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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button depicts the life of a adult male who basically ages in contrary. This eccentric phenomenon was represented by the aging procedure of an “elderly-looking” baby who bit by bit grows into an “infant-looking” aged. The movie tells the narrative of Benjamin through the life experiences and alterations that he goes though. The undermentioned contemplation will analyse some physical. psychological. relationship. intelligence. and societal issues related to Benjamin’s aging procedure.

As the narrative begins. Benjamin was born with the animalism of an 80-year-old adult male. nevertheless his outlook was that of an baby. He was ab initio physically little. yet looked old and as he ages through toddlerhood. began to look more like the “elderly” portraiture of his outer visual aspect. He had furrows. he used a cane. was hunch-back. his voice was raspy. he needed the assistance of spectacless. and physically experienced all the common subjects of older maturity. As he aged. nevertheless these physical properties began to decrease and his visual aspect began to bit by bit alter into that of a younger looking adult male to a immature adult male to a kid to an baby. At the extremum of this procedure. he had likely met a center land where he physically looked like a mature adult male. and chronologically was the age of a mature adult male. I image this “middle age” being when his visual aspect was likely closest to his existent age. around 30 old ages old ; and as that in-between age progressed. there was one time once more a disagreement between the manner he looked and the age he really as.

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From a psychological position. there had to be a overplus of experiences. which were possibly non even evidently revealed in the movie. which had an consequence on Benjamin’s mind. First. organize birth Benjamin was taken in by a adult female who ran a nursing place. and though he was an baby. developing as a kid. he was surrounded by aged people who looked as he did yet were good beyond his natural development. This environment may hold created confusion for Benjamin. every bit good as deprive him of the interaction with other babies and kids that’s needed in the early phases. Besides. Benjamin looking as he did in his earlier development created societal troubles for him. The movie shows that he was frequently stray because of his visual aspect.

Subsequently in his development nevertheless. he was able to make things that younger male childs shouldn’t do. wish drink and have sex. because of how mature he looked. Looking older than he was as a immature adult male when he was still merely a male child. psychologically gave Benjamin the assurance and risk-taking outlook to make the things he was non old plenty to make. Through his aging procedure. Benjamin was forced to confront the world of his status. taking to him holding to do certain determinations such as. abandon his kid and her female parent. because he knew that he would shortly be unable to carry through the functions of a male parent and comrade. as he would shortly be physically incapable. This likely had the biggest impact of Benjamin psychologically—his incapacity to care. love. and supply as he longed to make.

The psychosocial experiences that Benjamin endured. encompassed his scrutiny signifier others in his earlier old ages of life. his interpersonal relationships with adult females as he aged. and his romantic relationship with the female parent of his kid. As Benjamin aged and grew to look more “appropriate” he thrived in society. traveled. formed relationships. learned through his experiences and basically experient life. These experiences nevertheless. were short lived as he aged in a adynamic mode. non cognizing who he was and entered the phases of dementedness basically entirely. His intelligence decreased he looked like a babe. who has to get down larning everything from the beginning. but this naivete was his dementedness. As his life was weaving down. it was astonishing to see the unconditioned love shown from his first love. who took attention of him throughout this seeking clip and was his lone beginning of support.

My favourite scene of the movie was when Benjamin was in India and in the missive written to his girl he said. “…It is ne’er excessively late to be whoever you want to be… there’s no clip bound. get down whenever you want. You can alter or remain the same. there’s no regulations to this thing. You can do the best or the worst of it… . I hope you live the life you’re proud of and if you find that you’re non. I hope you have the strength to get down over once more. ” This should be everyone’s life mission.

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