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Letter home from WW I soldier

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Mom, How is everybody?  Hope everyone back home is fine.Life has been tough here.  The weather is freezing and we don’t have enough blankets to go around.

  What few clothes we have are tattered and torn and hardly keep the cold from coming in.  We can’t light up a fire in the trenches because it will give our position away so we just all huddle up together to keep warm.It has been weeks since I have had a decent meal.

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Letter home from WW I soldier
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  The captain promised us that we would be getting better food rations in a few days but with the rumors of the Germans mounting an offensive at the western front it seems as if it will be a while before those rations get to us.

  The fruitcake that I brought over has been good.  It manages to keep my strength up.  How I miss those warm summer days when we’d have family cookouts.I don’t know if you’ve heard yet but Joey, Aunt May’s son, was shot when we were taking back some of the trenches.

  Please let Aunt May know that I have his personal effects with me should she want them back.  I got a few scrapes but I’m ok.  The paramedic said that I’m in practically the best condition in our group.  So don’t you fret over me.

We’re going to be moved in a few days.  Going to some place called the Somme River.  Captain tells me that this could be our final push.  They want us to cut off a part of the German supply route and maybe get the Germans to fall back.

  They say that it’s going to be really scary out there but I not afraid.It’s my turn to keep watch so I better get going.  I’ll be home soon. Tell dad to lay off the bottle first and tell Mary that her big brother is going to come home soon.

  Love you all.

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