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The Nehru Planetarium in New Delhi is situated in the green milieus of the Teen Murti House. earlier the official abode of India’s first Prime Minister. Jawaharlal Nehru and now a museum in his memory. Conscious of the fact that an apprehension of the spirit and method of scientific discipline was important for kids to go responsible citizens. Nehru liked every chance to be provided to them in this enterprise. In 1964. the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund was set up to advance his thoughts and subsequently it set about to construct the Nehru Planetarium with its primary purpose being the publicity of astronomy instruction. Nehru Planetarium is now a wing of the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.

The Planetarium has been invariably improvizing and introducing programmes for its visitants. The strength of the planetarium lies in its unrecorded interactions and plans for visitants. pupils and recreational uranologists. The Planetarium is ever active with plans for school and college pupils and for recreational uranologists. Through out the twelvemonth. there are a figure of workshops or detecting activities. There are besides Astronomy Quiz and Art competitions in the months of February and August. The planetarium substructure and projection equipment has really late been upgraded with the upgradation procedure being undertaken as a bend cardinal undertaking by the National Council of Science Museums. Kolkata.

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The regular programmes of the Planetarium include public shows at 11:30 AM ( English ) . 1:30 PM ( Hindi ) . 3:00 PM ( English ) and 4:00 PM ( Hindi ) . The subjects included in these programmes are continuously updated. At present. the plan – Chandra A leading Life is available for public screening at the planetarium. Watch out for plans on Light Pollution and Multiwavelength Astronomy. which are the planned new plans in the close hereafter. WINTER CARNIVAL

The Annual Winter Carnival was held on Sunday. the 19th December. The campus of the school. on this cheerily warm winter’s twenty-four hours pulsated with lively music and enthusiastic crowds. The exciting gala of stables included a figure of game stables. There were besides a rich assortment savory nutrient points being offered. In add-on. there were stables selling colorful cloth stuff. eye-popping jewelry. attractive school bags. high-tech electronic tees. interesting educational books and stationary points etc. The stall put up by the Art Department of the school. showcasing the artistic & A ; originative abilities of pupils through a assortment of pictures and other eco-friendly merchandises. was so a crowd-puller. At the same clip. the Interact Club stall concentrating on AID Awareness tried to sensitise people towards the issue by forming a posting doing competition concentrating on the subject ‘Do something & A ; do a difference to forestall AIDS & A ; HIV’ . The Club besides handed over ‘functional jean garments’ collected from staff and pupils to Denim Club of India. an NGO working with HIV affected people.

The galore of activities besides included a Baby Show sponsored by Olemessa Oils. the tuneful Antakshri organized by the PTA and the exciting ‘Bingo’ by the School’s Alumni. In add-on. the mind-bending music by Sigma. the school set and the tuneful public presentations by the school choir mesmerized the audience. The professional dance company. ‘Rudra’ headed by Mr. Amit Haldar. with their public presentations in the popular ‘Hip Hop’ and ‘Contemporary’ manners of dancing. enthralled the audience. A assortment of drives – the elephantine wheel and the Columbus etc. kept the visitants spirits surging high. There were fantastic gifts to be won in the Raffle every bit good On the juncture. Mr. L. R. Channa. Vice President. CES and Chairman BBPS. Pitampura along with the Principal. Mr. L. V. Sehgal released the Souvenir 2010. Principals of different subdivisions of Bal Bharati Public School excessively graced the juncture. A DAY WITHOUT MACHINEs

Since the beginning of civilisation adult male has been doing things for his usage. like tools etc. As the civilisation progressed. man’s attempt besides increased to do assorted appliances. How of all time. the velocity of doing assorted appliances got increased

The fastest in 20 century in European states. The present clip are fundamentally the times of machines. Everything from a bantam needle to extremely progress infinite engineering is done through numberless and complex machinery. It wouldn’t be out of topographic point to advert that life today is zero if machines i. e. appliances are taken out of it for a minute.

Ironically. modern appliances have made us slaves to machines. From making kitchen to higher 1s in industrial units all depends on machines. This all has made the modern adult male a slave to these appliances. Consequently. human wellness has deteriorated to a larger extent. All know that physical labour is really necessary for good wellness. Perspiration due to physical wellness helps a batch to keep the human organic structure absolutely tuned. But the dependance on assorted appliances have increased assorted diseases. The new coevals is turning physically weak and suffers strong diseases unheard of in the yesteryear. By the way the more we become dependent on machine. the weaker we become. Our sires used to walk stat mis and stat mis but today we need a vehicle to cover a few 100 metres.

Therefore facet of human life has made adult male to the full prone to moral the impairment. Therefore. today adult male has become a machine – emotionless and devoid of clemency. commiseration. peace etcModern Appliances have made us slaves to machinesModern appliances have made us complete slaves to machines. There is no work which can non be done without the aid of machines. There is non a individual country of human activity where machines don’t have to be used. No 1 can deny the fact that appliances have non merely simplified our lives but besides made them more comfy and epicurean.

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