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In Ian Frazier’s In Praise of Margins, he argues that engaging in fringy or marginal activities is important. Frazier rejects the negative connotation that marginal has been given as it implies that these activities have no purpose. However, he believes that even activities that start with no clear intent can hold deeper significance in the end. Frazier cites various activities such as playing basketball, exploring the forests, and going on vacation to emphasize the importance of taking a step back from busy life and engaging in aimless activities. He argues that going on vacation or traveling can be a fringy activity, but it is valuable to many people as it allows them to be free-spirited and unwind. Frazier suggests that traveling can put a person’s mind in a euphoric state, making them feel reborn and new. In conclusion, Frazier believes that engaging in marginal activities is essential as it provides a break from the hustle and bustle of life and allows people to relax and rejuvenate.

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In Ian Frazier’s “In Praise of Margins” . Frazier emphasizes the importance of prosecuting in “marginal” activities. He does non like the negative intension that the word “marginal” has been given. It’s negative intension comes from the idea that it describes things that have close to. or no intent. All activities start out as holding no intent to them ever end up holding a deeper significance to them in the terminal. Activities such as going. playing hoops. and researching the forests in “In Praise of Margins” may be fringy. but they are of import in life. I believe people need some clip to take a measure off from their busy life and extenuate their head making an aimless. fringy activity. entirely for that alleviating intent.

Traveling is arguably a fringy activity. but many can hold that it is valuable to others. Traveling may hold no clear intent. but many people enjoy it for that ground and travel on holidaies merely for the fact that they can take their head off things for a piece. Vacationing and going are good because it gives people the opportunity to be unworried and free-spirited. Some say that going set his or her head in a euphoric province because being in new topographic points makes him or her feel reborn and new. A utopia is community or society with perfect qualities. and many feel that the metropolis that they travel to is a utopia because they can non happen any bad qualities about it. This makes a individual feel laid back and comfy. doing anyone a calmer. less aggressive individual. This “marginal” activity does non look so useless when put like this. Traveling is an of import portion of many peoples’ lives. even if it does non hold a concrete intent towards it.

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