Informative Speech Outline: Cancer Essay

Credibility and Relational Connection: I’ve became interested in learning the acts about cancer because Thursday, November 1 5, 201 2 1 lost my Papaw to cancer and a few months later my Mamma was also diagnosed with this uncaring killer. IV. Orientation Phase: What is Cancer? The simplified medical definition is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. V. Impact of the Topic and Speech: You may think this can never happen to you, but in Kentucky alone in 201 2, 25,1 60 people were diagnosed with cancer.

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Informative Speech Outline: Cancer
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VI. Preview: I’m going to tell you what cancer is, ways to prevent cancer growth, ND different types of cancer treatment. Transition: To start, will explain what cancer is. Body I. First main point as stated in preview in a complete sentence: What is Cancer? A. Supporting information for first main point in complete sentence: Cancer is a condition of uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells due to damage in the DNA Normal cells grow and divide to replace old or dead cells.

Cancer cells keep growing and dividing.

Cancer cells accumulate in one place. The accumulated cells form tumors. Tumors destroy body cells. B. Supporting information for the first main point in complete sentence There are two types of tumors. Malignant and Benign C. Supporting information for the first main point in complete sentence Cancers are classified by what part of the body it originates in. Example: If cancer starts in the prostate then move to another part of the body, it is classified as prostate cancer because that is where the cells originated.

Transition: Now, I will give you ways to prevent cancers from forming. II. Second main point as stated in preview in a complete sentence There are different ways a person can lower his/her risk of developing cancer. A. Supporting information for second main point in complete sentence Your lifestyle can affect your chance of developing cancer in the future. Drinking/ Smoking (1/3) Be active and maintain a healthy weight Eat healthy, avoid fat foods (animal products) and eat plant sources (113) Transition: Lastly, I will share the types of treatment for cancer.

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