Theme of Poverty in Lugaw by Milo Paz

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The text portrays the daily battle against poverty experienced by the Filipino population and their unwavering will to endure. Living conditions in the Philippines are acknowledged as difficult, with a significant number of Filipinos depending on help from others. The story underscores the importance of food in their everyday lives. The misplacement of a document associated with an individual’s life serves as a powerful testament to their emotional attachment and the significance they attribute to that specific food.

The story showcases the current situation of Filipinos who appreciate and are thankful for both significant and insignificant blessings in their lives. In today’s society, individuals are exerting great effort to acquire the essential things needed for their everyday survival. This film acts as a reminder to students like us who may not fully grasp the extent of our family’s sacrifices in meeting our needs, urging us to value the small gestures they make. Furthermore, it highlights the challenges our parents encounter in ensuring our necessities are fulfilled.

While acknowledging the challenges in eradicating poverty, I hold the belief that there exist methods to mitigate this problem within our nation. From a personal standpoint, I can empathize with being a dependent child relying on our parents for support. Their contributions have considerably facilitated our lives and discouraged us from engaging in work or searching for sustenance independently. These provisions typically consist of everyday necessities that we frequently overlook or fail to fully appreciate. Nonetheless, taking the opportunity to acknowledge and express gratitude towards these provisions can foster a sense of appreciation.

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