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If we are not governed by a set of values, then our ideas and principles of right and wrong are based solely on opinion. The Nazis had not been evil. They had a set of values that does not correspond to many of today’s values. Had they kept the religious promises they made to the Vatican when they came to power, they would have had a difficult time. Religion is a human creation, but we are lost without some form of faith in more than human opinion, because we only have to take account of it. Human nature is bad. We are not born with a knowledge of right or wrong. That’s why people turn out so differently.

Human nature is evil. We’re not born with a right or wrong understanding. People therefore turn out so differently. It is not because a person is born good or bad, but because of the way they are treated and the values they are taught, that they become the person. Religion has a number of rules people follow on the masses. These rules are more than laws with penalties and rewards, they are based on a set of values, and these are the things that help a person to adjust well. Imagine children without parents’ rule. If a child could run around and do what he or she wanted unchecked, the children would accidentally kill themselves, become sociopaths and become wild. There would be no way to know what’s happening. Children need a parental figure to teach rules and values. What is right and wrong is taught to us, and religion allows for a certain unification that governments cannot instill.

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The law does not tell us to kill.We were not born with such knowledge. We were born to kill, which is why children are often fatal killers of insects. We have both eyes facing each other, which means that we are predators born. The law tells us not to kill or steal. Most people will never do that, and part of it is because of religion. Religion has come up with the idea that long before the law, we should not kill and steal. The law just tells us what to do, but religion tries to explain why things should be done. You can say that we don’t do things because the law tells us not to, and that’s a good reason for them, but for most people it’s too black and white. Religion helps us to shape values so that we can decide ourselves. For example, the law may say that you don’t kill, but religion (good religions) teaches us the holiness of life, so if we have to kill one person to save thousands, then religion allows us to make that choice where the law doesn’t.

The law is the way the government tries to instill values, but it can not just do it with rules alone . The government hopes that if you follow the law, you will see why it works and learn your values that way– but it does everything in reverse. With peace – loving and good religions that do not tolerate killing, such as any other religion than the Arian brotherhood, Islam and Satanism, you are taught why something is wrong so that you can choose what you are doing. Good religions that do not condone killing say that you can break the law because you have choices, it gives you the necessary reasons and values to make the right decision.

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