Kymlicka’s “Sexual Equality and Discrimination” - Gender Essay Example

Identification: Kymlicka’s main claim in this paper is that the difference approach ignores inequalities which are built into the very definition of these position - Kymlicka’s “Sexual Equality and Discrimination” introduction. A society may have gender differences but the reason in which they are divided must be justified. However, some of these differences are not fair when men are assumed to dominate a certain role. Analysis: Kymlicka bases his argument off of the example that women need to take care of their children. He basically says that society is based off of men’s interests and values. The woman than just conforms to what the man wants and never gives their own individual ideas. Women are then the ones left with the child-care responsibilities, meanwhile, the men are out doing what they want and making all the money.

Then, women must become dependent of men. Kymlicka provides a great statistic to back up his reasoning: after divorce in California, men’s average standard of living goes up 42%, while women’s go down 73%. These numbers need to change, women deserve to have equal roles in the community. Evaluation: I agreed with Kymlicka’s argument that the difference approach should not ignore the fact that women are discriminated when they are assumed to be the one’s given all the responsibilities of child care. One part that I liked in this piece was when he talked about that our cultural history has taught us that men are the ones who make the income and women are defined as sexual and domestic service for men and the nurturing of children. It has always been like this and most likely will not change. Question: Does society have a fighting chance to give women the right’s they deserve?


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