Imported and Export Activity of Belgium and Malaysia Essay

The import and export activities (goods and services and their Trading partners) – Limited to 3 types of goods and services In year 2009, GDP per capita of Malaysia is $14,700 which is slightly less than Belgium’s GDP per capita which is $36,600. The total exported volume of Malaysia in year 2009 is $156. 4 billion. Major products that are exported from Malaysia are electronic equipment, petroleum and liquefied natural gas, and palm oil. Malaysia mainly exports their products to Singapore, Japan, USA, China, Thailand and Hong Kong. Graph 2. showing the percentages of various export trading partners of Malaysia in percentage. While for the import activities of Malaysia in year 2009, costs $119. 5 billion. Malaysia mainly imported electronics, petroleum products and plastics.

And the import trading partners of Malaysia are China, Japan, US, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Germany and Taiwan. We can see clearly about the contribution of various import partners of Malaysia in percentage from the chart attached below. Belgium is a country which it’s GDP is nearly similar with Malaysia, has an exported volume of $296. billion ranked 13th in the world at year 2009. Belgium mainly exported machinery and equipments, finished diamonds and foodstuff. Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, US, Italy are the biggest export trading partners to Belgium. Graph 2. 3 is the chart about the contribution of trading partners of Belgium in percentage. In Belgium, the trading balance is slightly towards the imported sector which means that imported activities in Belgium is slightly more than exported activities. In year 2009, imported activities in Belgium cost $315 billion and ranked 11th in the world.

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Imported and Export Activity of Belgium and Malaysia
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The main product which mainly imported by Belgium is raw materials, raw diamonds and machinery and equipments. While these products are mainly import from Netherlands, Germany, UK, US, China and France to Belgium. From the chart attached at graph 2. 4, we can clearly see that the contribution of each country towards the imported activities of Belgium in percentage. In overall, we can find out that Germany and Netherlands are the main trading partners of Belgium in both exported and imported activities.

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