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Korean war Essay

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Brandy Edmondson Outcomes of the Korea War In 1950, Truman administration responded quickly to the Invasion to help South Korea to expanse American foreign polices and protect It. Since Truman was trying to avoid conflict with china, because he feared it might lead to a new world war. Trauma’s response to the North Korean invasion in June 1950 wasn’t justified for he set in motion for the united States to fight against China.

For bombing the North Korea, China pushed the united States forces back to South Korea showing China was stronger with their forces and would rule under communist.

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Some of the long terms effect in the Korea War families were torn apart. North Korea would suffer the effect of being ruled under the communism. They were limited on their freedoms. They were controlled so by they didn’t have the freedom of press, religion, or speech. There was little food In North Korea, so many people starved.

South Korea has the freedom of press, religion, and speech.

They aren’t ruled by a communist after the war so they were able to grow without Limits. The Korea War brought many negative effects to Korea. They say that the Korea was one of the most destructive of the 20th century. The Korea War boost Japan’s economy, for most of the materials used in the recover from the depression of the war, while Japan was able to have success because of The Korea War.

Regardless, that the economic wide between the two sides has also deepened with the passage of the time. The Korea War too many die or serious hurt both Korean and American. China forced South Korea to treat back to the South, after the war ended both sides built a wall to divide the country. This invasion wasn’t to me Justified for it was too destructive for both sides and helped other countries when Truman should have been helping the United States rise before the invasion.

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