Introduction To Barium Swallow And Contrast Media Biology

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A inactive position of upper GI piece of land with contrast media is called Ba sup.Barium sup is a radiographic ( x-ray ) scrutiny of the upper GI piece of land spefically the throat ( back of the oral cavity and pharynx ) which includes the gorge ( hollow tubing of musculus widening from below the lingua to the tummy ) , and little bowel. It is besides a trial to find the cause of trouble in get downing, dysphagia, abdominal hurting and unaccountable weight loss. Barium swallow image must be exposed in AP ( anterior buttocks ) and sidelong position for better position and evaluation.Radiographic scrutiny of GI piece of land for visual image and distinction of soft tissue construction.

The contrast media that is used in this process is barium sulphate. Barium sulphate is a dry, white, chalky, metallic compound which will demo up on the x-ray image to assist see the abnormalcies or pathology in the upper GI piece of land and gives contrast between the soft tissue and enables the hollow construction to be seen in the image.

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Barium sulphate can non be absorbed in the organic structure because it is H2O in-soluble compound. It is besides cranky and unsafe outside the GI piece of land. In instance there is a perforated in the upper GI piece of land is suspected, contrast media I will be used alternatively of Ba sulfate.It is metallic pulverization that is assorted with H2O to do a midst, milkshake-like drink.When swallowed, a Ba drink coats the inside walls of the throat and gorge so that the get downing gesture, inside wall liner, and size and form of these variety meats is seeable on x-ray.this procedure shows difeferences that might non be seen on standard X raies and is used merely for diagnostic surveies of the GI piece of land.

Barium sup can be divided into individual contrast medium survey which consist merely barium solution and the other is dual contrast medium. In individual contrast medium, the Ba sulphate is used as wireless opaque stuff that appears white in coloring material in the radiogram. While in dual contrast medium, Ba solution and air is used to give better position and little lesion can easy be seen in the radiogram.

There are two ways of obtaining image for the Ba sup process which is cineradiography and fluoroscopy. Cineradiography records the dynamic positions of the upper GI piece of land with contrast media, it helps to analyze the status of gorge and the gastro-esophagus sphincter. In this process, uninterrupted dynamic x-ray image is exposed during the swallowing and the passage of the Ba solution in the tummy. Fluoroscopy is taken where the patient imbibe the contrast media, the picture camera is focus on the patient & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s unwritten and pharyngeal part during the sup and the image of the physiological reaction of swallowing is recorded on the picture.


  • Dysphagia is a status where the patient has the trouble is get downing
  • Oesophageal stenosis is a status where the oesophagus become narrow and cause troubles in get downing
  • Gastro oesophageal reflux is a chronic symptom where unnatural reflux of the tummy acid caused mucosal harm to the gorge.
  • Muscle upset ( guttural or oesophageal ) , such as dysphagia ( trouble in get downing ) or spasms ( pharyngeal or oesophageal ) .
  • Foreign organic structure such as big bolus, glass that is appear in the gorge.
  • Oesophageal varices ( hypertrophied venas )
  • Achalasia cardia is the upset of gorge that cause trouble in get downing
  • Hiatus hernia is where the tummy protrude through the stop into the thorax
  • Tumours of gorge is the unnatural growing of cell in the gorge
  • Oesophageal atresia is the uncomplete development of gorge
  • Oesophageal Webs are thin membranes located in the upper or in-between gorge
  • thorax and abdominal hurting or reflux
  • Structural jobs, such as diverticula, stenosiss, or polyps ( growings )

Patient attention

Before the process:

  • Radiographer has to do certain that the right sum and concentration of contrast media is administered to the patient.
  • Always inform consent to the patient and do certain that the patient understands
  • Make certain patient is non allergy to seafood ( patient who is allergy to seafood may besides allergy to the contrast media that being used )
  • Make certain all the equipment usage for the process is sterilized.
  • Use mask and manus baseball mitts.
  • Remove all artefacts to avoid repetition scrutinies
  • Make certain patient is good prepared ( fasting ) as the process required
  • Make certain the machine that will utilize is working

During the process:

  • The radiographers besides have to do certain the vena or arteria that is administered is right.
  • Always assist patient when is needed
  • Observe comdition of patient
  • Give proper direction and do certain the patient is understanding
  • Make sure there is no escape of electrical tubing or x-ray tubing
  • Give radiation protection to the patient
  • Give comfort to the patient

After the process:

  • direction patient where to roll up the study
  • for outpatient arrange for the following assignment
  • for in patient ask the nurse or staff to help the patient to guard.

Barium swallow process

Preparation of the process:

  • patients are advise to eat low-fiber diet for 2 or 3 yearss before the trial, avoid taking milk, rice or staff of life if possible, take more H2O as possible
  • fast for 10 hours, do non eat or imbibe anything including H2O before the scrutiny
  • make non smoke before the examanition
  • for diabetes mellitus patient requires particular direction and attention
  • inquire the patient to alter into infirmary gown
  • take all the artefacts such as bandeau, jewellery, belts, dental plates
  • inform consent to the patient and do certain the patient can understands, and subscribe the consent signifier
  • apply 28 yearss regulation foe female patient and inquire them whether they are pregnant or non.

