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Just war assignment

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Yes the quotes above from George w bush’s speech are indicating that the united tastes is entering Iraq with the right intentions, the motives he gives are that he wants to free the “oppressed Iraq people” and to defend the world from grave danger. 3. How does the President indicate that war is sanctioned by legitimate authority? ” More than 35 countries are giving crucial support from the use of naval and air bases, to help with intelligence and logistics, to the deployment of combat units.

Every nation in this coalition has chosen to bear the duty and share the honor of serving in our common defense. (bush, 2003) This quote from George w bush shows that it is not just the united states planning an attack on Iraq and that 35 other countries around the world are also aiding the united states, this shows that the war is sanctioned by legitimate authority. 4. Does the President mention having tried other measures to keep the peace, and that war is a “last resort”? No, there are no indications in this speech that there were any other measures taken to avoid going to war and leaving it as a Last resort, this speech indicates that the united states just went straight to war with Iraq.

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Does the President give any indication of the probability of success in this “Now that conflict has come, the only way to limit its duration is to apply decisive force. And I assure you, this will not be a campaign of half measures, and we will accept no outcome but victory. ” (Bush, 2003) This is the only indication of the probability of success in the war, George w. Bush says that there will be no half measures and the Americans wont stop until they are successful. 6. Does the President indicate that the war will lead to a long-term positive benefit?

No, the president does no indicate this; the only indication of long term positive benefit is when he says he is saving the world from grave danger, which indicates it will cause peace. But there are no other indications of long term positive benefits in this speech. Section 2: Jus in bellow Section 2 1 . Does the President give an indication that this war will be conducted justly? Summary analysis: In about 200 words, answer this question below: Explain why, according to President Bush, Operation Iraqi Freedom was a just war.

In this speech president George w. SSH gives many examples of why this war “operation Iraqi freedom” is a just war, the title of the operation even suggests that the war is a just war (giving Iraq’s their freedom). In the beginning of the speech George w bush states to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger” (bush 2003) he is saying that the Iraqi government is oppressing its people and that they are going into Iraq to free the people and save the world!

And to make the president of Iraq look like an evil person he states “Saddle Hussein has placed Iraqi troops and equipment in civilian areas, attempting to SE innocent men, women and children as shields for his own military’ (Bush 2003) this leads people to believe that Saddle Hussein is an evil person and the united states is fighting with the right intentions (to get rid of this “evil”).

Bush also says “Helping Iraqis achieve a united, stable and free country will require our sustained commitment. “(Bush, 2003) this suggests that the Americans are entering Iraq to fight with the people to help them attain their freedom. These are a few of the things George W. Bush said to justify Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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