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Nikkei will supply at lower than normal prices to JDK Sports a range of “Classic” earners such as the Nikkei Air Flight Classic if they buy in quantity. You must report to JDK Sports Marketing Department suitable methods of market research to find out the likely sales of such trainers. TASK – Please provide listed details of the exact requirements of the task – The bullet number here should inform the ref no below GRADING CRITERIA – Please detail exact criteria as found in the Specification EVIDENCE – Please detail the format evidence to be provided in 1.

You must produce a User Manual for the marketing department of JDK Sports explaining in a step-by-step guide the terminology and uses of different types of market research methods. Include: Primary research methods Secondary research; both internal and external sources. Explain qualitative and quantitative methods. Describe types of market research. Manual 2. In a report explain what marketing decisions JDK Sports have made based on market research. Explain the market research methods used. (web materials are referenced on Model. (PA) Explain how different market research methods have been used to make a marketing decision within a selected situation or business. Report 3. Plan research for the marketing situation described in the scenario. You will need to present using Powering your planning to JDK Sports marketing department. Define the issue you are addressing with your research Set objectives for your research Identify the stages of your research Choose and describe methods of data collection. Plan market research for a selected product/service using appropriate methods of data collection. Powering presentation slides. 4.

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Carry out the research you proposed in task 3. You will produce a report with the following: Choose a sample. Set the objectives for the survey. Design a questionnaire. You must include both primary and secondary research. (PA) Conduct primary and secondary research for a selected product/service making use of identifiable sampling techniques. Report and questionnaire 5. Present the results of your research. You must choose a method to present your findings such as: Diagrammatically Graphically In written form Diagrams could be Boston or Insofar matrices. Interpret findings from the research presenting them clearly in an appropriate format.

Evidence presented by learner choice 6. Write a report on how different market research methods are appropriate to assist different marketing situations. Use the report you produced for Task 2 on JDK Sports Use the report on Jeepers (web materials are referenced on Model) for further evidence on different market research methods in assisting different marketing situations. Ensure you include PEST or PESTLE. You must also use your own planning and choices made in Task 3. (MI) Continue your report for MI and explain why you have chosen the method of data collection for your market research on the trainers discussed in the scenario.

This must explain what you have done for PA in Task 3. (MM) Continue your report with an analysis four market research findings for PA in Task 5. Make conclusions on what you have found and recommend a marketing strategy. (MM) MI Explain with examples how different market research methods are appropriate to assist different marketing situations. Explain the reasons for choosing the particular method of data collection for a selected product/service. MM Analyses the research findings and make recommendations on how marketing strategies could be adapted or implemented. Report

You need to evaluate the market research for a selected organization. You can choose the case study of either JDK Sports or Jeepers (web materials are referenced on Model). You will extend the work you have produced already in previous Tasks. (D 1) Evaluate the findings from the market research you have undertaken. You will need to explain the strengths and weaknesses of the methods you have chosen and how they could be improved. Comparisons with the evaluation made for ODL should be included. (DO) Evaluate the market research method used by a selected organization. Evaluate the findings from the research undertaken.

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