to learn the whereabouts of a country if someone wants to do business in a particular region or a country. As a student of BBA in Bangladesh, ‘Bangladesh studies’ is as important as any other courses in the whole curriculum. If one wants to start business in a particular area (say Bangladesh), one must acquire complete knowledge about Geography

Historical backgrounds
Manners & customs
Religion and caste
Political conditions and attitudes of the political parties
Transport & telecommunication
Economic infrastructure
Government policies & facilities
Banking & investments
Local business & business communities
Natural calamities
Insurance & securities
Management & Labour cost
Electricity & power

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These prospects are described in detailed as followings:
Studying geography of Bangladesh, a student will acquire knowledge about the resources, landmass, transport, economic trend of Bangladesh. This helps to find a suitable place for establishing business/industrial complex. It is necessary to know the history of Bangladesh as there exists a strong connection between people of the country and their mentality and customs. Now comes the culture, manners & customs. Knowing the culture of Bangladesh will help the student to guess whether the people (consumers) will appreciate the promoted product/service or not. Studying manners and customs are important as well. These will help to acquire knowledge about the tendency and likings of the consumers. It is also important to learn about religion and caste of people of Bangladesh as will help to acquire knowledge about social ceremonies, obligations and harmony of the consumers. Political conditions of Bangladesh always affect business and economy. The student must be well aware of political stability and attitude of the politicians towards business and economic sectors. Transport & Telecommunication is one of most important factor in entrepreneurship. It is important to know about the transport and telecoms of Bangladesh in order to save time and cost, get logistics, international clientele and also for marketing and advertising. Also note that well established infrastructure ensures stability in business. So, proper knowledge about the infrastructure of Bangladesh is a must.

A student will be well aware of the business laws, policies identified by the government of Bangladesh. It is necessary to know the whereabouts of banking sectors for financial support, deposits and transactions. There are always possibilities of competitor companies with similar products/services. So learning about the local business of Bangladesh is necessary in order to promote a new product/service. Bangladesh is a disaster prone region. Flood, earthquake and cyclones are likely to occur almost every year and in order to face the likely disaster and hazards a student need to know how government and other organizations deal with it. Another important factor related to business is insurance and securities. A BBA student must acquire enough knowledge about insurance sectors of Bangladesh to do a better secured business. It needs a good management and resourceful labour to run a company/industry. Bangladesh studies will help a student where to find the finest executives and cheap and resourceful labour. In case of an industry, accessibility of Electricity and Power is also another important factor. With proper knowledge about the geology of the country a student can identify where to establish an industrial complex.

So, it is quite clear that Studying about Bangladesh for BBA students is necessary. Proper knowledge in this field makes a student of BBA a better entrepreneur in the future.

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