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Inclusive /excluded practice



Words: 385 (2 pages)

Brief Account that describes examples of inclusive practiceI work in a Residential home for people with disabilities. In my everyday work I always work inclusive practice. Some examples of this are.Discussing menus with the six residents in the bungalow where I work, every resident gets a choice of one meal for the week. If they…

Hearing Impairment


Nervous System


Words: 1817 (8 pages)

According to Rena Lewis and Donald Doorlag, authors of Teaching Special Students in General Education Classrooms, a hearing impairment is a disability characterized by a decrease in ability to hear (pg 425). A child with a hearing impairment has trouble hearing sounds in the range of normal human speech. There area three basic types of…

The Ideas of the Classical Theorists



Max Weber



United Kingdom

Words: 2222 (9 pages)

This essay will discuss the relevance of the ideas of classical theorists in today’s work and organisations. I will evaluate why these ideas gained popularity when they were published by looking at the influences that classical theorists were surrounded by at the time of their development. I will then focus on bureaucracy and scientific theories,…

Accommodating a Disability: Adults with Learning Disabilities



Words: 3082 (13 pages)

Whether we graduate from highschool or college we all hope to find a challenging career that will propel us forward in today’s society. For those suffering from dyslexia this only adds to the frustration and fears associated with seeking employment. Many adults with dyslexia or other forms of learning disabilities never disclose their disability in…

Advocacy Interview and Summary



Words: 832 (4 pages)

One chooses to work in the helping professional because of a passion that one has. Helping others is not also an easy task. At times one is advocating for one stance or many. The best role to play when advocating is the neutral role. However, conflicts can arise when advocating. Determining what is the best…

Defining Disability and Societies Stereotypes



Words: 1647 (7 pages)

Defining Disability and Societies Stereotypes Society is always searching for a way to define or generalize what constitutes being disabled. Some would say disability is nothing out of the normal and that one’s who are disabled are still on a level playing field with abled persons. In contrast though, some argue that being disabled is…

Nancy Mairs: Cripple


Words: 587 (3 pages)

It is easy to look at an individual with a physical or mental disability and subconsciously devalue his or her existence. To express sympathy, society believes that it can justify its behavior by classifying these individuals with euphemisms such as “differently abled”. Nancy Mairs, however, is proud to be called a “cripple” as she demonstrates…

Learning Disability Chart


Learning Disability

Words: 2510 (11 pages)

Learning Disabilities are defined as a neurologic condition that creates difficulties in acquiring knowledge in a level of skill of someone of the same age is expected to gain (The free dictionary online 2013) Types Causes Examples Teaching Strategies Placements Dyslexia is based on the language aspect of learning. A person that has this will…

Explore models of disability


Words: 973 (4 pages)

The medical model: is presented as viewing disability as a problem of the person, directly caused by disease, trauma, or other health condition which therefore requires sustained medical care provided in the form of individual treatment by professionals. In the medical model, management of the disability is aimed at a “cure,” or the individual’s adjustment…

CTU Memo Assignment


Sexual Harassment

Social Issues

Words: 1305 (6 pages)

It has recently surfaced that we are dealing with some rather serious Sexual Harassment allegations within and of our company. It is unfortunately that there was not an existing policy directive or information previous to these allegations this may have prevented or mitigated the liability of the company. These allegation are very strictly covered by…

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