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The rubric of this research paper, as it entails, is Decline in Tourism of Pakistan. The chief intent of this undertaking is to find the existent causes of ruin in Pakistan ‘s Tourism. In order to farther lucubrate the intent, the aims of survey are to obtain the evaluation and ranking of assorted issues which are considered to be the likely causes of diminution in touristry ; examine and look into the function of Government of Pakistan ( Ministry of Tourism, PTDC, TDCP ) in running the touristry industry ; finding how far the public sector of Pakistan is responsible for the ruin of touristry and finding how far the private sector of Pakistan has its function to play in the diminution of touristry. Multiple beginnings were used to roll up secondary informations such as periodicals, authorities beginnings, regional publications, media beginnings and commercial beginnings. A intercrossed research methodological analysis is used which consists of questionnaire study research, a personal interview and a focal point group interview. Through the multi-dimensional research, it was observed that out of the 10 issues which posed as likely causes for touristry ruin, nine proved to be existent causes which are invariably disintegrating the touristry industry of Pakistan. Except the terrorist act factor, which acts as both an internal and external force, all issues are effects of authorities ‘s incompetency and corruptness. Nevertheless, the Pakistani media, being a cardinal stakeholder is non assisting to portray the soft image of Pakistan to the universe and within. In order for controling these issues, the it is chiefly the duty of Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab ( TDCP ) , Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation ( PTDC ) and all provincial touristry ministries ‘ to further infrastructural development related to tourist services and installations ; set up coherence and coordination amongst province sections in order to smoothly transport out touristry development undertakings. Public-Private Sector partnership is the demand of the hr and if the authorities unfeignedly works on set uping productive partnerships with private sector endeavor so it will be an all-win state of affairs non merely for the touristry industry but for the economic system of Pakistan as a whole. The Media of Pakistan should stress more on the national involvement and control the uninterrupted and over-emphasized broadcast medium of intelligence related to catastrophes, force and terrorist onslaughts as it consequences in portraiture of negative image of the state in the universe. As for terrorist act, since now it has become more deep rooted in Pakistani society, the current authorities and the authoritiess to come would hold to be equipped with a bundle – sing the national interest- of extremist societal, economic and educational reforms which should be planned and implemented in order to halt the development of provocative and utmost mentalities in the society which farther lead to struggles in the name of faith, castes and socio-economic categories.

This research undertaking brings a deteriorating industry of Pakistan into spotlight which is continuously underachieving for the past 5 old ages. Pakistan is a place of about 180 million people and most of the population is gaining less than US $ 1 per twenty-four hours ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . Pakistan merely like any other beautiful European state is a large market for touristry because it offers non merely beauty of nature but besides assortment and diverseness in civilizations ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . In fact touristry is the most profitable and entrepreneurial concern ( Fakhar, 2008 ) , particularly for people populating in the mountain countries as it creates new occupation chances and reduces the unemployment degree for them ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . But unluckily, tourers ‘ visit to Pakistan is diminishing enormously with ups and downs each twelvemonth ( Fakhar, A.H, 2008 ) .[ 1 ]

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Therefore the rubric of my research undertaking is ‘Decline in touristry of Pakistan ‘ .


Pakistan, after its independency from British India appeared as a modern state on 14 grand 1947 ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . All four states of Pakistan are gifted with heritage and civilization and one of the fertile and alone aggregation of olympian and exuberant Fieldss, rivers, rugged mountains, lakes, comeuppances, landscapes and coasts enriched with friendly and hospitable people therefore doing it a celestial finish for tourers with different gustatory sensations ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . Pakistan is known in the universe of touristry because of the Karakoram, cragged parts of the North, the Great Himalaya and the Hindukush who form the densest concentration of one of the universe ‘s highest extremums. Pakistan ‘s Kalam ( Swat vale ) is known as the Switzerland of Asia ( Fakhar, 2008 ) .The hunza and chitral vales in Pakistan were the place to a little Pre-Islamic animist Kalasha community who claim descent from the ground forces of Alexander the Great ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . The historical and archeological sites of the Gandhara and Indus Valley civilisations, Taxila, the Mughal Empire and Mohenjo-Daro are the illustrations of oldest civilisations in Pakistan ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . This multicultural nature of the state besides contributes to the touristry industry in the manner that it offers assorted traditions, imposts and festivals for the tourers to research and bask ( Fakhar, 2008 ) .[ 2 ]Tourism in PakistanA has been stated by theA Lonely PlanetA magazine as being the touristry industry ‘s “ following large thing ” ( Wikipedia, 2012 ) .A Pakistan ‘s touristry industry was in its flower during the 1970s when the state received unprecedented sums of foreign tourers, thanks to the Hippie Trail ( Wikipedia, 2012 ) . The chief finishs of pick for these tourers were theA Khyber Pass, Swat, Peshawar, A Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi ( Wikipedia, 2012 ) . In 2009, The World Economic Forum ‘s Travel & A ; Tourism Competitiveness Report ranked Pakistan as one of the top 25 % tourer finishs for its World Heritage sites runing from Rhizophora mangles in the South, to Mohenjo-DaroA and Harappa of the 5,000-year-old metropoliss of theA Indus Valley Civilization ( Wikipedia, 2012 ) .

