Personal Essay About How The Decisions We Make Early In Our Life Impact On Our Future

“Come on Jaz, let’s go to the bathroom to wash your face.” It was my second year of junior high when those words were told to me by a girl whom I considered to be a friend, she proceeded to walk with me to the restroom, and right as we got closer the door opened. One girl had poked her head out to reveal a total of six girls waiting for me to step inside of the restroom. I struggled to understand her reasoning as to why she would do that to me, but later found it to be that in order for her to be a part of that social group she was to complete a given task.

She had succumbed to the social pressure of wanting to be accepted into that group of individuals, even though it was at the cost of losing a friend. That’s when I would say I took an interest in sociology without knowing exactly what it was. Throughout my time in high school, my interest, and curiosity only grew more due to the amplified amount of theatrics going on at the school, from someone caught cheating all the way to finding out who was pregnant and all the reactions and repercussions that circled with it.

It was the beginning of my first sociology class at Cerritos Community College that I learned how perfectly sociology fit all the critical thinking and interest in social relationships that I have had before high school. Professor Bobbie-Lee Smart was my professor for my first sociology class, she made sociology all the more interesting to me, and taught me to be further engaged in the class rather than observe. Professor Smart was very consistent in challenging me to think outside the social norms on any given situation so that I could recognize all the different variables that were affecting or could affect any situation. Everyone needs help in some way whether it’s about school, or talking about personal problems, and I strongly feel the most crucial time for that is in school.

So many students go into school with so much already on their plate, which only doubles when they are worried about fitting in with all the different types of social groups, puberty affecting their self-esteem, and preparing for their future. Those are only some of the issues that may be a cause for concern that students may have. I will pursue my bachelor’s in sociology to become a guidance counselor because I want to be part of seeing an individual’s life improve for the better and to provide a safe space and guidance for those that have trouble with seeing their futures.

Once I graduate, I want to begin working right away as a guidance counselor while simultaneously furthering my education by pursuing a master’s degree which will not only further my knowledge but further my acquired skill sets that will benefit me but also those that I help. I believe it is important for one to be educated on about why the world is, how it is, while at the same time how you should fix it and how.

The decisions we make early in our life have an enormous impact on what the outcome to our future can be. I needed a lot of guidance mainly throughout my time in high school, not only with school but with my home life as well. 

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