LGBT Community and Their Rights

The tolerance for the LGBT community which stands for lesbian, Gay, bisexual, and transgender community. is different for many Latin American countries. Some countries have even added laws that benefit the LGBT community. Progressively, the LGBT community has gained more rights. Some Latin American countries have shown higher levels of tolerance towards the LGBT community. Despite all this advancement, and laws, people still show violence and disagreement towards the LGBT community. Several acts of violence have been made towards gay and lesbian people. Some of Latin America isn’t a safe place for the LGBT community. Slowly, big advancements have been made, but some people still don’t understand the importance of respect towards the LGBT community. Latin America such as Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela is known for being overwhelmingly catholic and this could explain the disagreements. About 40% of catholic people live in Latin America. I decided to write about this 5 latin American countries because they are the countries that haven’t made a lot of advancements with this specific rights.

Guatemala is a country in Latin America with very few advancements that benefit the LGBT community. People of the LGBT community are at risk of violent attacks, abuse, and extortion by police to avoid getting in prison. Attacks against the LGBT community have been reported since 2005. Several reports of assaults towards the LGBT community have been reported in 2011 and 2012. In Quetzaltenango, in the year 2012, 4 transgender people were arrested by authorities, stfripped off their clothes, and put in the cold temperature at night. 3 transgenders were killed. The country fails to investigate and prevent cases which involve the LGBT community. This case was one of many cases that was not investigated. The LGBT community suffers drastically of discrimination. Many Guatemalans are homophobic,and it results in hate. The community is not accepted in Guatemala. No movements have been made nor has progress been made to help this community. Many factors go into the discrimination of the LGBT community like education, health care, and employment. The human rights committee has recently expressed concerns for Guatemala.

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Peru is a country that has just a few advancements in the LGBT. Peru has made many changes of in laws and had political debates that involve the LGBT community. In 2004, same-sex unions were considered unnatural and illegal.Now same-sex relationships are allowed but same- sex marriage is still illegal. Peru declared illegal the discrimination that is based on sexual orientation or sexual identity. This law does not specifically protect people from being discriminated. Before 2099 if a police officer or military was involved in any same sex activity, that individual could be imprisoned. However after 2009, the supreme court established a rule that sex orination could dont be a reason of impediment to membership to the military or police force. Same sex couples cannot adopt children and households with same sex couples are eligible. Many people are not okay with the LGBT community and they face a lot of discrimination to their everyday life. A few peaceful protist have been made but the government refuses to pass down the law that allows same sex marriage.

Bolivia is a Latin American country that has made many advancements but a few rights are still missing. The Bolivian Constitution does not allow discrimination towards the LGBT community. Despite this law discrimination against LGBT community is not uncommon. In 2017 64 LGBT people have been murdered and only 14 of those cases were investigated. Those investigations never got to a conclusion. Various indigenous think that homosexuality is an unnatural thing. Indigenous people and christians that live in bolivia find homosexuality sinful,and this has resulted in Homophobia and persecution. Some Indigenous groups consider homosexuality bad luck and they punish lesbians with burning sticks. Male homosexuality is just considered unclean in indigenous groups.A hate crime law was also established in Bolivia this means crimes based on homosexuality have a penalty of 30 year imprisonment. A single person can adopt a child regardless of their sexual orientation but only same sex married couples can request to adopt a child. A person with homosexuality can join the military because it is allowed even though their homosexuality should remain a secret for safety reasons. According to pew center 49% of the population agree with the LGBT community but the other 51% actually opposes the law. Only 22% of the population agrees with same sex marriage but the rest actually opposes. Despite the laws people still disagree with the LGBT community.

Paraguay only has a few advancements. Paraguay is very conservative regarding the LGBT rights. Same sex relationships have been allowed since 1880 but people would face heavy persecution. They were forced to maintain secret lives for their own safety. Now they do not need secret lives but they do face discrimination. They have no law that legalizes same sex marriage, they have limited marriage to a woman and a man. A single person of any gender can adopt a child, and married couples can also adopt a child expect for same sex couples. Paraguay does not have any law against discrimination towards same sex orientation and gender identity. Reports of violence and discrimination towards the LGBT community are frequent and most of the time ignored by the police. The Catholic Church has a great influence on the country and it explains why some people strongly oppose to the LGBT community. Tolerance remains really low compared to other countries like Argentina and Uruguay.

Venezuela is another country with low LGBT rights. Venezuela does allow same sex relationships even though there is not any specific law that states that it is legal. It is illegal for same sex couples to adopt a baby. LGBT members can not join the military because it is illegal.If someone joins the military and is caught having a same sex encounter than they will be punished with prison. Venezuela still need a lot of advancements and rights for the lgbt community.

About 90%of Latin America is Christian or Catholic. Romans 1: 18-32 has a lot to say about sexual immorality and behaviors. The chapter explains how unholy the gentiles are in God’s eyes. He shows his wrath against the wickedness humanity. In verse 27 says that men have left the natural use of women, men and men committed shameless actions with each other.which is unseemly. Women changed natural relations to those that are unnatural. According to scripture this relationships are unnatural and are considered a sin. Many catholics are against the LGBT community for biblical reasons. They find homosexuality unrighteous. This Latin American Countries use the bible as an excuse to not accept and allow some gay rights.

Some Latin America has many rights for the LGBT community but despite all this the LGBT community still struggles with discrimination. Most countries allow same sex relationships and some even accept same sex marriages. Countries like Guatemala,Paraguay,Bolivia,Venezuela, and Peru are struggling to accept the LGBT community and give all members equal rights. Latin america is facing many illegal changes and more advancements will be made.

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