One twelvemonth after theA 2005 Kashmir temblor i.e. October 2006, A British Newspaper The GuardianA released a piece of information what it described as “ The top five tourer sites in Pakistan ” in order to assist the state ‘s touristry industry ( Wikipedia, 2012 ) .A The five sites includedA Lahore, Taxila, Karimabad, The Karakoram Highway, A andA Lake Saiful Muluk. In order to advance Pakistan ‘s unique and assorted cultural heritage, Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz launched the “ Visit Pakistan ” selling run in 2007 ( Wikipedia, 2012 ) .A This run involved assorted events throughout the twelvemonth including carnivals and spiritual festivals, regional sporting events, assorted humanistic disciplines and trade shows, common people festivals and several gaps of historical museums ( Wikipedia, 2012 ) .[ 3 ]

Based on the above Information, It seems like Pakistan is a perfect topographic point to be visited by the tourers but still the tourers ‘ reaching is diminishing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours ( Fakhar, 2008 ) particularly if the timeframe from 2007 to 2011 is considered.


Assorted international and national think armored combat vehicles, renowned writers and bookmans have highlighted the chief causes of diminution in touristry of Pakistan over the old ages. Apparently, some of these causes are so sedate and deep rooted in nature that it might take the Government of Pakistan decennaries to extinguish them provided it carry out the procedure of riddance with extreme dedication, coordination among other sections, effectivity and efficiency. Due to adverse promotion in negative travel advisories, continued terrorist act international media and deteriorated province of jurisprudence and order in the state, the chances for resurgence of inward foreign touristry are really hapless in close hereafter. But still the range for growing in domestic touristry does be[ 4 ]. Lack of coordination among different authorities organic structures, hapless substructure, less attending paid on bettering the image of the state by national runs are merely some of the grounds for the diminution of the sector in the present old ages. Terrorism and deficiency of security has besides caused a terrible blow to Pakistan ‘s touristry industry and can be listed as the major ground for its hapless public presentation.[ 5 ]Harmonizing to the tourers the biggest job they are confronting while going is security issues which include the current insurgence in Pakistan ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . Even the domestic tourers do n’t experience like going in their ain state. Furthermore, the negative image of Pakistan portrayed by media to the outside universe ( Fakhar, 2008 ) . Lack of substructure ; uneffective promotional policies ; unequal tourer ‘s services and installations ; deficiency of inaugural by concerned authorities sections ; inadequate cognition and preparation of forces in touristry sector ; jurisprudence and order state of affairs particularly in the high tourer attractive force countries ; unequal substructure installations ; deficiency of inducements in the tourer sector ; failure to demo and project the positive image of the state via media to the outside universe ; low allotment of one-year tourer budget ; deficiency of development and installations in the mountain parts ; deficiency of understanding to the tourer needs ; the passing and alteration of authoritiess and disposal within the state ( army regulation ) ; high rising prices rate are the key points which have wholly made touristry an unsuccessful industry in Pakistan ( Fakhar, 2008 )[ 6 ]. There was 0.8 per centum and 3 per centum diminution in the figure of foreign and domestic tourers, severally ( Correspondent, 2012, March 27 ) . Official information revealed that the Taxila Museum was visted by 2,434 foreign tourers with assorted other archaeological sites particularly Sirkap and Dharmarajika Stupa located in the vale as compared to 2010 when it was recorded 2,474 ( Correspondent, 2012, March 27 ) . 87,173 domestic tourers visited the sites last twelvemonth every bit compared to 92,660 in 2010 ( Correspondent, 2012, March 27 ) .[ 7 ]

How far terrorist act affected touristry?

