Life’s What You Make It

When I look at a picture of myself, I realize how much I’ve grown and changed, not only physically, but also intellectually and spiritually as a person in the last couple of years. I entered the domain of the high school department as an innocent fourteen year-old boy who considers it to be a very big challenge. A challenge which requires great determination and my skills as a student. They say that high school is a survival of the fittest. You have a choice to stand out among the rest or to be just one among the crowd. Through the years, I’ve learned that experience is truly the best teacher.

As a saying goes “Life’s what you make it”, so, today I am a product of these experiences. During my freshman year, I had a hard time coping with the new environment. I was very much intimidated by the strict mentors that I’ve got. But, I said to myself that I will not consider these as hindrances. These teachers will only make me stronger as an individual and will teach me the things I’ve got to learn. I will make these as my stepping stones as I go on with my life. So that’s the start of my good performance as a student. I learned to adapt to the teaching styles of my mentors. I did well in my studies.

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I also joined contests like quiz bees and other competitions. I was chosen to represent the class for “Balak”, a Cebuano declamation. I think I prepared for it but as soon as I stepped on the stage and grabbed the microphone, things started to change. I had black out, I forgot the lines I was suppose to say. I even felt static electricity coming from the microphone. So, I left the stage with shame. That day was a mark in history for me being loser. That event was just horrible; I didn’t have a face to show to people anymore. I felt so bad that I swore to myself not to join any contests again. Well, I guess I really didn’t keep that promise.

With the constant support that my family and friends is giving me, I regained my confidence. I realized not to wallow in my mistakes but instead I have to learn from them. Dwelling in the past will just engulf the things that I’ve learned. So I’ve moved on to continue the things that I have to do. On the succeeding years, I began to know myself better. I discovered talents I never knew I had. One talent I can say I’m good at is photography. I just love taking pictures that could tell many stories. At first, I started poorly but with gradual practice, I got the hang of it and got so much better.

Luckily, I was chosen to be the official photographer of the yearbook staff. I felt that my moderator saw the potential in me so, I really gave my best shot to submit quality works to her. During the time when I was a junior, things were really harsh. Since we are the host for the promenade, the pressure was really on us. The fact that I was chosen to be a chairman of a committee also added up to pressure. We also had many projects to pass and research papers to defend. But then, there is no use complaining about it. The only way to get over it is by facing the challenges that the school has got to offer.

Through these, I learned how to manage my time well and smile despite the hardships. My life is not only centered on academics and arts, I also had my sporty side on. My passion for volleyball is the one keeping me very persistent to learn more about the sport. Even though we didn’t win that much, what is important for me is the composure and teamwork in our team. I didn’t care if we lose, it’s just that I want to have fun and I want to improve on how to handle people younger than me. At the end of my high school life, I began to ponder of what I will do in the future. What course should I take?

Or what school I’m going to apply? One thing is for sure that I want to be a doctor. I’m aspiring to be one not because of the status and financial gains, but I want to be able to help the sick. I also want to show my gratitude to my parents for being there always standing at my side. This time is not for relaxing because what I do today will be my money bank to enter into colleges. Indeed I have explored so much about myself. But that doesn’t stop there. I need to learn more about life for the true challenge is soon to come as I go outside of the four walls of my alma mater.

The experiences I had truly molded me to be the person I am today. It has made me strong and knowledgeable about things. I gained more confidence and trust in myself. Through these, it made very optimistic and I have seen the road I want to walk on. The road that would lead me to my dreams. Of course, I will always ask God for His guidance and seek the wisdom of parents. As the college experience approaches, I am still the same person, only modified to better maximize my talents. The erudition I had will be my first line of defense. I will not easily give up if faced with problems for I want to achieve my dreams.

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