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Importance of Religion

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Religion and Faith Are Two Entirely Different Things

Religion is an institutionalized set of beliefs, attitudes and practices that are formed over generations. Often, the practice of the religion takes on a life of its own. The core belief is replaced over time by the routine of the practice of the religion. An idea is stacked upon another idea until these ideas become the religion and the core belief is often forgotten or at the very least its importance is minimized.

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Importance of Religion
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Faith is different. Faith is personal. Faith comes from the realization that “I was created by God.” Faith is separate and apart from the history of mankind as a group.
You live your life. You were successful in your job and the three kids grew up great. Somewhere along the way your life passed on. What now? If you believe in nothing better after this life than a sub-conscious rotting corpse in hopefully an up class coffin, what do you have to look forward to? While you live your life each day, you grow older by the minute; what is true love with out the hope of being with that person’s soul, forever? When you reach the top and money no longer can make you happy, what do you actually have to believe will? Love only for the rest of your Earthly days? What happens after this life?

That is the age long question that has led people to believe in the “Great Creator”.

No matter what he, she or they stand for, their promise is all the same: You will find ultimate peace with in yourself after this life. They all have the words that we will understand it all when we die, and the ones we loved along the way will all be there.
No matter where it is, that is the true importance of religion in our lives. To spend our days believing in a greater good. To spend our time on this Earth knowing there is better out there and that someday we will actually understand the complexities of every universe.

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