In Praise of the F Word Short Summary

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In Mary Sherry’s essay. “In Praise of the F Word. ” the writer encourages all parents and instructors to utilize failure as a signifier of encouragement. Sherry would wish for them to utilize it as a manner to actuate pupils to make better and want more when it comes to their instruction. What Sherry believes in is that the menace of flunking is a “positive instruction tool”.

Mary Sherry in congratulations of the F word uses a assortment of illustrations to back up her claim. The author’s chief beginning of grounds used to back up her claim was personal experience. Sherry portions with us her son’s senior twelvemonth high school experience. He was non seting in the necessary attempt needed in category and his English instructor. Mrs. Stifter was non willing to digest it. She so said to Sherry that she would fail her boy. Without holding seen this type of attack before Sherry was flustered. Not one time earlier had her boy been threatened by a instructor like that. but she managed to hold with her attack in the terminal. Her boy realizing he would neglect and non graduate. made English category a precedence and passed with an A class.

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One of the many dark pupils that Sherry Teachs said. “I was a good child and didn’t cause any problem. so they merely passed me along even though I didn’t read good and couldn’t write. ” this illustration shows that alternatively of the instructor utilizing a method that gives her the power she needs. pupils do as they please without much attempt. Sherry’s boy was the type to acquire away with many things until now faced with the fright of failure.

The greatest strength in Mary Sherry’s statement is the engagement of her dark clip pupils. I believe the things some of them had to state about their personal instruction experiences helped me to the full understand and support Sherry’s claim. I have besides personally heard people question their grounds for having their high school sheepskin. I have heard people say they ne’er received a passing class on an assignment but had a great relationship with the teacher. so they passed the class.

The things that some of the pupils stated and experienced were illustrations of what I saw in my high school. I enjoyed the manner the essay flowed. non a thing seemed to be indiscriminately inserted and was easy plenty to construe. Lastly. I liked the manner Mary Sherry included her personal experience with her boy. it was a manner of showing that state of affairss where pupils are accustomed to merely sailing by are go oning everyplace.

The greatest failing in the statement is the deficiency of a possible outside beginning. I would hold liked to see Numberss or a survey conducted to see how many pupils have experienced state of affairss where they didn’t have to make much to gain their sheepskin. I besides think it would hold been great to include other teachers’ positions on this topic and if whether or non they think it is a good thought to praise the F word. I think research could hold made the essay a batch more dependable and persuade the readers even more.

Overall. Mary Sherry presents her audience with a compelling and convincing statement. I believe she did an first-class occupation on carrying readers to hold to this signifier of learning to assist better instruction by saying that. “students don’t put school foremost unless they perceive something is at interest in the terminal. They‘d instead be sailing” ( Sherry 566 ) . Sherry did a good occupation on reiterating the demand for holding a fright of failure and holding the menace of failing as a positive signifier of learning for pupils in a manner to seek and convert her readers.

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