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Malcolm X: Informative Speech

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Malcolm X in the asses-ass preached about how African Americans were treated differently and view unequal and unworthy in the eyes of others and his beliefs are still relevant in today’s news. Ill. My cousin Lance was killed by white supremacists and crooked cops in Birmingham before was even born. Malcolm Ax’s preaching along with the other Civil Rights Movement leaders were to prevent events like this from happening. IV. There are many African American individuals who were killed by white supremacists in the wake of blacks trying o fight for their individuality and equality to confront segregation.


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Malcolm X: Informative Speech
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First will provide you info about Malcolm Ax’s early life, Nation of Islam teachings and then his assassination. Body I. Malcolm X was born May 19, 1925. He had a very rough early life. A According to interrelationships. Com, that found on today, his family moved around frequently because of racial threats from the UK Klux Klan. His father, who was a Baptist minister and a follower of Marcus Graver was murdered when Malcolm was 16.

B. Malcolm turned to crime as his way of relieving stress. According to a biography posted on Malcolm. Mom found today Malcolm and his bestrides were jailed for a burglary in 1946.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison were he reformed his life and read books on philosophy. He took the letter “X” to refer to his lost identity and represented his slave name as being raised in a mainly white nation. C. According to intolerableness. Com, Malcolm while serving jail time, met Elijah Muhammad of the Lost Nation of Islam in which he taught Little. Little then began practicing his teachings and the religion faithfully. His new found religion expressed ideas of “separating blacks from Western, white violation-culturally, politically, physically, and psychologically. Transition: Now that I have informed you of Malcolm early life and when he began his transition of crime into philosophy, I will now inform you of how he incorporated his ideas into the Civil Rights Movement. II. The Civil Rights Movement was a huge movement especially in the south to remove the idea of inequality of blacks and move towards acceptance and peace. Malcolm X had a huge impact in it and his voice was provided a large number of blacks. A. According to biography. Com that I researched today, Malcolm Ax’s ideas for he course of blacks equality states that his plan was to achieve just that “by any means necessary”‘ B.

Malcolm Ax’s ideas involved using lethal force with guns and his voice and ideas proved to be what the nation was the nation needed. His ideas after returning from the Middle East included Anita global- colonial struggle, pan-Africans, and embracing socialism according to biography. Com C. His cultural embrace of the Nation of Salami’s principles, allowed Malcolm to see that segregation, and the overall attitude that whites showed towards blacks at the time, needed to be removed. D. According to story. Com, Malcolm Ax’s ideas gave rise to Black Nationalism.

He hit the nail on the head with ideas of removing segregation but his physical actions of his group The Black Panthers proved unsuccessful because they promoted violence instead of nonviolence like Martin Luther King who’s actions proved more successful. Transition: I provided you with info on his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement and now I will educate you in Ax’s assassination and the legacy he left behind. Ill. Malcolm X was on the verge of politically succeeding in his goal but was stopped ever so close A. Malcolm X was ginning to perform a speech on the evening of February 21 ,1965.

According to biography. Com, three gunman rushed the stage and shot him point blank IS times in the chest. X was pronounced dead at the arrival of Columbian Presbyterian Hospital shortly after. B. The three gunman convicted of the murder were Talladega Harder, Norman XX Butler and Thomas Johnson all were members of the Nation of Islam. The motive was thought to be revenge for Elijah Muhammad who taught Malcolm the philosophy he delivered the United States. C. The legacy Malcolm X left behind a legacy in which he and his ideas will never be forgotten.

He fathered 6 children and his principles let to many successful people today citing his leadership skills as means to lead their current teams. In conclusion, Malcolm X was a highly motivated figure in African American struggles and a person who even though suffered a lot in his early life, tried to make world a better place alongside Martin Luther King who was also assassinated 3 years later. Conclusion: A lot of you, the general audience and also the nation in general thought his ideas were radical and that may be so but his vision was clear and even though his actions proved as a failure.

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