Indicators of Sensory Loss in Newborns and Early Childhood Essay



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Indicators of Sensory Loss in Newborns and Early Childhood
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* Dislike or avoidance of close contact of others
* Startles easily
* Short attention span for the child’s age
* Frequent daydreaming
* Turns or tilts head to use one eye or closing one eye
* Appearance of a squint or cross eyes
* Dislike of bright light
* Placing face close to books, pictures etc.
* Bumping into furniture, people etc.
* Lack of spacial awareness
* Excessive blinking or rubbing of eyes
* Re-occurring eye infections from being touched
* Losing place while reading or writing
* Using finger or marker to guide eyes
* Difficulty remembering what is read
* Difficulty remembering, identifying and reproducing shapes and pictures * Poor eye-hand coordination
* Loss of balance
* Constant touching to check where things are or the opposite unwilling to reach out and touch things like they are nervous to touch things * Lack of or slow reaction to facial expressions i.e. not mimicking smiles


* “Is not startled by loud noises
* Does not turn towards the source of a sound while under four months old * Does not say single words by the time they are one year old * Notices you when they see you but not when you call their name * Hears some sounds but not others” NHS UK. 10/6/2013. Signs of hearing loss. Available at:
(Accessed 29/10/13). * Turns up the volume on the TV or stereo

* Asks for speech to be repeated
* Appears to have poor attention span
* Re-occurring ear infections
* Frequent day dreaming
* Doesn’t mimic sounds.


* May sleep a lot
* Don’t move their arms and legs much whilst as babies
* They make very little or no eye contact with people
* Don’t tend to make sounds, grasp objects, sit, pulls himself up to standing and walk by the time expected * They don’t reach out and move towards things they appear to be turning their head towards * They don’t react to loud noises, voices or sounds

* They often rock backwards and forwards, bang their heads or poke their eyes * They often don’t like being touched by people or things
* No single word speech by the time expected
* Bang into objects if starting to become mobile
* Appearance of eyes may be different to other children their age

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