Information Architecture Impact On Healthcare Computer Science

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Nowadays health care is indispensable for all people to be healthy and bulk of people search the information sing the health care from the web sites. The health care websites can back up the people to acquire the cognition and information sing the health care. The ground why people find the health care information from the web sites is they can be available all healthcare information easy and rapidly by virtuousness of the web sites. To warrant the serviceability issues, is referenced and my surveies on this paper is the impact of information architecture-what are user demands, what cognitive model are needed, how users interact with the system and how interface of the site should be designed to allow with mental theoretical account.

Literature Review

Information Architecture ( IA ) is the accomplishment of description a theoretical account or construct of information used in actions that need to definite the inside informations of the complex systems. Rosenfeld describes the IA make-up as the linking of three chief constituents: users ( who they are, what their information seeking behaviours and demands are ) , content ( formats, metadata, construction ) and context ( civilization, resources restraints ) .

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As a affair of fact, the of import function of information architecture is usability because bulk of people search the information from the web sites as a utile beginning. So, the serviceability is going the important success facet of the web sites. Serviceability of the system can supply the users to make their specified ends with effectivity, efficiency and satisfaction. To accomplish the serviceability in the web, we need to cognize and see about the user mental/ cognitive facets ( abstract ) that includes attending ( construction of information and utilizing colourss ) and memory ( short-run memory, long-run memory and iconic memory including centripetal stores-visual and auditory ) . Good information architecture depends on the necessary basis for an information system that can supply the sense to users. To accomplish the well-design interaction of the web site, we need to construction the effectivity and simple pilotage design, content classification and seeking system.

The health care sphere is chosen for my survey as chief concentrating beginning and is studied for understanding the serviceability of information architecture. This paper is represented to cognize about that how the users and system interact to acquire the coveted information and how healthcare website navigates the interaction design by sing the health care web site ( ) .

Related Surveies based on Healthcare Website ( )

The health care web site ( ) is chosen for my survey to accomplish the clear apprehension of serviceability of information architecture because it is based on the health care services and the users can acquire the great satisfaction due to the serviceability of the site. Harmonizing to my premise, this health care web site is justified depending on the serviceability.

Figure1: Home Page

Concentrating on Users

In this web site, the chief users are people who want to cognize about the health care information, patients who are non endure the disease earnestly, patient household, nurses, physicians and medical pupils.

1.2. Users & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ mental/cognitive facets

1.2.1. Attention

There is the flash file in the top-left and right panel of the place page to give the users about the new health care information, new disease symptoms, and bar in this web site. Font, page layout and colour are really comfy for users.

1.2.2. Memory

In this web site, diseases, interventions, addendums, drugs and symptoms are categorized harmonizing to the alphabetic so this classification can supply to better the users & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ short term memory. For users & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ long term memory, there is hunt system in the top of the health care web site can do users remember their memory. In add-on, in the health care web site, there are pictures and images as for the users & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ iconic memory.

1.3. Interaction Design

1.3.1. Navigation System

There is the planetary pilotage, local pilotage and contextual pilotage but no web pilotage in this health care web site. The planetary pilotage in this web site is the top of the site and it indicates the users that where they are in the web site and how they can travel someplace else for illustration: place, wellness A to Z, healthy life, look into your symptoms, find physician and so on. The local pilotage is a type of pilotage where picks guide to subtopic of the chief bill of fare subject for case: featured, household wellness, healthy life style and life with etc. There is besides contextual pilotage in this site such as chest malignant neoplastic disease consciousness, usher to better slumber, healthy sex, bosom wellness and eyes and vision jobs. Furthermore, this healthcare web site provides the breadcrumb pilotage that shows the way users go through the site and the topographic point where the users reach now in the site for example- place: healthy life: featured healthy life content.

Global Navigation

Local Navigation

Breadcrumb Navigation

Contextual Navigation

Figure2: Healthy Living Page

1.3.2. Classification

There is good classification in this site based on the health care information for illustration diseases, symptoms, interventions and so on.

1.3.4. Search

This healthcare web site provides the hunt system for users to seek the information easy and rapidly. The hunt system is provided in two places of the site. The hunt system of the site is instead clear so users can easy to utilize and easy to larn how to seek the coveted information. The site provides the hunt interface by box every bit good as sub-search rubrics is located under the box.

1.4. Suggestion on Improvement

Although the design of the site is truly well-structured, some things are needed in this web site. The web pilotage is non available in this site. In fact, there should be web pilotage for users because sometimes users want to cognize about infirmaries and the services of infirmary. If there is web pilotage, users can seek this all information by associating with other sites. There is no left panel in this site every bit good as all information is located in the place page of this site that can do the users confuse to seek information. The planetary pilotage of this site is consistent and so clear every bit good as classification is comfy and easy to utilize for users. The font size and colour used in this site is convenient for all users.


This paper is concluded that the site should care to turn up the information in the site and there should be left panel in the place page. Harmonizing to my related survey of based on the serviceability issues, the planetary pilotage of site is consistent and it can back up the users to be comfy and to make their desire end. Furthermore, the classification of the site is so clear and convenient for all users to seek the health care information. The chief dissatisfaction of this site is that the place page is so complex and bunch with content every bit good as place page is so long and users need to utilize scroll saloon to read all content of the site that can do the users be disappointed. My suggestion for development is that they need to more stress on the serviceability of the site based on the information architecture.

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