Case Study of Architect Muhammad Rafiq Azam

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Introduction:The intent of indicting this peculiar essay is to understand architecture via linguistic communication particularly in term of vocabulary, grammatical construction ; both physical and rational. Through certain agreement, it carries message and communicates significances.Rafiq Azam had been chosen as the mark of analysis of ego and architecture.

Muhammad Rafiq Azam is an award-winning designer. He is besides a globally acclaimed designer of common architecture from Bangladesh.Shatotto is an architectural studio led by Rafiq Azam, which specialized in architectural aesthetics inspired by alcoholic, riverine landscape of Bengal delta, and ancient architecture heritage of peculiar part.South Water Garden is a undertaking by Shatotto which was being executed by Shatotto under the lead of Rafiq Azam.

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It was an flat edifice undertaking which located at United Nations Road, Baridhara diplomatic zone, Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a part non much an exclusion in term of green. A lake and a narrow strip of green spot on the West of the secret plan is a luck. The reinforced country of peculiar undertaking is about 33600 square pess and had been cost about 576000 US dollar.

The peculiar undertaking was owned by South Breeze Housing and had been completed in 2007.Analysis:In analysing and speculating the south H2O garden imbued architecture quality in term of climatic status, architecture theory and factors of client, civilization and stuff every bit good, the analysis depicted that:In term of climatic status:Apparently, Dhaka undergoes a drastically searing clime, which characterized as moisture, hot and humid clime as it has been categorized under koppen clime categorization. Dhaka has been determined as it possess of tropical savanna clime as good. Furthermore, the peculiar metropolis besides has a distinguishable monsoonal season.

In order to plan a antiphonal edifice, Rafiq Azam had to take history into Dhaka’s climatic conditions as premiss. First and first, the orientation of edifice Sun testing facade in response to climatic status of Dhaka is needfully required in order to make the standard thermic comfort degree in agreement to human comfort.Via the analyzing of South H2O Garden buildings’ program orientation and edifice constellation as good, it was evidently to place and figured out that Rafiq Azam’s purpose on making a parallel constellation. Via the peculiar array and substitutions, the parallel several building’s blocks tend to move as protective screen in against to direct exposure to summer solstice and winter solstice during the midday.

Conclusively, the southern block AIDSs to shadow the northern block during the winter solstice, in contrary, the northern block AIDSs to shelter southern block during summer solstice.The incorporation of two hundred square pess of green spot in forepart of the edifice on the east route and use of big tree and lake on the West as chilling device for the flat edifices create a balanced interrelatedness with edifice constellation in opposing the unstable climatic conditions of Dhaka. Simple inside is connected to beautiful lake and big trees on the West, enabling the south east summer zephyr fluxing via the full house. Apart from that, the purpose of several analogue blocks besides enables itself to accomplish optimum light denseness for residents’ day-to-day activities.

Therefore, sun way effects had been considered as chiefly factor as it contributed much influences on building’s comfortability to populate. Tacticss of Orifice consideration in response to predominating air current and summer zephyr is besides a mean to accomplish optimum cross airing in order to carry through the human comfort degree. The south E and east prevailing air current flow through the house, at the same time floating off the heat that gained inside the flat assistance to make a cosy atmosphere inside the flat edifices.In term of architectural theory:South Water Garden is designed based on phenomenological architecture.

Preliminary, looking deep into Dhaka geographical state of affairs as the land characterized with tropical flora and moist dirts in the chiefly was presently being destructed as these all were replaced by building of multi-storeys edifice and other existent estate developments. Traffic congestion and industrial waste has drastically resulted the deteriorating of air and H2O pollution. Hence, the regional biodiversity was being demolished. The opposing current facet of doctrine create tendency of making green in order to continuing extinction of it stimulates local designers to take measure into phenomenological architecture particularly Rafiq Azam.

In response to the peculiar environment’s state of affairs, an purpose of keeping among the green and originality of Dhaka’s elemental human experiences, natural characteristics were integrating into the South Water Garden design in order to make a edifice design which is concretely defined as “the place” Dhaka, every bit good as the South Water Garden residents’ experiences among Dhaka’s originality coincidently take topographic point in the edifice. In land floor program, Rafiq Azam arranged interior infinites in a simple functional manner in order to stress on the connectivity between constructing interior and exterior.By accomplishing this, he’s skilfully utilizing natural elements such as lake and big trees on the West as passage infinite that bit by bit emanating to the surrounding. In contrary, this status facilitated peculiar substitution and agreements of design steering off from abstractions of scientific discipline and its impersonal objectiveness every bit good.

In speculating Rafiq’s architecture via analyzing of South Water Garden roof program, the imbued purpose of connectivity between roof and land is being emphasized through the two roof tops design of South Water Garden. Incorporation of green life at roof tops is to react natural elements of rear secret plan.The continuity of roof tops green to west land natural characteristics enhances the interrelatedness of both which so established a strong connectivity among them. Apart from that, the both roof tops of the flat edifices were created in a manner that obviously displays the quality of human experiences of green life as the community viridity of roof tops which embracing lawns and shrubs nuance encompassing the occupants into a sense of Mother Nature.

