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Lawson Unit Assignment

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  • Pages 4
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    This is common in small local Élan’s (Local Area Networks), typically found in home outworking and some small businesses. It can be wireless and even wired and use the same networking protocols and software. The downside of this type of network is that its proximity based, meaning it is limited by range from the router and wireless signals. Peer to peer is an approach to computer networking where all computers share equivalent responsibility for processing data. Though there is a downside there are some peer networks that use the Internet and are located throughout the world.

    Peer to peer can also be configured into workups to allow file, printer and other resource sharing across every device ND computer. With the internet the peer to peer can handle high volumes of sharing traffic since they do not rely on central services. Peer to peer networks can scale a little better and can be more reliable when it comes to failures or traffic overload. The client/server is referred to a computer model used for modern day networking between computers. It is designed specifically to carry out certain purposes, such as connecting remote locations throughout the world into one central database or computer.

    It can be used on the internet as well as local area networks (LANA) or wide area networks (WAN). One good example of a client server on the internet would include web browsers such as Firebox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Other good examples would include FTP clients and DNS. The client/server itself typically stores files and other databases along with other applications and normally will compose of high powered Scup’s and have more memory along with large amounts of disk space than the actual computers or workstations that are assigned to be a part of the overall network structure.

    It is required as a set up due to the amount of traffic and access that one typical server can be responsible for to handle. The model has the ability to know the differences between software or application and the devices attached to it. They can make queries or send signals to other clients so they can act upon request and send the desired results. For example, when one is sending a print job request to a remote printer in another location The benefit with a server is that other servers can be networked together to increase capacity to handle a growing network with little down time and generally can be easy to add.

    A client computer and a server are usually two unique and separate devices each customized to handle specific functions and purpose. Take for example the web server will not need any type of display or monitor and can be located anywhere. But a data server or client is typically in need for some form of display monitor so information can be reviewed and tracked. It is not uncommon in some occurrences that advice can function both as a client and server for the same application.

    A client server is just one way an approach can be performed to manage network applications. There are other choices such as peer to peer models and all devices will have the same if not equal capabilities which differ from client and or server roles. When comparing client server to peer to peer network, which offer advantages such as having more flexibility for growth, but generally speaking a client server network will offer greater advantages in keeping data secure and safe that is normally more important to larger scaled companies.

    The success of the World Wide Web has been highly powerful tool for the creation of websites and web pages and those who link them to other websites and web pages for marketing purposes. Also linking them to other applications and protocols that will offer a large variety of programming techniques that can e used to gather, manipulate and display various forms of data and other information. In addition to this a website can provide data of architectural data of a system that is already in existence.

    Software companies provide applications that may need a special style of user interface or it can adapt an existing application interface, which a user can relate to due to its similar design and have a more custom interaction to it rather than learning an entirely new interface structure. Many companies or software developers allow users to pay fees for services rendered in the way of monthly, bi monthly or even annual subscription fees. This is becoming common practice for many to provide software applications.

    These are known as ASP or application service providers. Anyone in the IT field will tell you that protecting and preventing breaches to your network is a full time responsibility and breaches to the applications are just as important. Not only is network security important but there is physical security as well. Having this information protected can revolve around by including authorization codes, authentication methods, handling of assets, gonging and auditing methods such as keeping written and recorded change logs on a web application page.

    In general it cost less money to develop a web based application when comparing it to a desktop or physical disk due to the support and maintenance and lower requirements that the user will need due to the low end architecture. It does not take up space on the hard drive and is centrally stored on the web server on a remote computer. It is always going to be up to date and kept current with no action required by users in order to run any patches or reinstall the software.

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