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Tequila is a liquor made from the blue agave plant and has a rich history that dates back to pre-Hispanic times when the natives fermented sap from local maguey plants. It was later developed by Spanish conquistadores to become the Mescal wine, which was renamed Tequila after its place of origin in Tequila Calico Mexico. The production of Tequila is a lengthy process that involves harvesting the agave plants, extracting the agave juice, and fermenting and distilling it to produce Tequila Blanco, Reposado, Anejo, and Extra Anejo. Tequila can be enjoyed in different ways, including the tequila shooter, the traditional Mexican way of drinking the bandera, and sipping it slowly and meticulously in a snifter. Overall, Tequila is more than just a drink that gets you drunk, and it has a rich history and different ways of enjoying it.

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Second, how its produced. C. Lastly, different ways to drink it. (Transition: Let’s begin with the history of tequila. ) Body I. Tequila is a liquor made from the blue agave plant. It all started with the indigenous people and later influenced by Spanish conquistadores. A. As explained in the 2013 article TEQUILA! , the history of tequila dates back to the Pre-Hispanic times when the natives fermented sap from the local manage plants. The result was a drink called plaque. B.

A few decades later, after the conquest that brought the Spaniards to the new world, the conquistadores began experimenting with agave and developed the Mescal wine. C. According to the Los Cabot Magazine editorial, Tequila – A Bit of History, Mescal wine was often referred to as mescal brandy or agave wine and was finally known as tequila after being named after the town Of origin Tequila, Calico, Mexico. (Transition: Now that you know a little bit more, lets learn how it’s made. ) II.

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The production of tequila is a very lengthy process, as said by Rudolf Action author of How Tequila is Made. A. The process begins by the harvesting the of the agave plants, which take 7-10 years to ripe. The men who harvest the agave, commodores, use a special knife called coax trim the leaves from the APIPA (core of the agave). . After harvesting, the pias are cut up into pieces and cooked in ovens to transform their complex starches into agave juice with simple sugars. They extract the agave juice by shredding or smashing the cooked picas. . The extracted agave juice is then fermented for several days, resulting in a worth called most. D. The worth is then distilled twice. Once to produce ordinary, and a second time to produce tequila blanch. E. Finally the tequila is ready to be bottled or aged in oak barrels. Tequila that is not aged is bottled as tequila blanch, tequila aged 2-12 months s bottled as reposed, tequila aged 1-3 years is bottled as shake, and tequila aged over 3 years is bottled as extra aego. (Transition: Now to the fun part-?ways to drink! ) II.

Most people discover tequila through margaritas, but there are different ways to enjoy it. In the New York Times article Deeper Into Mexico With Mescal, the author Florence Fabricate shows us different ways tequila is enjoyed. A. The most common ways is the tequila shooter, which is a shot of tequila accompanied with salt and lemon. B. The traditional Mexican way is the bandier. The drink is served in three shot glasses, one filled with tequila, another filled with sangria (orange juice, tomato juice, and spicy chili), and another with lime juice.

Each glass represents the colors of the Mexican flag. C. The more sophisticated way of drinking tequila is sipping. It is done in a snifter; this method of drinking allows you to enjoy tequila slowly and meticulously. Conclusion I. As we learned, there is more to tequila than just getting you drunk. II. I hope I managed to teach you more about it’s history, tell you how its produced, and show you different ways of enjoying it. Ill. Next time life gives you lemons, just grab tequila and salt.

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