The manner terrorist act, whether international or national, doubtless eroded the economic system of Pakistan has besides plagued the touristry of the state with the same gravitation and notoriousness. The states or parts that depend to a great extent on touristry have been found to endure important economic losingss due to the continuity of terrorist act ( Ali, 2011 ) . Gilgit-Baltistan and the NWFP are of import finishs in Pakistan and people populating at that place depend on touristry ( Ali, 2011 ) . For illustration, Swat was an of import tourer finish in Pakistan which attracted people from across the universe non merely to its natural beauty but besides to see its rich civilisation and history. Swat supports all kinds of touristry, i.e. , religious touristry, culture/heritage touristry, eco-tourism, adventure touristry, athleticss and commercial touristry[ 8 ]. There are over 855 hotels, which include 405 eating houses, in the vale and around 40,000 people are straight and indirectly associated with these hotels ( Ali, 2011 ) .A A But they have largely remained closed during the past three old ages due to combativeness and the subsequent military operation ( Ali, 2011 ) . Harmonizing to authorities ‘s ain estimations, the hotel industry in Swat vale suffered a loss of Rs. 60 billion from 2007 to 2009 ( Ali, 2011 ) .A A The workers associated with the hotel industry besides lost their occupations due to the on-going incidents of terrorist act. Furthermore, the conveyance industry faced a terrible blow and both the national and international conveyance services either closed down or decreased their services from Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore ( Ali, 2011 ) . Therefore, the hotel association offered a really inexpensive bundle of 10-day free stay in hotels in the vale Swat get downing with the New Year 2010 ( Ali, 2011 ) . Consequently, in the fiscal twelvemonth 2008-2009, the overall existent GDP growing fell to 2 per centum[ 9 ]( Ali, 2011 ) . Pakistan ranked 113 out of 130 states in 2009 as a tourer finish. The low ranking properties to incidents of terrorist act and the deficiency of a touristry regulative model in Pakistan ( Ali, 2011 ) .A A Beginnings said that many motels in the state ‘s edgy Northwest were closed down as tourers were banned from those countries and the staff had migrated to other metropoliss for work[ 10 ]( Ali, 2011 ) .According to Travel & A ; Tourism Competitiveness Report 2011[ 11 ], Out of 139 states, Pakistan has farther dropped to the 125 grade as a tourer finish.

The Role of Ministry Of Tourism, PTDC, TDCP and other Tourism Development Organisations of Pakistan

Government intercession may be necessary to heighten the part of touristry to socio-economic development and poorness decrease. Of all authoritiess ‘ chief functions, one is to put policy and legislative models for touristry. The grounds why authoritiess should explicate touristry development scheme are foremost the tourer industry has many negative outwardnesss, peculiarly negative environmental and societal impacts that need to be regulated and managed at national or local degrees. Second, touristry can offer significant chances for local economic development, which can augment the positive effects of touristry on local socio-economic development and poorness decrease. the Planning Commission of India has already identified touristry as one of the major vehicles for bring forthing employment and advancing sustainable supports ( UNESCAP, 2007, pp. 84-85 ) .[ 12 ]A 2007 UNESCAP study highlighted the importance and operation of public sector in the development of a state ‘s touristry. As touristry moves up the national docket, the sections of authorities covering with touristry may necessitate to be upgraded and strengthened. To accomplish sustainable direction of touristry, touristry ministry staff needs networking, support of co-workers and coordination and in other ministries and in a scope of sub national disposals. Such demands emerge because the disposal and administration of touristry takes topographic points in vicinities where tourers and host communities interact, while inducements and ordinances aare applied within a model laid down at the national degree. The touristry ministries have to be alert to the impact of institutional atomization on the administration of touristry. Major determinations about direction of cultural and natural assets, planning, labour ordinances, environmental impact appraisals, revenue enhancement policy and fiscal inducements are frequently the duty of other ministries, where at that place might non be equal consciousness about the impact on touristry programs and policies. The maps of touristry ministries should travel beyond selling and publicity, modulating touristry concerns and include wider audience and coordination. For illustration, the air conveyance has changed well in recent old ages due in portion to policy enterprises, such as adding a significant figure of new paths, deregulating of air services and leting operations by low-priced bearers ; all of which would take to increase the figure of tourers. Since the economic benefits of touristry are now explicitly evaluated in air power policy in states such as Singapore, touristry ministries have to see the deductions for touristry programs, schemes and policies. Tourism ministries can supply the authorities and its bureaus with systematic and a good quality informations, peculiarly about the effects of different types of touristry on local socio-economic development. The proviso of such informations can assist to confirm the part of touristry and convince policy shapers ( UNESCAP, 2007, p. 85 ) .[ 13 ]In 2010, the Punjab Resource Management Program with coaction of A.F Ferguson & A ; Co. prepared a recommendations study to reform the TDCP ( Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab ) . The above mentioned adviser house aided in developing touristry theoretical accounts for assorted developed and developing states including Thailand, India, Malaysia, USA, Switzerland and Australia. In all the instances, it was concluded that the public sector of any state is the chief drive force for the touristry industry. As mentioned in this study, the maps and responsibilities of Ministry of Tourism were as follows:

Development & A ; Promotion of Tourism in Pakistan.

Constitution of Pakistan National Tourism Council.

Constitution and promotion of tourers centres in Pakistan and abroad.

Development of touristry information centres for the service and counsel of domestic and foreign tourers in Pakistan.

Constitution of tourer installations in tourer potency countries where private sector is loath to put.

Regulation and Control of tourer industries and associated service.

Constitution of International organisations and understandings associating to touristry.

Controling Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation.

Promoting Facilitation of travel in Pakistan for tourers.

Development of Tourism and Hotel preparation institutes.

