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Autism Detection in Early Childhood

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Abstract/illumination and Literature Review This paper discusses on the most effective and valid screening tool for Autism Spectrum Disorder (SAD) on Early Childhood. Screening Is attested as the first crucial step for Identifying the children at risk of the disorder and In need of assessment and Intervention. The mall aim of screening Is to Improve children developmental results In language, cognitive behavior, Social life and brain or motor enhancement. Screening is said to have two levels I. . Level 1 and Level 2 tools: with level one tools seed considered brief and used to find children at risk in a general population and level two instruments being complex and administered to children with development concerns.

The instruments presented and comparison made on the most effective to adopt. The main focus here is the Autism Detection on Early Childhood (DECADE) as a level 2 screening tool and how valid and effective it is in identifying Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Autism Detection in Early Childhood
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For analysis, the paper presents a research on Autism Detection on Early Childhood (DECADE) is administered to a well sampled population.

This is an extensive LOL for measure that combines existing measures and research to identify and operational behaviors that are said to be core-connected to the disorder. The hypothesis In this study Is clearly outlined that DECADE as the best level two screening tool promising valid and reliable data for Autism Disorder.

In support of this hypothesis, the author argues that DECADE is time-efficient, easy to administer even for people with little knowledge in Autism Disorder. Basically, what the author tries to convey in this article is the elaboration of the identified hypothesis by even going rather to cement with research data how DECADE is reliable. In the first paragraph, a comparison of level one versus level two screening instruments is presented clearly outlining how they contribute to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This article brings diversity in the study of psychology, shifting people naive focus that psychology as concerned with development and emerging Issues in the child’s development. It broadens knowledge by discussing on the various solutions and research that has been done In this field to help solve any adverse Issues such as Autism Disorder that ay arise In course of Child’s development cycle. The author has extensively alluded to earlier literatures contributions to this subject.

According to most cited literatures by author, Aides reliability is concluded as adequate. For instance, this paper presents a conclusive finding of a research conducted by American Psychiatric Association, 2000 indicating a high internal consistency of presented results. These shows the potentially of DECADE as a efficient screening tool for infants with Autism Disorder. Author of this study is predominantly diversifying knowledge on what other previous researchers have found out. Minimally, this article identifies contrasting contribution to the aim of study.

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Autism Detection in Early Childhood. (2018, Feb 02). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/autism-detection-in-early-childhood/

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