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Muhammad Ali was a Hero

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    He is not only a person he is a hero and help Would all of you reading this like to know about Muhammad Ali?

    He is a really good guy he fought against civil rights an dizez and boxing so he has a lot of stuff that us to fight against. and than died at the age 74 1942-2016 he fought against parking dizez and that case that is what he died from. and wene he was in the ring he focused on boxing. but when he is out of the ring he tries so hard and civil rights and he thinks of how they feel and they do the same thing to him and when you joke around it sometimes can hurt people’s feeling bad that is basically what happened to muhammad ali and did hurt people feelings and you don’t know so you have to be careful also his favorite line was fluot like a butterfly sting like a bee and he used that in the ring he was a world boxing champion!

    Sometimes you will try really hard on everything and it can be hard like when he is in the ring you never know what would happen what if you got knocked out or you mess up something well that happens to everyone and wene muhammad ali was 12 he dropped out of school and started boxing and than he was living at the time with martin luther king jr. and that is what convinced him to fight against civil rights movement and he used float like a butterfly sting like a bee and he used that on fighting against everything you can imagine he quit boxing because he has a parking didzej which made him die and even today he is still a hero

    To everyone no matter what and we will always remember him and the day he had died and what he did to become a hero.

    People remember him because he made rules in the world and they have improved to everyone and how people improve because of him they used that line float like butterfly sting like bee and they stick up for people and that is exactly what muhammad ali and that can convince you with what he did for all the people in the world and someday that can happen to you. You will never know what will happen in the future but i can tell you this the world is you believe yourself and don’t give up or say you are trying to swimme and you just site there or you are depressed that means the pool took your place muhammad ali put that to the side and fought for what’s right. and you can to belevan yourself and don’t give up and stay strong and do good good things

    Because if you get bullied and i bet you if you be nice to them they will do the same to you trust me it works and then you go behind and be your dream no matter what happens you will always be right where you want to brave and imagen to all things you can do in the world all you have to do is be kind and make sure you know what you are doing before you say it but can you believe that?

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