Promoting preparation and research in touristry in Pakistan and abroad.[ 14 ]( A.F Ferguson & A ; Co. 2010 )

However the Ministry has been abolished on June 30th,2011 after the 18th amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan guaranting transportation of touristry ministries to the states. A.F Ferguson & A ; Co. recognized the importance of TDCP in running the touristry industry of Pakistan. The advisers proposed the undermentioned functions and maps of TDCP which the organisation should follow:

Promoting the touristry activities and industry in the state

Performing the planning and development of touristry sites

Offering one window service to ease the tourers

Offering aid to the Tourism and Resort Development Department

Facilitating the organisation and publicity of touristry events and activities

Making an environment which ensures capacity edifice in touristry industry

Encouraging and easing public-private partnerships.[ 15 ]( A.F Ferguson & A ; Co. 2010 )

As per an analysis of touristry direction of Pakistan, the declared aims of PTDC are as follows:

To set up and develop touristry substructure on an all Pakistan footing

To move as an instrument on behalf of the Federal Government for the production of tourer literature and promotion for touristry both in footings of domestic and international.

To move as a accelerator to promote the private sector to play an active function in touristry development.

To set about tour operations and ease land managing installations for group Tourss.

PTDC has an administrative construction which is responsible to command and run all its engagement in the touristry sector. These are:

Planing and Development Wing/Engineering Department ; undertakes designation and execution of undertakings concerned with touristry substructure such as diversion units, motels, resorts etc.

Promotion and Promotion/Marketing Department ; undertakes the production and publication of tourer literature in foreign and domestic tourer markets.

PTDC Motels Ltd ; carry out the direction of all cordial reception units operated by PTDC in assorted tourer finishs in Pakistan.

Pakistan Tours Ltd ; facilitates land handling and conveyance installations for international and domestic tourer groups and besides acts as an inbound circuit operator.[ 16 ]( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009 )

The provincial authoritiess of other states have non adequately realized the importance of touristry for which the federal authorities is partly responsible. Equally far as merely the realisation is concerned, after measuring the public presentation of TDCP and recognizing the fact that most of the tourer assets are situated in legal power of NWFP or Khyber Pakhtunkhwaa ( KPK ) , The provincial authorities of KPK established Sarhad Tourism Corporation ( STC ) in 1991. The purposes and aims of STC are as follows:

To actuate the private sector to step frontward and back up touristry development in the signifier of tour operations and adjustment installations at potentially attractive parts ;

Provide long-run, leases to private sector for development of belongingss through

Joint ventures with STC ;

Serve as a spring board for fruitful interaction between the private sector and Government, PTDC for proper development of touristry industry ;

Cooperate with private sector in developing, distributing and sale of quality information and promotion stuffs.[ 17 ]( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009 )

The 2007 UNESCAP study besides suggested ways how authoritiess can steer the advancement of touristry of a state. Real advancement can be facilitated by utilizing a broad scope of instruments. Many of these have been identified by the World Tourism Organization and the United Nations Environment Programme and are categorized into measuring instruments which include sustainability indexs and monitoring ; designation of bounds, bid and control instruments which include statute law, ordinance, regulations and licensing ; land usage planning and development control, voluntary instruments ( guidelines and codifications of behavior, coverage and auditing, and voluntary enfranchisement ) , back uping instruments ( substructure proviso and direction, capacity-building, and selling and information services ) and economic instruments ( pricing, charges and revenue enhancement ; belongings rights and trading ; fiscal inducements ; and voluntary parts ) . The right mix of policies and instruments will change depending on the state of affairs, aims and authorities constructions ( UNESCAP, 2007, p.84 ) .[ 18 ]

The analysis on touristry direction sheds visible radiation on the fact that over the old ages, the Ministry of Tourism remained unsuccessful in deriving the regard or assurance of the private sector. Nevertheless, the ministry was non to the full empowered to manage the jobs faced by tourers since most of the related duties were assigned to other ministries/divisions, therefore the focal point on the job work outing lacked wholly. Furthermore, deficiency of support had serious deductions ( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009 ) sing the effectual direction of the touristry sector ( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009 ) . The Ministry of touristry ne’er proved itself to be a beginning of effectual and meaningful informations, hence no comprehensive study on touristry on its recognition ( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009 ) . Equally far as PTDC is concerned, serious jobs associating to recruitment, preparation, direction manner and fundss are prevailing. The ministry is non to the full responsible for enrolling the forces. All the staff is non hired straight by the ministry

Therefore a job of double direction persists as half of the employees ( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009 ) hired by the ministry are Renaissance mans whereas half of them hired straight by PTDC get unequal experience. As a consequence, internal cooperation and coordination deficiencies among sections therefore describing process is besides affected. The forces hired, either by PTDC or Ministry of Tourism are non good trained and sufficiently qualified. Ironically over the old ages a major ball of funding received from authorities ( Baloch, 2007 ) has been spent in disposal and staff costs. However, sing the preparation of forces in the touristry industry, the Government of Pakistan back in December 1960 established a preparation institute which was ab initio a cooking school known as Pakistan Institute of Tourism & A ; Hotel Management ( PITHM ) . A 2009 HEC Analysis stated “ the chief map and activity of the Institute is to leave cognition by developing manpower for the Travel and Tourism Industry and Hospitality in Pakistan. This is done by seminars, workshops, regular classs and on the occupation preparation etc. It cooperates with PIA ‘s preparation centre in Karachi and provides classs for the Pakistan Navy. Furthermore, it offers consultancy services when and where required ” ( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009 ) .[ 19 ]The analysis besides remarked on the status and the public presentation of this establishment:

“ Since its foundation the Institute has been located in rented edifices, which could non provide for the demands of a professional instruction institute. Hence this has been a major restraint on its effectivity and its ability to develop pupils to the criterions indicated in its purposes and aims. Recently the institute has moved to a freshly ill-constructed edifice missing legion of import installations and equipment and has yet to decide many jobs to enable it to supply better preparation and installations and environment for pupils and staff.

