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Lear Corporation: SWOT analysis

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Lear corporation: swot analysis

Company Overview

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Lear Corporation: SWOT analysis
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            One of the largest suppliers of automotive interior systems as well as its components is Lear Corporation. The company offers electronic products, complete seating systems and electrical distribution systems (Lear Corporation, 1999). Even if Lear is considered to be the largest company in its field, there are still some issues and problems that the company is facing. This paper will analyse the company through the use of SWOT Analysis.



            One of the strengths of Lear corporation is its being one of the leading brands in automotive interior systems in the world.

Furthermore, Lear Corporation is a global brand that has been able to establish upon a reputation of quality products and services with its branches in the globe (Bradley, 1999).  It is one of the Fortune Top 500 Companies and is considered as a respected employer that gives value to their employees. The company’s strengths also lie with the ability of the management to use new and effective technology to provide innovative products and services to their global clients.


            Although Lear Corporation encompasses much strength, this company has also its weaknesses. One of the weaknesses of the companies is the notion that Lear Corporation remain vulnerable to the plausibility that they creativity and product development may falter over time. In addition the company has also lacking the ability to look for a business portfolio for various regions, like in the case of Lear Corporation Automotive interior systems so as to spread business risk. In addition, the company is largely dependent on its main competitive advantage which is automotive interior systems retailing. Such aspect could make them slow to diversify in other aspects when the need arises.


            With the management system and the marketing strategies implemented within Lear Corporation as well as with the strengths that the company, it can be said that Lear Corporation has bigger opportunities to still dominate the global market in terms of providing quality automotive interior systems products and services to its industrial clients or even have an opportunity to be the most competitive brands in the global market. With the continuous innovation of the company and the support that it shows to different needs of the region, the company can gain loyalty from their customers to make them more competitive in the marketplace.


One of the threats of that Lear Corporation may face is the emergence of a new and stronger company which offered a more diversified automotive interior systems products which is cheaper than the existing companies. If these companies will not be able to provide the latest trends in this kind of business industries, the company may experience some industrial threats.

Alternative Solution

In order for the company to maximise its strengths and minimise or totally eliminate its weaknesses, the company must be able to use or impose a strategic management system that will help them enhance their business operations.  The management may use the concept of Total Quality Management (Hollensen, 1998) to make sure that all business performances adhere to their goal of providing quality service to its customers. In addition, the company must not only focus on its strengths but must try to also pay attention to their weaknesses and find solution to solve such issues and maintain a competitive business operation and performances.


Bradley, F. (1999). International Marketing Strategy. Hertfordshire: Prentice Hall Europe.

Hollensen, S. (1998). Global marketing: A Market-Responsive Approach. Hampshire: Prentice Hall.

Lear Corporation 2008. Online available http://www.lear.com/jsp/common.jsp?page=al_aboutlear. Retrieve June 19, 2008.

Cite this Lear Corporation: SWOT analysis

Lear Corporation: SWOT analysis. (2016, Dec 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/lear-corporation-swot-analysis/

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