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Internet Inventions

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Internet InventionsSeveral inventions have changed the way people communicate with each other.

From the old fashioned telegraph to today’s modern electronic forms ofcommunicating, people have beencreating easier ways to correspond. Electroniccommunication, such as e-mail and other internet offerings, have created acheap and incredibly fast communications system which is gaining steadypopularity.

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Internet Inventions
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E-mail is basically information, usually in letter form,addressed to adestination on the internet. The internet is aninternational web ofinterconnected networks–in essence,  anetwork of networks; these consist ofgovernment, education, and business networks.

Software on these networksbetween the source and destination networks “read” the addresses on packets andforward them toward their destinations. E-mail is a very fast and efficientway of sending information to any internet location. Once an e-mail is sent, itarrives at its destination almost instantly. This provides people with a wayto communicate with people anywhere in the world quickly without the costs ofother forms of communicating such as telephone calls or postage for letters.

The savings to be gained from e-mail were enough of an inducement for manybusinesses to invest heavily in equipment and network connections in the early1990s. The employees of a large corporation may send hundreds of thousands ofpieces of E-mail over the Internet every month, thereby cutting back on postaland telephone costs. It is not uncommon to find internet providers from twentyto thirty dollars a month for unlimited access to internet features. Manyonline services such as America Online and Prodigy offer e-mail software andinternet connections which work in an almost identical way, however, the costis more expensive.The World Wide Web (WWW) and USENET Newsgroups are amongother internet offeringswhich have changed the way people communicate with each other. The WWW can becompared to a electronic bulletin board where information consisting ofanything can be posted. One can create visual pages consisting of text andgraphics which become viewable to anyone with WWW access. Anything fromadvertisements to providing people with information and services can be foundon the WWW. File transfers between networks can also be accomplished on the WWWthough Gopher and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites. Newsgroups are verysimilar, but run in a different way. Newsgroups basically create a forum wherepeople can discuss a vast array of subjects. There are thousands of newsgroupsavailable. Once one finds a subject that interests them, they may post noteswhich are visible to anyone visiting that particular newsgroup, and others mayrespond to such notes. Again, this can be advertising, information, or, morecommonly, gossip.

Though the internet can be a convenient way of communication, it can becomeproblematic. Networks can shut down resulting in lost e-mail and WWW sites andnewsgroups to be down for an amount of time. Another problem is the addictingfactorassociated with most online services. One can become attached toan onlineservice as they are thrilled they can meet people al lover the world. Muchspare time can be used e-mailing and surfing the net creating a lack of realhuman interaction for such an individual. Though this may not be a big concernfor most people, it is considered more healthy to be active rather than sittingin front of a computer for hours a day. Also, the need for variety can causeone to subscribe to many providers with varying costs, creating large monthlybills.

Though the lack of human interaction may seem like aproblem, technology iscontinuing to create new ways to morefully interact with people on the internet.

New inventions suchas the I-Phone and miniature video cameras are furtherchangingthe way we communicate with each other. Now, with the I-Phone,one canactually talk with people over the internet with thetelephone without normallong distance calling charges. Also,with the new video cameras which can beconnected to the computer, people can actually see who they are talkingto,regardless of location. No longer are people confining themselves to a roomtyping information to one another; they’re interacting with more progression.

Electronic communication is proving to be the way of the future. The affordableand sufficient system of exchanginginformation is still gaining popularity andpeople, as well asbusinesses, utilizing its many services.

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