For the last decennary, the establishment has had no official Director and the current Acting Director has unequal direction or preparation accomplishments and is non compatible with the demands of the cordial reception industry. The bing staff is de-motivated and unqualified as teachers are entrenched in out-of-date course of studies and learning methods. Resultantly, the image of the school throughout the industry is really negative, chiefly due to miss of cognition as to the industry needs and what the school can supply.

The incapableness of the school is further compounded by authorities controls and establishment employment graduated tables where it is non possible to pull national or international qualified trainers at suited private sector degrees.[ 20 ]“ ( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009 )

In June 2011, The National Assembly of Pakistan passed the 18th amendment harmonizing to which the Ministry of Tourism was devolved into the states. In response to this development UNESCO published a study to analyze the post-devolution state of affairs in the civilization and touristry sector of Pakistan. Harmonizing to the findings of this study, a figure of stakeholders remarked that civilization policies are an instrument for the publicity of creativeness and must therefore recognize and incorporate heritage, tradition, trades, classical and the acting humanistic disciplines. The bulk of stakeholders both from the populace and private sector supported degeneration as they felt it would give authorization to the provincial individualities and pride and ownership at grass root degree, which was the chief intent of the 18th amendment. The other side of the coin reflects the critical point of position on devolutionary procedure attributed to the 18th amendment. The stakeholders who hold the peculiar point of position besides include those in the Senate Standing Committee on Tourism and Culture. Critiques of the devolutionary procedure, including those in the Senate Standing Committee on Tourism and Culture, every bit good as those emerging from stakeholder audiences pointed out that the states will non be able to harmonise a cohesive cultural heritage ; alternatively this will take to its atomization, and increase divisiveness within the state. Similarly some senior authorities representatives in Islamabad besides did non back up degeneration, indicating out that the states lack capacity, resources and financess to wholly pull off cultural sections. Degeneration was feared to non do inter-provincial inharmoniousness, but do communicating with cardinal givers more hard, and cause holds in procuring proficient aid. It was therefore argued that the Ministry of Culture should stay the focal point and co-ordinate with the states.[ 21 ]

The Role of Private Sector

The touristry sector investings in the state are dominated by private sector with the function of public sector chiefly as a facilitator. About the full eating house, hotel, travel bureau and circuit operator concern is in the private sector. Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation ( PTDC ) is besides runing a limited figure of hotels and wayside installations in countries where the private sector has been loath. The Department of Tourist Services ( DTS ) is responsible for keeping the criterion and classification of hotel industry. A 2012 study by Planing Commission of Pakistan remarked on the touristry development of Pakistan. The Ministry of Tourism looks after the full populace sector intercessions including preparation of policies and supervising the legal and regulative model.[ 22 ]The hotel and conveyance concern is in the custodies of the private sector, which has non contributed much to run intoing the development costs. However the Planning Commission of Pakistan has envisaged to beef up and modulate the private sector establishments runing in the hotel direction and preparation sector in the 2011-2014 MTDF ( Medium Term Development Framework ) period. The hotel direction and preparation institutes in the state are non presenting the coveted consequences due to miss of direction, ordinance and teaching staff. Similarly, the host of private sector establishments supplying fining and travel classs are non regulated which consequences in variable criterions in the sector. As against the one-year preparation demands of the touristry industry of about 3000 skilled staff, the entire end product of the bing preparation institutes is merely approximately 500. ( Planing Commission, 2012 )

The Hotel Industry of Pakistan

Ali, et al. , ( 2012 ) highlighted the importance of cordial reception industry in South Asia and the current province of cordial reception industry in Pakistan:

The Hotel industry is among the top three components of the universe economic system after oil and car and is turning faster than the crude oil and weaponries. It ‘s larger than agribusiness in the U.S.A, car industry in Japan and banking in Switzerland. Developing economic systems of South Asia are in rapid theodolite towards going service economic systems and hence fight of cordial reception industry is emerging as a important factor act uponing the overall fight of a state, and Pakistan is no exclusion to this, where the portion of services is increasing. It is unfortunate that alternatively of turning with international tendency, the cordial reception industry in Pakistan, compared to other states is far behind in the gross generated services. It ‘s the lone industry that earns foreign exchange without exporting anything. The cordial reception industry is seemingly booming but the world negates the fact and reveals the other side of the narrative. The onslaughts in the capital metropolis of Pakistan on Marriot hotel and on TajMahal India earnestly damage the cordial reception industry in South Asiatic Countries. However in August 2008, hotel occupancy rates fell in Pakistani Hotels. The economic crisis is non confined to the Pakistan merely but it is a planetary issue whose future impact might perchance distribute to the hotel industry in the signifier of reduced tourer activity from abroad.[ 23 ]( Ali, et al. , 2012 )

