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Is Multitasking Truly Helping Us?

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In today’s busy world, where everyone is striving to survive balancing between their work, leisure, and school, people tend to multitask to catch up with the ongoing actions around them. Technology has an essential role in that. It has became very usual in the morning to see a man driving to work, holding his cellphone by his shoulder, with only one hand while drinking coffee with the other. Is multitasking truly helping us? How does technology affect our behavior toward multitasking? In my view, multitasking is not the best method to complete tasks.

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Is Multitasking Truly Helping Us?
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Performing tasks by multitasking may seem very productive for many people. Many multitaskers claim that multitasking actually teaches them how to manage vacant time productively. In fact, they state that when they work on different tasks it keeps them alert, inspired, and creative as a result of the various tasks they work on. For example, you could send an email through your smartphone to your boss while waiting in line for your turn at the bank.

Therefore, multitasking could teach people how to manage time.

Although multitasking could have great advantages such these, others believe that multitasking has drawbacks too. People who discourage multitasking state that focusing on a certain task and putting full potential in one thing is going to produce an outstanding quality outcome while multitaskers are going to produce a poor quality outcome compared to it. People who discourage multitasking clarify that by stating that multitaskers work on too many tasks that cause lack of efficiency in work.

To prove, research has been done by the ministry of labor in Saudi Arabia show that the productivity of employees in a company dramatically increase if they dedicate their efforts on a certain task. Not to mention that multitasking actually induces stress. Technology truthfully makes people’s lives easier. In today’s world, multitaskers believe that technology should be used to avoid overwhelming situations. Everyone agrees that, alternately, overusing technology may cause bad affects. A phenomena spread among the entire world but mostly in South Korea, Online-gaming addiction has been defined as an infectous disease.

The Korean government established public computer addiction camp that treats addicted people. To sum up, the best way to complete your tasks is to focus on the most important and time-consuming tasks first. Short tasks can easily be completed and usually do not require intense concentration. This avoids wasting time going back and forth on different tasks. However, this is not an absolute rule, as there are several other factors that come to play. Factors such as work habits and work ethic should be considered, as well as the nature of the job as a whole.

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