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In India 285 million people are remaining in the urban sector. With the high figure of population in the urban sector. The urban economic status is chiefly depends on the substructure, such as power, telecom and other factors which are of import for the people who are populating in the metropoliss for the smooth running of their lives. Now a yearss these trade goods are considered as the basic demands for the life. For these the fulfilment of the demands the authorities of India launched the JNNURM.

Government launched the JNNURM strategy in 3 rd December, 2005. It includes the 63 metropoliss in India. The chief aim of JNNURM is to better the quality of the substructure and the development. JNNURM is officially inaugurated by the premier curate Mr. manmohan Singh. The JNNURM is a undertaking of cardinal authorities.with this undertaking the cardinal authorities is traveling to assist the assorted 63 metropoliss which are developing urban metropoliss and where the substructure and services are needed. The cardinal authorities is traveling to fund remainder. 50,000 in association with the provinces and municipalities the entire cost of this undertaking are traveling to be the R. 1, 25,000 chromium in seven old ages.

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The JNNURM mission is divided into two sub-missions. The first mission is established for the urban substructure and administration which is run by the Ministry of Urban Development. This ministry manages the H2O supply, route web, conveyance, and re development of the old metropolis countries. The 2nd and another mission is established for the proviso of basic demands of urban hapless. The chief country of the work of this entry is to concentrate on the integrated development of the slums in the urban country. This sub-mission is organized and run by the subdivision called the Ministry of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation.

The chief aim of the JNNURM can be described as follows:

  1. To do urban metropoliss economically productive and efficient
  2. To better the economic and societal substructure of the metropoliss
  3. To supply the basic needs to the urban hapless people with the low-cost monetary values
  4. To beef up municipal authoritiess with their operation in conformity with the 74th fundamental law amendment act 1992, India.
  5. The aims of JNNURM should be met in conformity with the scheme which can be discussed in the item as follows:


Every metropolis which is entitled with the JNNURM policy should fix their development program which is besides can be known as CDP ( City Development Plan ) which will include the assorted plans for the development, bespeaking assorted policies which are in conformity with the development programs, metropolis development authorization is besides supposed to subject the indicating policies for the metropolis, and the expected fiscal demand for the policies.

PREPARING Undertaking:

The designation is done along the development program along with the assorted implementing schemes the urban local organic structures ( ULB ) will fix the elaborate undertaking studies which are known as the ( DPR ) . In dpr & A ; acirc ; sthe undertakings are managed a really elaborate manner. This study contains the life rhythm costs of that peculiar undertaking.


If the undertaking is immense in nature it requires a batch hard currency flow. Planning and financing the undertakings along with the public private partnership agreements.


Duration of the mission is for 7 old ages. The undertaking starts from the December 2005.with the beginning of 11th twelvemonth program the policy can do farther alterations appropriately.



Eligible metropoliss means the metropoliss which are developing in the nature the metropoliss have been selected by the standards that the metropoliss should hold elected organic structures in place


  1. Inner development in old metropolis countries
  2. Water supply and sanitation
  3. Sewage direction
  4. Improvement in drainage systems
  5. Improvement in urban transit
  6. Parking tonss along with palatopharyngoplasty ( public private partnership )
  7. Prevention of dirt eroding applicable in some instances
  8. It is further divided into 3 parts

A: Cities with 4 million + population ( census 2001 )


metropoliss with 1million but less than 4million

Degree centigrades:

selected metropoliss

These 63cities can be divided as follows:

A class:

Delhi, greater Mumbai, Ahmadabad bang lore Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad

B class:

Patna, Faridabad, Bhopal, Ludhiana, jaipur, Lucknow, Madurai, Nasik,

Pune, Cochin, Varanasi, Agra, Amritsar, Vishakhapatnam, vadodara, Surat,

Kanpur, Nagpur, Coimbatore, Meerut, Jabalpur, Jamshedpur, asansol,

Allahabad, Vijayawada, Rajkot, Dhanbad, Indore.

C class:

guwahati, itanagar, Jammu, Raipur, panji, shimla, Ranchi,

Thiruvananthpurum, imphala, shilling, aizwal, kohima, Bhubaneswar

Gangtok, agartala, dehradun, bodhgaya, Ujjain, puri, ajmer-pushkar,

Nainital, Mysore, Pondicherry, Chandigarh, Srinagar, Mathura, haridwar and



Development of slums

Improvement in supply of basic demands and services at low-cost monetary values

Provision of houses at low-cost monetary values

Environmental betterment of slums

So far the JNNURM invested the undermentioned bundles in the peculiar sector which can be described as follows:



Sum Cost

Water supply






Drainage/ storm H2O drainage



Solid waste



Roadss overpasss



Public conveyance system



Other urban conveyance



Urban reclamation



Development of heritage countries



Preservation of H2O organic structures






This is the sector wise investings made by JNNURM. As of 2009, Maharashtra is the province which got the highest figure of the undertakings approved under the policy. And among the metropoliss Bangalore had the highest figure of blessing undertakings.

Procedure OF THE JNNURM:

There are assorted stairss which are involved in the executing in the JNNURM undertakings. All undertakings are by and large mold out in the system in following stairss:


The metropoliss which are developing in nature and come under the JNNURM policy have to subject their development programs which are made by the metropolis development program ( CDP ) . The metropolis development program is in conformity with urban local organic structures. After that urban local organic structures send their undertakings.