Apart from these factors, lesser handiness of skilled forces for the cordial reception industry is a job related to the internal environment of this industry. Particular countries where the private sector can further local socio-economic development are in enrolling and developing local people, determining local substructure development to include benefits for the hapless and securing goods and services locally ( UNESCAP, 2007, p.95 ) .[ 24 ]Stressing on the importance of human resource in hotel industry, Ali, et al. , ( 2012 ) stated that “ sufficient human resource for cordial reception industry is hard to happen due to unawareness sing cordial reception industry in Pakistan. The deficiency of consciousness creates societal position jobs among people and this is because of deficiency of pupil guidance. The pupils are non given equal instruction and information about the hotel industry. They are nescient of cognition about the sections of cordial reception industry. Poor cognition about the institutes offering cordial reception industry related classs had besides kept them off from booming field of cordial reception. The calling in hotel industry had non been attractive to them due to miss of proper system to actuate people towards the cordial reception industry ( Ali, et al. , 2012 ) ”[ 25 ]. Foregrounding the jobs in human resource direction in the hotel industry of Pakistan, Ali, et al. , ( 2012 ) argued that “ farther jobs arise when the arrangement of human resource in the cordial reception industry occurs. The industry itself does non hold agreements to confer with for trained staff. There are no records sing handiness of occupations. The database has non been maintained for the pool of fresh every bit good as trained staff already working in the industry. Knowledge of industrial demands is considered to be nil as compared to hotel industry of other states of the universe. No apprehension of organisational behaviour is established. Youth deficiency cognition about entrepreneurial constructs and the industry committedness of occupations for certified professionals had non been seen yet ” ( Ali, et al. , 2012 ) .[ 26 ]

The hotel industry of Pakistan needs to concentrate on some key issues which help in bettering the cardinal determiners of client satisfaction. Abbassi et Al. ( 2010 ) suggested that “ the hotels should understand the demands of the client and provide gracious services expeditiously in providing such demands. Employees at forepart desk are the cardinal forces who form the feeling of the hotel. Hence their visual aspect demands to be tidy. They should endeavor to supply each client a individualized touch so that their committedness with their several hotel is enduring. Customers usually prefer hotels which have quality offerings, wide merchandise lines at sensible monetary values and convenient location. Hence directors should hold acute focal point at these factors ” ( Abbassi et al. , 2010 ) .[ 27 ]

Public-Private Sector Partnership

The 2009 HEC Analysis on Tourism direction in Pakistan shed visible radiation on the range of public-private partnership in touristry sector of Pakistan: The current tendency in about all parts of the universe is towards public-private sector partnerships with the authorities supplying the legal and regulative model and the private sector/ NTO ‘s managing, administrating and marketing the touristry export merchandise. Such attack is needed in Pakistan for speedy and focussed growing of its touristry ( Pakistan Research Repository, 2009, p.182 ) . Baloch ( 2007 ) argued that neither public sector nor private sector is passing to better the infra construction base to heighten capacity and capableness to pull, keep, prolong and delight the international reachings every bit good as domestic 1s. There is a desperate demand to affect public and private stakeholders in program, form and implement touristry programs for pull offing finishs.[ 28 ]There is no denying the fact that the function of authorities in touristry development has ne’er been a forcing one. Management has to recognize that the handiness of quality merchandises, originality of the environments, doing of tourer friendly environment through well-coordinated private- public sector attempts and a stable socio- political state of affairs, are indispensable requirements for touristry development. ( Baloch, 2007, p.iv )

The low precedence given to the sector has resulted in the authorities paying small attending to it in existent footings over the last many decennaries, which has drifted apart the populace and private sectors ( Baloch, 2007 ) . This has been chiefly due to the deficiency of support given by authorities in helping the touristry private sector ( Baloch, 2007 ) with any signifier of direction, organisational or policy construction that could let the fast moving industry to come on. There is no uncertainty that the authorities touristry determination shapers have, over the old ages, been doing determinations based on out-of-date statistical information and miscalculated research findings coupled with deceptive premise ( Baloch, 2007 ) . There is no deserving showing research study, no merchandise oriented study conducted during the last 5-6 old ages. As a consequence touristry has been severely assessed and managed ( Baloch, 2007 ) over the last many old ages. This has led to a gradual diminution in relationship between the public and private sectors ( Baloch, 2007 )[ 29 ]. The current Ministry is responsible for the preparation of policy, the development, selling and publicity of both foreign and domestic touristry and the coordination and ordinance of federal and provincial authoritiess and private sector activities involved in touristry ( Baloch, 2007 ) . The Tourism wing of the Ministry is over burden as it besides controls five field organisations, responsible for the development of the touristry industry: Department of Tourism Services, PTDC, ‘Malam Jabba Ski Resort ‘ ( Swat ) ( Baloch, 2007 ) , ‘Pakistan Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management ‘ ( Baloch, 2007 ) and ‘Pakistan-Austria Institute of Hotel and Tourism Management ‘ ( Baloch, 2007 ) . The Northern Areas have small local touristry promotional disposal ( Baloch, 2007 ) . This remains the duty of the federal Ministries concerned and the private sector ( Baloch, 2007 ) . The Tourism wing in the Ministry is responsible for the coordination of touristry activities in Northern Areas including mountaineering expeditions ( Baloch, 2007 ) . There are two chief private sector organic structures for touristry in Pakistan: Pakistan Hotels Association, and Travel Agents Association of Pakistan ( Baloch, 2007 ) . Management demands to recognize that the handiness of quality merchandises, originality of the environments, doing of tourer friendly environment through good coordinated private- public sector attempts and a stable sociopolitical state of affairs, are indispensable requirements for touristry development ( Baloch, 2007 ) .[ 30 ]


