Making Right Decisions in Life

For my whole life, I have been making decisions. Whether they were small or big, there will always be decisions. Earlier I was deciding whether I should start my essay or continue watching my dramas, but I chose to start this essay instead because that is the right decision. And if we really think about it, every single decision we have made led it us to this right exact moment. And if we do change anything in the slightest, it would be very different right now. So, every decision is important into leading into the right path in the future. By doing this, it allows you to become one step closer to your dreams. By making the decision that is righteous and intelligent, it helps you become and better person that is wiser and mature.

Dreams are something that I wish to be or want to come true. And making them come true is not always very easy because life can get in the way and with that comes the obstacles of people telling you that you can’t do it or you just do not have the right circumstances to pursue those dreams. But excuses like those should never be the reason why you gave up. Making dreams come to me, is a really important thing. I want to be able to get to where I want to be, which is to be a professional dancer or a choreographer for a school. By making the right choices, it continues to lead you in the right path to meet the right people and give you the right opportunities.

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For example, in about fourth grade, I made a decision along with my parents to start taking piano lessons and after years of taking piano and learning about the beauty, difficulty and details of music, I was able to obtain a high level of knowledge about music and from that knowledge, I was able to be part of our Advanced Show Choir, High Voltage. And from being in High Voltage I was able to learn more things that I have not learned before which opens new opportunities for me. I was able to visit new places that I have never been to before and meet new people which, again, opens new opportunities.

Another choice that I made that led me in the right decision was choosing to start dancing in seventh grade. Ever since I started to officially dance for a purpose in junior high, I never wanted to stop again. When I begin to dance, I feel like a whole new person. I became someone that I could never become off stage. My dream is to become a professional dancer or a choreographer for a high school or college. In seventh grade. When I finally decided that I wanted to become a dancer, that exact moment when I made up my mind about what I was going to be, I have already begun my journey to becoming and fulfilling my dream. Making this choice made me so incredibly happy because it was when I decided to break free from the chains of expectations holding me down from being the best that I can be.

From then on, I have decided to go against my parents and participate in as much performing arts class as I possibly could. I took choir, dance and theatre to learn about the basics of the stage and how to perform. By choosing to take those classes, it will help me improve in the skills that I need, in order to have an advantage in the field that I wanted to major in.

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