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Imrd Report

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IMRD report Introduction : The goal of this report is to describe my search in decline in sales. The function of this report is to try and find out the solution for the decline in sales. This report will inform the reader of the methods used to obtain the information of the report. In gathering the information, I as manager of sales department, I did a search and found a couple of solutions to raise our sales. I based the information on Internet research, costumers opinions, &interviews.

Methodology :

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Imrd Report
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The methods used in my search are Internet research, costumers opinions,&interviews. My goal was to collect enough information to write a document on the decline in sales. On surfing the Internet, I found plenty of useful information. For example, we can make discounts on things that people buy, advertisements is an other important subject as the new products are not properly advertised. People like good and convencing advertisements. If you provide suitable advertising, people will buy more.

An other method used in my search was costumers opinions. I found that the costumers opinions was really important because they are the people who “BUY”. One of the costumers opinion was that he got lost in the market not because of its size but because it’s not arranged properly. An other opinion was that we should divide our store in to sections and every section into iles and lanes and make a brochure to make it easier for the costumers to find what ever they want in this megastore.

The final method that I used in my search was interview. Where I interviewed my president and v. p in work, the last manager of sales the costumers, the new people who wanted to work here. I got alot of information put the most important ones I got from the costumers and the new who wanted to work here because they were full of energy and new ideas. They introduced Internet marketing to me which was a new thing for me and advertising our products online. Results:

The application of any methods led to the creation of increasing the sales in or megastore. All the information are reflected in the figure a,b Where figure a was before the search where the sales decreased with the time, where figure b is after the search and provided with the search (increase by time ). Discussion : The result above show that I have achieved my goal in the collection of the information. There are many beneficial sources on the world wide Web. by tefahits

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