The Fishing Kit from Fisher-Price: A Great Catch

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A beautiful sunny day, a little boy sitting on a dock in his yellow shirt and blue overalls, looking very pleased with the fish he has just caught. “les the reel thing. ” Says the 1988 Fisher-Price ad for their Fishing Kit and this young boy proves that it really is. Catching fish on a summer day is made easy for children of all ages. The fishing kit is a must have for kids who enjoy the outdoors and have a love for fishing.

The ad for the Fisher-Price fishing kit IS successful because of its appeal to ethos, pathos, and logos. The toy company, Fisher-Price shows credibility, simply through its name. Fisher-Price became started out in 1 930 and since then has become the most trusted brand in preschool toys. They are known for the high quality and durability of their products. (2014) Using the child to convey the message is smart because only children really know whether a toy is fun or not.

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Also, it comes with a whole tackle box making this to a legitimate fisherman’s tool. Fisher-Price is a well trusted brand that has pleased many parents and children. When looking at the pathos, or emotion, the ad iterates, we see an xcited child. This creates the feeling of happiness because we too are happy for him that he caught a fish. The ad also creates a longing to go fishing. Fishing can be a great bonding experience be?een a parent and child. It is also bright and sunny outside.

Warm sunny weather reminds the reader of summer and having fun doing outdoor activities. Parents can benefit from the intent of the toy to have kids play outside instead of being cooped up in the house all day. Logos, or reasoning and intellect, are supported within the text of the ad. It is suggested as a good purchase by emphasizing that the pole eally works, but also by including that it comes with safety caps for the hooks. A parent’s first responsibility when buying a toy is their child’s safety, so reassuring them satisfies this concern.

The fishing pole was designed with safety in mind, the fishing string feeds out of the end of the hollow pole, and the hook can be stored away in a protective cap at the end of the rod. The cap stores in the end of the rod handle when not in use. In addition, the rod snaps onto the lid of the tackle box providing easy storage. This way, everything is neatly together making it easier to travel to and from the lake and stay organized. The ad makes a strong sell to any child who loves fishing and any parent who wants to share that enjoyment with their child.

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