After analyzing the literature reappraisal and background information on touristry of Pakistan, I extracted the likely causes of diminution in touristry of Pakistan which are perceived by the assorted national and international think armored combat vehicles, renowned bookmans and writers who have written on touristry in general and touristry of Pakistan. As per them, the 10s likely causes of diminution in touristry of Pakistan are as follows:

Poor substructure ( i.e. roads, conveyance, boarding/lodging for tourer resorts )

Mismanagement and coordination slowdown in public sector administrations ( PTDC, TDCP & A ; Ministry of touristry )

Law and order situation/Terrorism

Ill trained HR in Public/Private Sector

Inadequate allotment of authorities budget to the touristry sector

Double-digit rising prices rate in the state

Inadequate tourer ‘s services and installations

Failure to project the soft image of the state through media to the universe

Ineffective Tourism Promotional schemes

Coordination slowdown and misgiving between public and private sectors

To an extent, all these issues are prevailing in the state and invariably blighting the touristry industry of Pakistan. However the significance of each issue is non known yet. Therefore the gravitation and significance of these issues are needed to be gauged in order to happen out the existent causes of diminution in touristry of Pakistan.

Hence the research inquiry would be:

Which of the stated issues are the existent causes of diminution in touristry of Pakistan?


The general intent of this survey is to find the existent causes of diminution in touristry of Pakistan. In specifying the range and the countries this survey covers, following are the specific research aims:

To obtain the evaluation and ranking of assorted issues which are considered to be the likely causes of diminution in touristry

To analyze and look into the function of Government of Pakistan ( Ministry of Tourism, PTDC, TDCP ) in running the touristry industry

To find how far the public sector of Pakistan is responsible for the ruin of touristry.

To find how far the private sector of Pakistan has its function to play in the diminution of touristry.


Forms of informations used

In order to efficaciously accomplish the research objectives, a combination of both primary and secondary information has been used in order to roll up rich information which can be so analyzed to make a feasible decision. Both quantitative and qualitative informations are used to enrich so that the gathered information is in-depth, unstructured, specific and dependable

Exploratory research for secondary informations

Before carry oning the existent research procedure, cognizing that a more strict, more conclusive hereafter survey can non get down with an unequal apprehension of the nature of the job, explorative research was considered as a utile preliminary measure. Much, but non all, of the informations obtained was of qualitative nature. This included obtaining background information and strict literature reappraisal of assorted secondary beginnings as referenced.

Why conducted exploratory research?

With the aid of explorative research, the assorted dimensions of the job were diagnosed. It helped me put precedences for research and guided the undertaking to be on mark.

Why used secondary informations to carry on explorative research?

“ Nowhere in scientific discipline do we get down from abrasion ” . The citation emphasizes on the importance of secondary informations. Obtaining secondary informations is either less expensive or free ( in most instances of on-line information ) . Given the clip restraints and the nature of the job, it was imperative that information gathered or recorded earlier by some experts should be used to edify oneself better with the job.

Beginnings of Secondary informations

The beginnings can be loosely categorized into the followers:


Government Beginnings

Regional Publications

Media Beginnings

Commercial Beginnings[ 31 ]

Periodicals: Information in relevant articles was used from utile diaries like “ Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business ” , “ European Journal of Scientific Research ” , and “ Journal of Managerial Sciences ”

Government Beginnings: Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation ( UNESCO ) , Planing Commission. Some utile statistics were taken from Economic Survey of Pakistan 2011-2012

Regional Publications: In add-on to national stuff issued by the Government of Pakistan, regional information is besides published by provincial authorities. Studies done by Punjab Resource Management Program on Tourism are taken into history. Relevant publications by United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific are utilized every bit good.

Media Beginnings: Articles from National Newspaper Dawn and extracts of background information on Tourism of Pakistan are taken from Wikipedia.

Commercial Sources Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad ; some statistics are taken from Travel & A ; Tourism Competitiveness Report, World Economic Forum.

