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Jealousy: Interpersonal Relationship and Successful Student

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Jealousy Is Fearsome A famous English philosopher named Francis Bacon said that “jealousy is the devil that always secretly and quietly destroys the good things on the earth. ” By that he meant that the jealousy is a negative and we get it harmful emotion which result from shame, anger, and resentment. In the book Tuesday with Morrie, Morrie, who was a professor from Brandeis University, was told that love and forgiveness can make people engage in a strong relationship. On the other hand, jealousy leads to anger, betrayal, and envy which destroys relationships established between friends.

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Jealousy: Interpersonal Relationship and Successful Student
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Also, jealousy could create mistrust and hatred between people which dramatically impedes a normal relationship and interpersonal relationship. If a person is jealous, it can damage a relationship with his surroundings and emerge into a lonely stage of his life. (too many ideas get to one point ) In the path of life, humans often encounter jealousy from people around them. (weak claim) One way to be jealous is to envy others.

From example, a classmate who got a higher score than everyone else in the class, we are encouraged to learn from the hard work of that particular student.

However, there are always people who finds the successful student irritating because he is better than the rest. Such emotion causes jealousy of the other’s success. In order to comfort their poor performance, envious students will try to segregate successful student. Because they think if they can not do better, the rest of should be like them. I experienced such nasty feeling in high school, I had two classmates who were great friends of mine. One of them was Jack, and the other was Jaime. We often hung out together to play.

Jaime did well in school and he was surrounded by group of people because of his good scores. Jack, who often failed his tests, was jealous and angry when he saw his best friend being praised by others. As the result of his jealousy, Jack left the classroom and spread rumors that Jaime must have cheated on the test because they spent days together and Jaime could not have had time to study for the test. However, the other students did not care what jack have said. Ever since, I have never seen Jack talked to Jaime anymore. How could Jack say such harmful things about Jaime?

Because of his jealousy, he resents his best friend Jaime and accuses him for cheating on the test. Morrie says that due to stubbornness people commit horrible mistakes(164). Jack’s mistake made him lose a good friend of his and might regret it for the rest of his life. Jealousy can destroy the relationship between family members. According to the an online article, it shows that most of families have bad relationship because of jealousy between siblings. Usually, the problem is one sibling gets more attention from the parents.

Parents usually likes the child who is better looking, does better in school, or has some kind of talents that other siblings does not have. Without a doubt, kids are too young to be capable to control emotions and do not know how to express themselves without harming their siblings. As a result of jealousy, they boycott and stop talking to each other. Then, they destroy things to get or creates a scene to get parents’ attention. Instead, they get punished by parents. From observations, jealousy are usually cause by lack of attention. Children want to be appreciated but they are not.

Unfortunately, children will feel insecure and frustrated from getting what they want inside their heart. It does not matter how bad the relation between siblings is, we shall never neglect their existence. In doing so, our siblings will cut their ties with us and forget us when we most need them(96). A little jealousy is reassuring and may even be inserted into a marriage. (WHY? You must explain) Such events are very common in out society. However, jealousy in marriage could become very frightening, and it could push couples to experience very dangerous behavior from one partner.

There is no reason to say that jealousy will improve marriage. For example, when a man feels betrayed at a party because his wife accepts an invitation to dance with an old friend. Or when a woman is flooded with jealousy because her husband is talking with his ex-girl friend. Another situation would be the husband comparing the beauty of his wife with other women. These kind of actions can put a huge strain on the marriage and leaving the other partner feeling abandoned or betrayed. The fear of losing their loved ones brings jealousy into the relationship.

The distress of losing their partners ends up into arguing and fighting over what they see as betrayal. Marriage is one of the most important parts in our life, we should not easily give up this king of relation. If there are problems in the relationship, the doubts should not be left unsolved. It is the best to explain ourselves and clear things up with our partners in order to restore trust. As we can learn from jealousy in a marriage, it creates distrust between partners. Every human being in this world has different type of feelings.

And one of the most harmful feelings is jealousy. This kind of feeling does not bond relationship, but deteriorate relationships that have long existed. People might argue that jealousy can make someone to work even harder to become better persona. However, it is in the human nature to aggressively deny their failure and grow jealousy over things we do not possess or can not achieve. Doing so could mislead the way an individual thinks. When negative emotions are born; misunderstanding, hatred, and envy damages relationships.

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