Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan

After all, so many things have happened throw out the years. At the time when both presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan took office, they both were facing the same problems. There were three main problems in economic growth, high unemployment, and high inflation. The united stated depend on the middle west for oil. You can say both presidents tried their best to solve the problem. President Carter was mostly focused on employment while president Reagan was focusing on inflation and cutting taxes. According to the American yawp, the election of Jimmy Carter in 1976 brought a Democrat to the White House for the first time since 1969.

President Jimmy Carter was our 39 presidents, he became president from 1977-1981.He went against Gerald Ford. Carter won by 297 elector votes while Ford had 241. President Carter vice president was Walter Mondale. President Jimmy Carter was born October 1, 1924, in George. The former governor of Gorga. When President Carter took office, he is facing two major problems domestic and foreign policy’s. While this is all happening, the economy is doing terrible and inflation where the thing is going up. According to the American yawp in” 1978 State of the Union address, Carter lectured Americans that “government cannot solve our problems . . . it cannot eliminate poverty, or provide a bountiful economy, or reduce inflation, or save our cities, or cure illiteracy, or provide energy.” Meanwhile, there are Energy crises, oil crises, and gasoline shortages.so the president says fewer use things less to save money but the people in need had to pay the high prices. His father was a businessman and a farmer, and his mom was a nurse. President charter had three boys and one girl. Carter goals were to reduce oil, develop a new renewable energy to the resource to glow the economic growth. While President Carter was in office, he created more new jobs for the people, meaning fewer unemployment people.

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After all the things Carter was doing he did to not look bad he proclaimed the Carter doctrine witch basely meant if we must go to war we will go. After all, this thing happened Iran had oil to sell to the united states since the American people were not in favor several American people were captured as hostages. This lasted 444 days, the 52 people were not freed until Ronald Reagan become president. When President Ronald Reagan took office in the 1980`s, it was known as the Reagan revolution. according to First Inaugural Address of Ronald Reagan (1981) it says “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. “Meaning that the movement had too much control over the people and the people wanted their freedom back. He said goodbye to president Carter tax rates with helped the economy get better. In 1981 congresses approved to a tax cut. The tax reform law of 1986 was passement that meant that it went from 50% all the way to 28% lower. If taxes were lower people would want to work more.

He also cut funding for the program that helped the poor like food stamps. President Reagan was also fighting with the social security because he wanted to design a program that would pay early retirees also help the elderly people and disabled. He was also the governor of California. President Reagan was an also a Hollywood actor, he was born in 1911 in northern Illinois. George H. Bush as president Reagan vice president. When president reign toke office he said he had plans for Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), meaning if someone tried to attack us it could shoot down incoming Soviet missiles. known as the Star Wars. President Reagan is known for ending the cold war. He also sends marines to Lebanon suddenly 241 people were killed, the president thought he was doing something good. Then Iran contra scandal happens meaning that Reagan wanted to help, while the contrast wanted to overthrow the government of Nicaragua. Reagan wanted to help but Congress said no way. According to the American yawp “the president’s underlings had not only violated the Boland Amendment but had also, by selling arms to Iran, made a mockery of Reagan’s declaration that “America will never make concessions to the terrorists. Even though this happens the president would get caught anyway. Even though both president faced a lot of thing you can president reign did better the Jimmy Carter.

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