John Force and Ashley Force

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John force is a 48 year old. He’s Not that tall at all he is actually like in between he is medium height. He has a small little potbelly with his height. He has a round face, clear blue eyes, a brown mustache and brown hair as straight and thick. He has a great smile in his teeth are in a perfect row. Having polio as a child left him with one leg shorter than the other leg. He has scars on the back of his hand and on his fingers from being in a lot of cars that wrecked that caught on fire in just exploded. But he is actually a really great guy to be around he talks constantly about just anything he can but he’s afraid of heights, electricity, and elevators. He’s a very generous guy and whenever you just talk to him he sometimes gets off track of what your talking about uin just talk about other things. He’s a 16 time funny car champion driver and he’s also a 20 time champion car owner. His record he has a 149 career victories throughout his whole life. He came from bell gardens high school but went to cerritos junior college. He has a family also and has a couple of daughters and a son in law that actually race also with him and they are Ashley Force, Brittany Force, Courtney Force, and Robert Hight. His parents was actually Harold and Betty Ruth Force and he is one of the six children they had but he grew up and lived in multiple different locations starting with living in logging camps to living in indian reservations then he went to some migrant farms then lastly he lived in a couple trailer parks. Whenever Force was just a little youngin like 14 or so that’s whenever they had to move to the trailer park but the trailer only has like two rooms in the trailer house so Force didn’t have a room to himself he had to sleep in the living room either on the couch or he had to make a pallet on the floor

The one thing that john force loves doing though is racing funny cars and everything. Those cars are not something to just be playing around with though because they are actually really dangerous cars in they could get you killed if you are not careful with them. The very first car Force has ever had he bought it from a buddy in australia he wrecked the car inm he had to get the car fixed so Force bought the car in rebuilt the whole car then took it to the drag strip to get some pictures taken of the car. The motors of the cars take so much beating from one run that they have to fix it right after they are done because they put out so much power that it puts a lot of stress on the motor and they can only run for six to seven seconds before they completely detonate. John Force actually has his own businesses in he completely hand builds all the funny cars and the motors for them. He says they cost around $175,000 to just make one car for like a couple passes. Force actually spends more time at his businesses, going to the drag strip, or on his way home from them then he spends at his own home. Force only believes that the two most important things since he started his racing career is that its alot better to be winning and pleasing your sponsors. But to even get the funny car to the finish line is to get traction they have to do a long burnout then back all the way back up in start to stage the car to get ready to go down the track.

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John force says he really enjoys racing whenever he can but he actually just likes driving the cars because he just likes going fast and he loves to just build the cars. He is a very competitive guy at everything he does like racing someone you better have your car turned all the way up or something because he will do anything just to win the race no matter what. If he’s racing a guy from his own team he don’t really care who wins because either way they both get the title for the whole team. John Force has actually raced his daughter before Courtney and he actually just barely beat her his time was 4.062 second pass and hers was a 4.085 second pass but the thing is he didnt know that he was actually racing his daughter because no one told him who it was but he said he would have choked if he actually knew it was his daughter.

John force was the very first person to have a 100 wins when he had a 149 wins. He is also the first NHRA first drag racer to actually achieve 1,000 career elimination round wins. He has a bunch of wins in facts to his career like he is the only driver to win more then ten championships in his division so he’s the only one that has just been constantly winning for awhile now with a rank at the number 2 spot on the NHRA top 50 drivers out of the whole NHRA crew so he is actually a great driver if he placed #2 out of everyone in the NHRA. He was evben the first driver to ever set the first time under five seconds in the quarter mile. So he actually has a tv show with his with called driving force. He was selected the driver of the year for all of the wins he has throughout his whole career but he died downed around the age fifty three in focused on his tv show with his wife in spent more time with his family in everything.

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