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Reaction Paper: the Curious Case of Benjamin Button



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    Reaction Paper: The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

    Benjamin Button played by Brad Pitt, who was born with a special needs, and physical attributes of an old man with all of the side effects age. His father could not deal with the birth effects, and was not able to handle the sight of this child, and abandon the child at birth living him at a home where home. Young ben was then raised with the issues of abandonment, and being different, and feeling different with the thoughts of dying soon. Which I thought was hard enough-then was instilling with many fears and handy capped to thrive.Being told that he couldn’t do things all awhile he continued to feel different. He was not feeling like he was getting older like everybody else in the world, instead of growing older, Benjamin is growing younger, taking off a year each birthday instead of adding one. She people around him pass on while he was feeling the loss in his life he was able to learn from the older people in the house, but being see by others as this 80 year old man. He saw one of the granddaughters of someone in the house who he fell in love, and wanted to play with her, and throughout the years he was able to although being judge for his appearance he was able to gain a relationship with her. When he was 17 feeling younger than his stated age he goes on a journey that spans different countries, enjoying life, lifestyles, and loss. I had a close relation from what he was doing in the moving enjoying life to it fullness, and facing the fear of going outside of his confront zone and what people tell you can’t do. Not listing to what I call other poples fears,and moving forward, and my own journey, and adventure. Living life without regrets and, full of disappointments leads to wishful thinking not to mention the “should of could of” feelings rushing through your body as you lay on your death bed.

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button let us feel the importance of life and time knowing how short life is, and making better judgment in life to avoid the time wasting events of life that we in general seem to find ourselves. I know while I was watching the moving wishing I could get in the time machine, and go back to some time to make some changes in decisions. The movie show how we are able to learn the lesson in every minute we spend here living and departs from this life meaningfully, carrying all the things we have experienced, enjoyed and treasured thinking that we somehow made a difference and leaving a trace of immortal memories. The relationship with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett was very sad to see that they’re love could never last, especially because it was a dying Cate Blanchett who told the story to her daughter on her death bed. I thought of that when Ben took her out of the house prior to his leaving the home where he lived, and she was spending the night on a boat one early morning.

    He asked the captain to take them on a boat ride on a tug boat, and in passing a lovely big ship, and Cate said to Brad “I wish I was on that ship.” At some points Ben was too old and Daisy too young, then they starting getting closer in age. One of the best parts of the movie was the time frame when they’re ages met. It was good to see them live the life they should have been able too. Over all the movie message to me was life is short, and live like to the fullest without the regrets, and sometimes life is going to have some passing ships but don’t like that stop you from living.

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