A little marquee was located poetically at the thick of green community which formed a strong desire toward the nature. This strategy so transformed into a semitropical architectural vocabulary which turn toing Rafiq Aza’s concern on deficit of green infinite in Dhaka.In term of clientsRafiq Azam had been assigned to work with an country of seven thousand five hundred square pess secret plan. This was a undertaking that formed through the trade between landholder and developer.

They both agreed to split the land in an equal two pieces severally to build two six storied edifices of two 1000s eight hundred square pess floor country each in order to portion every bit each. In looking deep into this peculiar status, Rafiq Azam’s consideration on demand that insisted by the clients besides influenced much of the design.The clients insisted to set the design into a challenge in footings of making unfastened green infinite. In respond to client’s demand, Rafiq Azam suggested to take 40 square pess over seven thousand five hundred square pess from the secret plan impartially which puting along with eight pess spread of two edifice severally, five pess route set back as per regulation in order to make a two hundred square pess of green spot in forepart of the edifice on the east route.

This is rather stressing of direct residents’ experience toward the edifices every bit good as the familiarity of natural elements with the users was being created.In term of civilization:The richest heritage is formed in adjacent part and lesser developed civilisation, as South Water Garden which is located at United Nations Road, Baridhara diplomatic zone. In response to this status, the agreement of South Water Garden with no boundary wall impression delivers a more friendly attack toward the local occupants. Small church benchs are placed which delivered a item of regard for walkers and community life about.

The creative activity of little marquee on the roof tops enables assemblages and roof party to be occurred among the vicinity, which heartily implement the edifice linguistic communication co-relation to accomplish a hormonal ambiance amidst the environment.In term of stuffs:Major edifices in Dhaka, Bangladesh had used brick and concrete as building stuffs as these are the most antiphonal stuffs to Dhaka’s semitropical clime. In response to environing context, exposed brick and concrete are majorly being utilized as building stuffs in South Water Garden Apartment. Furthermore, the use of exposed as cast structural beam and column outside with terracotta brick in fill is besides an attack to semitropical clime of Dhaka that being intended by Rafiq Azam.

The choice of stuffs is rather antiphonal to human comfort degree.Discussion:Rafiq Azam architecture is rather based on experience of infinite and centripetal belongingss of edifice stuffs. This might due to his childhood experiences. By admiting that most of the architectural production in Dhaka are dominated on quantitative which driven by profitable motivations, he realized that most architect’s keen of esthesia towards a societal, ecological and conceptual content is minimized.

Turning up in a metropolis which is overly illustrates segregation of single architecture as a remarkable edifice in a chat of stuffs such as glass, metal, and concrete, there are likely no enterprise in believing much, particularly ways of making an urban which ensemble of assorted sorts of infinites, which from private to communal, and from difficult to green conditions.It was no difficult to conceive of that with all types of edifices and spacial agreements coming out of a concretion of market kineticss and borrowed manner of architecture. This purely constricted the designers until merely left with the privilege of turn toing edifices with Windowss. Additionally, Bangladesh has a alone relationship with H2O, and their esthesias to its premium and devastation are a touchable portion of the national mind.

The Bangla maxim “ paanir opor naam jion ” ( H2O is another life ) competently demonstrate this psychological architecture and the deciding influences of the more than 50 trans-boundary rivers between India and Myanmar, with all their hydrological, societal, economic, and political branchings.With Azam ‘s strong feeling towards all the impact in his childhood, small admiration so that H2O organic structures are a changeless architectural characteristics for Rafiq Azam which is giving out the unrestricted and exposure sort of temper towards the whole metropolis. And his desire to “ regenerate nostalgia ” is every bit omnipresent in his designs as the H2O itself in Bangladesh. In his architectural theory, his edifice is non compact as the vicinity, in contrary ; it ought to be embracing of local concretely features or atmosphere which being illustrated via the usage of stuff substances, form, texture, and colour.

For cases, the usage of cast structural beam and column outside with terracotta brick in fill is simple manner of attack toward semitropical clime of Dhaka every bit good as the materiality of intimate vicinity experiences. The consideration of human centripetal experiences of edifice stuffs is evidently demonstrated through the human comfort responses’ design. In the agencies of making infinites, Rafiq Azam allows certain infinites with indistinguishable maps to incarnate a different architectural quality in agreement with the local unique features in term of civilization and environment conditions.For cases, the local assemblage civilization was being incorporated into South Water Garden’s roof tops design as the roof marquee was being created for roof top party.

Rafiq Azam efforts to implement his architecture return to things, someway steering off from abstractions of scientific discipline and its impersonal objectiveness. By accomplishing this, he tries to do things priory happens to be conveys it alone conversations with its topographic point the relevant subject.His design so becomes colony of different graduated tables in contrasting with environing other constituents. The waies between these later create the Rafiq’s design become secondary specifying features of topographic point.

The differentiation between these conditions offers him the measure toward the phenomenological attack. For cases, the accent of connectivity inside and outside by Rafiq has been vividly proven via the South Water Garden’s design. Both of the roof tops were created as community viridity which forms a connexion between roof and land.

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