The informations collected from above mentioned beginnings for research has been written, produced and published/distributed within the timeframe of January 2007 and September 2012

Methods for roll uping primary informations

Primary informations is the information gathered and assembled specifically for a peculiar research undertaking. Given the nature of the research job and attempts to suitably develop the statement, multiple methods of research were used such as:

Questionnaire Survey Research

Personal interview

Focus Group Interview

Questionnaire Survey Research

A questionnaire study requires inquiring people who are called respondents i.e. those who provide replies to written inquiries in the questionnaire.[ 32 ]

Why conducted a questionnaire study research?

Mentioning to the first research aim, I needed a method through which the importance of assorted issues can be quantified. Nevertheless, with the aid of questionnaire study, valuable sentiments recorded through inquiries on the function of public sector and private sector in touristry ‘s ruin were besides quantified. Given the respondents ‘ busy work agenda, I personally distributed questionnaires at their workplaces. Geting the responses online wo n’t hold been a feasible option as it was non possible for me to reach each respondent via electronic mail or telephone given the research undertaking ‘s clip restraints. Hence, the questionnaire study proved to be a speedy, cheap and accurate agencies of measuring information.

Questionnaire Design

The questionnaire is structured with a sum of 10 inquiries. There is 1 open-ended inquiry, 8 fixed-alternative inquiries ( largely simple-dichotomy inquiries ) and 1 likert graduated table which consists of checklist inquiries.


Sample is a subset, or some portion of the mark population considered for carry oning the study.

Target Population

The particular, complete group relevant to the research undertaking is forces working in the populace sector administrations commanding the touristry of Pakistan and in the private sector i.e. the hotel industry of Pakistan.

Sampling Frame

The elements from which the sample is drawn are the forces belonging to the populace sector comprise the senior direction of Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab ( TDCP ) at Garden Town Lahore Office whereas the private sector forces comprise the senior direction of Pearl Continental ( Personal computer ) Hotel at Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam Lahore.

Sampling technique

Given the budget and clip restraints and sing the research objectives, I opted for a non-probability sampling known as quota sampling. This is because the responses are collected from two occupational classs, viz. public sector and the private sector of Pakistan. Through this, each occupational class is included proportionally in the sample.

Sample Size

The chosen sample size is kept at 30 as it is considered an appropriate size representative of the mark population given the clip restraints. As per the quota sampling, 15 of the questionnaires are used to roll up responses from the direction of TDCP while the other 15 of the questionnaires are used for the direction of Personal computer hotels.[ 33 ]

Personal Interview

An interview with Director Gross saless & A ; Marketing Avari Hotel Lahore was considered utile to be recorded.

Why conducted a personal interview?

This research technique allows for speedy feedback by the respondent. It gives an chance to the interviewer to follow up by examining on ill-defined replies. The demand for a personal interview arose because the information collected through study covered the function of private sector on a wide graduated table. With the aid of interview, more focussed, uncovering and adept information sing the hotel industry of Pakistan and the challenges it is confronting became gettable.

Focus Group Interview

This is so a popular research technique with the aid of which a research worker can obtain a great trade of information from a little group of respondents in a short span of clip. The focal point group interview I conducted consisted of 4 respondents who are professionals working in a private circuit runing company based in Lahore named ‘Adventure Express ‘ .

Why conducted a focal point group interview?

Undoubtedly a focal point group interview is comparatively brief, easy to put to death, rapidly analysed and cheap. The intent was to record and analyze the domestic tourers ‘ sentiment on causes of diminution in touristry of Pakistan. Since circuit runing companies deal with tourers on regular footing, they can break interpret and show the tourers ‘ sentiment sing the challenges and elaboratenesss environing the Pakistan ‘s touristry industry.[ 34 ]

Holistically, it can be justified that the combination of 3 research techniques allowed the aggregation of rich information sing all survey countries and research aims from more than one dimension.

Presentation of Datas

Stacked graphs, tabular arraies, pie charts and saloon charts are designed in order to show the collected informations in a reader-friendly manner so that the procedure of pulling decisions becomes easy.


Every signifier of research activity has its restrictions and restraints. The undertaking covers the ruin of domestic every bit good as international touristry in Pakistan. All the field research has been conducted within Lahore metropolis non beyond. The respondents of questionnaires and concentrate groups and Director Gross saless in Avari hotel were contacted in Lahore. The questionnaire respondents ( i.e. Gross saless and Marketing staff ) from Pearl Continental Hotel work in Pearl Continental Hotel Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam Lahore. Similarly the questionnaire respondents ( i.e. Senior Management ) from Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab ( TDCP ) work in TDCP Garden Town Lahore Office. Furthermore the focal point group participants belong to a private circuit runing company based in Lahore named ‘Adventure Express ‘ . Since this research undertaking is fundamentally an analysis of an industry i.e. Tourism industry of Pakistan, hence no industry-specific wise man was at that place to steer me throughout the class of finishing the research undertaking.

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