Preparation OF THE DPR & A ; acirc ; S ( DETAILED PROJECT REPORT )

The following measure in the preparation of the JNNURM is to fix the elaborate undertaking study. The elaborate undertaking study is followed by the designation of the undertakings. These elaborate studies are of import because it should be matched with the aim and it should optimise the cost which is responsible for the life rhythm of the undertaking.


And after the designation and elaborate studies the assessment is made with the conformity. Then it is send to the CSMC which is known as Central Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee. Which is the chief authorization after the cardinal authorities? As the cardinal authorities is the chief authorization for the every undertaking under JNNURM. The CSMC is the 2nd of import authorization to take the determination sing the undertakings.

Support Entree:


The undertaking study sent to the CSMC ( CENTRAL SANCTIONING AND MONITRORING COMMITTEE ) . After analysing the each and every inside informations of the undertaking the governments gives a sanctionative missive and pay out the first installment the entire cost of the undertaking.

OTHER Procedure:

After this the commission is take stakeholder audience after that the vision papers is prepared the subsequent expense is done with that peculiar undertaking. With the altering state of affairss, there is a demand to do some alterations consequently in the undertaking program. After placing the job, the committee decides to plan and reform the action program. After this reformation is done with the program the expertness reforms the docket and the new docket of the undertaking program is sent for the farther dialogue to the ministry of authorization. The execution is done after the item treatment with the ministry of authorization. The reform docket includes the fiscal reforms, institutional reforms, legal and regulative reforms, community engagement and authorization. In this manner the JNNURM is mold out in the society.

Expectations from the JNNURM:

When authorities launched the JNNURM MISSION POLICY. The authorities is expected the public assistance of the society with an economic growing. Under the JNNURM the assorted strategies established for the growing of the substructure and public assistance of the urban hapless where it is expected that the basic demands of the urban hapless people is to be full filled

Effectiveness IN THE SYSTEM:

Resons behind the failure of the JNNURM MISSION in society.

In the JNNURM the chief focal point was kept on the large substructure undertakings due to the assorted large ticket undertakings in the urban substructure development sector and urban hapless constitution schemes the in-between category and upper in-between category paid the high sum of revenue enhancements to the authorities in assorted signifiers because this undertakings needs the immense sum of the investing and as the JNNURM is launched under the authorization of the cardinal authorities throughout the state. And the JNNURM was a united attempt of the cardinal authorities and the local urban governments. It became extremely impossible for the cardinal authorities complete the undertakings and because of this people paid the high revenue enhancements which are responsible the misdemeanor in the human rights. The JNNURM strategies becomes really cardinal pointed though the JNNURM was launched for the overall development of the society in the assorted sectors. Due to this attack of the authorities it became really narrow in the practical sense as it is seems to really big and immense on the paper work.

During the launch of the JNNURM a big sum of the financess are released by the cardinal government.it is noted that cardinal authorities released 55,000 chromiums R for the ministry of the urban development whereas the assorted metropoliss undertakings were waiting for the release of the financess and really of import for the overall development for the state

After the failure of the JNNURM in the assorted metropoliss which are included in the class A and class B the grounds and assorted studies were done by the experts with the aid of the cardinal authorities and urban local organic structures and so the ground behind the failure of JNNURM came into lime visible radiation. Actually these undertakings were non made by the urban local organic structures through the placing the basic demands of the people who are willing for the development but these undertakings are made with advisers and undertaking caputs and developers etc. the JNNURM undertakings were non related to the development of people because in be aftering procedure there were no concentration in the with people and with their indispensable demands like family degree H2O supply and other things which are of import for every human being as H2O is one of the basic demands.

Due to insufficient of financess many undertakings are still in uncomplete mode which are responsible for the immense figure of accidents in assorted cities.as discussed before the JNNURM becomes really cardinal in attack as it was merely finalising the large budgets undertakings it creates a really bad impact on the other factors which are every bit of import for the development. In the JNNURM policy power, telecom, wellness, instruction, pay employment coder and staff constituents, creative activity of the fresh employment chances. Though its creates the employment chance in many instances for illustration: during the JNNRUM people were employed on the assorted infrastructural sites for working but every bit shortly as the undertaking stops because of the deficient financess people once more faced the job of the unemployment in the society. In JNNURM there was no concentration on the wellness and the instruction plans. As the wellness and instruction is to be sing as a basic demands of the human needs in today & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s life.


Pune metropolis comes up with the lineation of the metropolis development program of rs.6, 643 chromium. These needed financess are come from the province authorities and cardinal authorities with the part of 70 % in entire infrastructural program. Peoples from the pune metropoliss stated that the undertaking is in complete nature which are responsible for the incommodiousness of the people and which finally consequences into the dissatisfaction of the citizens. With undertakings of transit and route development citizens are still confronting the job of traffic and excavation roads. It is besides observed that undertakings approved under JNNURM are for the really specific intent and they are much unplanned in the nature.


  1. From above the treatment we come to cognize that though the JNNURM is introduced in the wellbeing of the society it is non mold out efficaciously in the society. The undertaking is to be done with the engagement of the people but the canonic programs are made with the some program developers because of this the basic demands are ne’er consider in the JNNURM.
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