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Jesus Christ and Muhammad are the Gods looked upon by all Christians and Muslims as their religious leader. Each religions thoughts and ideas are similar with certain variances. Do Christians and Muslims look upon the same God but use a different name? Jesus Christ Jesus Christ is known as the Son Of God, his life story is told in the four Gospels written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. All around the world the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on December 25 although in the gospels the exact day and year are not agreed upon.

Jesus was born the son of Mary and Joseph a carpenter from Galilee. According to the gospels Joseph was not the actual father, it is written that Mary was still a virgin when she conceived Jesus by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was born in a stable in Bethlehem and was visited by Sheppard’s and three Kings who brought gifts to the Messiah. (Little 1988) Jesus grew up working as a carpenter like Joseph, when he was 12 years old he was found in the Temple talking to the rabbis about the Torah with a great knowledge about the subject.

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When Jesus was around 30 years old John in the river Jordan baptized him. John did not want to baptize Jesus because he was the Messiah, but Jesus repented the sins of all humanity. After his baptism, Jesus spent 40 days in the dessert and at this time, Satan tried to temp Jesus of which he was unable. After the 40 days, Jesus picked some of his disciples Simon, Andrew, James, and John; Jesus said that they did not need any worldly possessions.

As Jesus moved about teaching people that, they should concentrate on spiritual goods instead of worldly possessions because if you follow the word of God you will be able to find what you seek and receive what you ask for. While Jesus moved around speaking to the people, he performed many different types of miracles including turning water into wine, feeding thousands with a small amount of fish and bread. Jesus taught the people to love everything, to make God the number one thing in their lives and to shoe love to everything else including those looked down on by society.

Many Jewish leaders were upset with the things that Jesus said during his sermons as were the Romans who did not like the idea that Jesus was the second coming. Jesus sat down to the last supper with his disciples and told of his upcoming death. In addition, he said how Judas would betray him. Jesus said that he would be crucified and forgive all of humanity’s sins. Jesus was captured by the Jewish Elders and head priest, and put on trial. The High priest could not give Jesus the death penalty and took Jesus to Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, for sentencing.

After hearing the high priest and crowds asking for Jesus to be given the death sentence Pilot agreed. Jesus was crucified as an example to others, After Jesus died on the cross a rich Jewish disciple, Joseph of Arimathea placed Jesus in his own tomb and put a large stone in the doorway with a guard to stop anyone getting in. When women came to prepare Jesus for a proper burial they found Jesus had gone, he had risen from the dead. He later appeared to some of his disciples telling them to go forth and preach his message to the world. Axia College week 6) Muhammad Muhammad was born into one of the most powerful tribes in Ka’bah although his parents were poor, his father died before he was born and he became the ward of his uncle after the death of his mother. His uncle gave him a job as a shepherd. While in Syria, a Christian Monk saw Muhammad and said that because of certain markings he was a prophet. Muhammad got married to Khadijah who he worked for looking after her caravans. Khadijah supported Muhammad during the early days of his mission. 5 years later when he was 40 Muhammad made a retreat during the Ramadan month, while on this retreat a humanlike angel named Gabriel asked Muhammad to recite what were to become the first words of the Qur’an. When he was finished, he returned home unsure if he could uphold the responsibilities of being a prophet. Muhammad only shared the information with a few people including his wife and good friend Abu Bakr. The revelations continued and after three years, the Angel told Muhammad to preach to the people. The Aristocrats laughed at Muhammad and stoned him; they also persecuted his followers even worse including imprisonment.

Muhammad and all his followers were banished for three years, when they were allowed back into Mecca the persecution continued. 10 years after the revelation was the worst, it was called the “year of sorrows” Muhammad lost both his wife and uncle, with both of them lost to him the persecution got worth. Muhammad was asked to go to Yathrib (Became Medina) to help solve the problems that were going on there. Muhammad and his followers left for Medina secretly because of possible problems with the Aristocrats. The

Muslim era started from the year that Muhammad left for Medina because the people started to appreciate the message of Muhammad the Prophet. The problems that plagued Medina were solved by the constitution that was written up by Muhammad. The leaders of Mecca decided that Muhammad and his followers leaving Mecca was suspicious and declared war on Medina. Muhammad led the Medians into battle and it was written that thousands of angels assisted the Medians in the battle, to stop any more bloodshed Muhammad negotiated a truce and the battles stopped.

The revelations that had been given to Muhammad over the years told how Christians, Jews and Muslims all follow one God, but Jews in Medina did not believe in Islam because like the Christians Muslims believe in Jesus Christ. Muhammad was told to tell the people to face Mecca when they prayed and he returned to Mecca with little violence and removed all the idols from the Ka’bah, and Mecca has been the center of the Muslim faith ever since. Eleven years after the beginning of the Muslim movement Muhammad became gravely ill and died in Medina. Axia College week 6) The death of Jesus Christ I think was not what kept the Christian religion alive, when Jesus rose up from the dead it showed his followers that he was the son of God if they were skeptical beforehand. The fact that he visited with his disciples and broke bread with them was more than enough proof of his resurrection. Millions of people all over the world worship Jesus Christ as the son of God. When Muhammad died, it seemed that everybody thought he had done what he had to do and his followers all decided that they should be the next Prophet.

Today Muslims all over the world try to follow the word of Muhammad because they believe that he was a man who introduced the Islamic religion to the world and showed the world the right way to be a Muslim. Jesus Christ is the son of God and is worshipped as a God. He was sent to earth to forgive humanity all of their sins, people go to church every Sunday to pray to God and to Jesus Christ the son of God. Muslims pray five times a day to Allah who is the savior, Muhammad was the prophet who told the people what the savior wanted from them.

Muhammad told the people how they should live their lives and wrote the Qu’ran with revelations from Allah through the angel Gabriel. The message of Jesus Christ is still very strong in the world today, Thousands of priests and other religious leaders carry the message to the people who most of the time try to live by Christ’s word. Most Muslims in the world carry the message of Muhammad out every day. The Message is read differently by a small fraction of Muslims who do not believe that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam believe in the One God.

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