During the process:

  • patient is place either supine or vertical depends on the patient & A ; acirc ;
  • strap patient firmly on the x beam tabular array, so x-ray scrutiny is taken to look into the abdominal, lungs and the bosom ( preliminary ) before the Ba sup scrutiny
  • patient is given 1 or 2 Ba solution and the patient is advised to imbibe the solution in several mouth full
  • X ray is taken once more as the Ba solution flows down the gorge into the tummy.
  • The x-ray tabular array is moved in many place and angle to obtain different position, as the patient move, the Ba coats inside the upper GI piece of land ( esophagus, tummy and little bowel )
  • The X ray will go on taking until the process is complete

After the process:

  • Assist patient out of the room
  • Ask patient drink tonss of H2O after the trial to take the Ba from the organic structure to maintain patient from constipated
  • Ask patient to alter back to their garb
  • Ask patien sketch normal diet and activities
  • Ask patient to devour high fibre repast to throw out the Ba form the organic structure

Hazard and side effects of Ba sup

The Ba sup is really a safe trial, but there is besides some complication. The complication of Ba sups are anaphylaxis and allergic reaction. Anaphylaxis which means allergic reaction which will do lifelessly anaphylactic daze, while allergic reaction is a status where the organic structure responds to a foreign organic structure and the immune system is triggered to protect against the foreign organic structure.

After a Ba swallow trial the patient besides will see irregularity if the patient do non devour much H2O for a few yearss, and need to take mild laxatives to extinguish difficult faecal stuffs. Patient will besides experience bloated after the trial and uncomfortableness for a few hours.

Besides, the Ba sup will besides do flushing or warm feeling, sickness or emesis, concern, altered gustatory sensation, coughing, dyspnoea, rapid pulsation, rapid respiration, if dyspnea occur, the exigency medicine must be used to handle the patient instantly. Severe get downing troubles like aspiration may happen excessively

Barium sup besides will do ictus which means the sudden muscular contraction and will do unconscious, musculuss cramp, joint and back pigment. Less common side effects are fever, prolonged spasm of the musculus or blood in the stool.

If perforated tummy or bowel is suspected, H2O I contrast media is used alternatively of Ba sulphate because it is easy absorbed if spillage into the gastro enteric piece of land occurs.

Problems that can be detected with Ba sup

Barium sup helps to visualise certain pathology of the upper gastro enteric piece of land, by distinguishing the soft tissue in the organic structure. Problems that can be detected with Ba sup are contracting or the annoyance of the gorge ( the muscular cylindrical tubing located between the dorsum of the tubing and connected to the tummy ) or the cardiac sphincter. This trial besides can observe upset of swallowing, suspension hernia which means an internal harm of the tummy that cause the tummy to stick out into the chest through the stop. Problems like abnormally enlarged venas and do internal hemorrhage in the gorge, ulcers, cancerous cell in the throat and gorge and tumour can besides be seen in the trial. Barium swallow trial detects polyps in the upper gastro enteric trial excessively. Polyps is a growing which is non cancerous but it possibly precancerous cell.


Barium sup is a radiographic scrutiny that uses the x-ray to run with. This trial is used to look into the upper GI piece of land in the patient & A ; acirc ;  organic structure such as gorge, tummy, oral cavity and portion of the little bowel. Barium sulphate is a contrast media that is used in this process to do this soft tissue organ to be seeable on the x-ray movie, Ba sulphate besides differentiate the soft tissue for visual image because the soft tissue construction is more hard to show than the bony construction.

Fluoroscopy is used during the Ba swallow trial. It is a dynamic skiagraphy machine that is used to analyze the traveling organic structure construction or unrecorded motion in the organic structure. Besides, the fluoroscopy machine besides can enter and play back once more. It is a uninterrupted x-ray beam that is penetrate into the patient & A ; acirc ;  organic structure to analyze the GI piece of land. In Ba swallow trial, the fluoroscopy gaining control the motion of the Ba that flows from the oral cavity, gorge and the tummy as the patient consume it.

There is some indicant of the patient that required to undergoes this Ba swallow process, such as, dysphagia, esophageal stenosis, esophageal shortening, foreign organic structure, achalasia, tumour of the gorge, suspension hernia and more. Problems that can be detected with the Ba swallow trial is contracting of the gorge, suspension hernia, abnormally expansion of vena, ulcer, cancerous cell in the gorge, polyps and more.

The hazard of the process are, flush and warm feeling of the organic structure, concern, allergic reaction, sickness, irregularity, muscular spasm may happen, if reaction of the side consequence prolonged or persist, as a radiographer must instantly inform the physician or radiotherapist. Emergency streetcar must be prepared all the clip, encase any exigency instance go on such as trouble in external respiration, cardiac apprehension, ictus or allergic reaction.

All the patient that undergoes this process must be provided with attention before, during and after the process. The patient besides has to be good prepared to forestall repetition scrutiny. As a radiographer, our occupation is to do certain the right patient undergoes the process, make certain the right Ba is used during the scrutiny, the right sum and concentration is used and do certain the right path is inserted during the process.


Barium clyster is a specialize scrutiny for big bowel that consists of rectum and colon. Before x-ray scrutiny, a liquid that known as Ba sulfate is inserted into the rectum.The liquid is a type of contrast.The contrast shows certain portion in the organic structure, that make the image became more clear.Barium flows up through all the organic structure with assistance of the certain instruments.When it fills up all the colon portion, it show the line form of the colon or bowel of the patient.Polyps, diverticular, ulcer, fistulous withers, cryps and alterations / abnormalcy can be detected.Mass ( likes tumour ) is the precedence because this scrutiny by and large used to name the colon malignant neoplastic disease.


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