The Best and Worst Inventions Essay

Creative humankind invent abundance of objects that was thought to be of benefits of people. Some inventions are beneficial, some of them are also destructive. In my point of view, the greatest invention is the airplane. Airplanes make it possible for people to “fly” across the ocean and discover the other land on the earth. At the same time, we can have friends of different nationality. This transport reduces the time of travelling which makes our vacations more interesting and exchange of culture and technology possible for development of countries.

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The Best and Worst Inventions
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Another great creation is the mobile phone. Mobile phones not only let us contact anybody at anytime whenever we are, it can also become a pathway to spread news and advertisements. Moreover, due to competition of the mobile communication companies, the rate of calling and texting have been lowered until it is free sometimes. Thus, connecting people can be done conveniently without burden. After the cell phones, another brilliant invention of communication is the internet, or also called the World Wide Web.

It can share large amount of data fast and cheap, forming the borderless era. In other words, internet makes everything including learning, business, entertainment, news and government affairs as easy as just clicking or typing of our fingertips. Then, the most recent development of communication is the social network, Facebook. It has become the number one most frequently visited websites among all the billions of websites.

Due to its attractiveness, people are gathered and focused here. Therefore, sharing news and information at this website can be done even faster compared to posting information on a website that is not widely known. On the other hand, the creation of nuclear bombs and biological weapons are the worst ideas. Their presences are massive destruction, kill almost all the creatures even affecting the future generations. Its presence for war is unwise and has caused no good to the world.

Besides that, the formation of plastic bags and polystyrenes are also the same. They are non biodegradable objects that pollute the earth. Burning it at the incinerator also will form toxic gasses that are bad for health and the environment. The impacts of plastic bags are devastating, such as causing death of turtles and other marine animals that have mistakenly eaten them, creating more rubbish, using up more petroleum and air pollution.

In addition, the presence of drug abuse is also a bad development. Is has cause people addicted to it and not acting normal. The drugs include alcohol, barbiturates, heroin and cocaine. The use of these drugs may cause criminal penalty and possible physical, psychological, and social harm. Creative minds are precious and appreciated. Nevertheless, harmful inventions should be banned so that the society and environment are always in peace and harmony.

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