Life Was Like a Box of Chocolate

“Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. ” Do you know why? Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. Most of you will literary answer: “You can get anything that you want, like chocolate flavor, milk flavor, dark chocolate. Sometimes it has nuts on it. But this is not the real meaning of this. Each of us is like a chocolate in a box. If you purchase a box of chocolate with no label on it, you will not know what is inside.

Like in our life, we can’t choose our parents, we can’t choose our siblings, the house were going to live in, the friends that we will meet and the wife/husband that we will be marrying and the children that we will have. From the time we were born, we can’t choose who will be our parents. Like they can be pair, or we can have a mother or father only. There are also some instances that we will be born abandon. In choosing our friends, we cannot know who among them will be our closest one.

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Sometimes we will realize that the most extreme features will be our best friend. We really do not know what we are gonna get when it comes to life, it is the ultimate unknown entity and none more so than when it comes to love and dating. It is important to make sure that we spend every moment of every day as if they are the last of our life in everything including our relationship. Make sure that we always find a way to let the one we love know that, and ensure to always treat them with the utmost respect and all our time together will go very well.

If we treat every moment like it’s our last then we are guaranteed to make the most of every minute, and whatever may come in our way we will be ready and prepared. In a box of chocolates we have many different types and flavors and fillings right? So when we reach in for one we never know which one we’re going to pick up. That’s what this saying is trying to tell you, that in life we never know what’s coming and there’s no way to prepare for it. All we can do is take everything as it comes to us and cross the bridges when we get there.

In relationship especially we never quite know when it is going to rock up so it is important to be ready for that box of chocolates. We take the truffles with the hazelnuts, the smooth velvety truffles that our relationships can often be are sometimes upset by a hazelnut that no one likes but we have to take in order to finish the box of chocolates. Taking the rough with the smooth is what it’s all about when it comes to relationships. We cannot move on to the next level if we cannot accept each ther for who we are and are not willing to travel the sometimes bumpy road that we will encounter. But if you can see it out then the rewards are great. Just like a box of chocolates, the feeling of satisfaction comes after we have finished it. The same with our relationship, the feeling of satisfaction will come when we have everything with the woman or man in our life. Life is like a box of chocolates no doubt but when the chocolates run out what is left for us to look forward to. Well the box of chocolates may have run out but we can look forward to the rest of our life.

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